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Happy National Arbor Day!

Our "Secret of the Forest" triplet concludes... with jazz. We're proud to announce the OCR feature debut of Tyler Mire & his Multiplayer Big Band. And yes, it's big, as fourteen additional performers chip in on this absolutely stellar big band take, with some of the "Chrono Trigger" theme also brilliantly integrated as well. Off of their Critical Hits album, let's start with credits where credits are due:

Arr: Tyler J. Mire



  • Tyler Mire (Lead)
  • Jason Levi
  • Thomas Davis
  • Micah Bell
  • Thomas Eby


  • Chris Ott (Lead)
  • Carl Lundgren
  • Eric Ladish
  • Matt Jefferson


  • Lindsey Miller (Guitar)
  • Matt Endahl (Rhodes)
  • Thomas Davis (Electric Bass)
  • Joshua Hunt (Drums and Percussion)

Mixed/Edited By: Tyler J. Mire
Mastered by: Mike Haynes at ENSŌ Mastering

Arrangement is very, very, very good; the additional theme is woven in smartly, and the extrapolation, layering, soloing, transitions.... basically, everything.... is classy af. I felt like putting a tuxedo on, and while I nonetheless remained in my work-from-home aesthetic of sweatpants and a collared shirt, my MIND was taken to a red-carpet, gold-plated, high-class band hall from the 20s or 30s or 40s or one of those decades where they had those. If you're gonna write for this many musicians and have an eponymous big band and what not, you kinda gotta bring it... and Tyler absolutely does. Of course, a fantastic big band arrangement without talented, professional musicians to bring it to life is like the United States Electoral College: it's sad, and it makes no sense. Thankfully, tis not the case here, as everyone works in unison to make this vision a reality. But wait a sec, let's hear from the man himself; Tyler Mire writes:

"My newest series of big band video game arrangements launches with this classic from one of my favorite games, Chrono Trigger.

Chrono Trigger is known amongst game players as one of the most important and well-beloved video games of all time. In addition, its score is frequently cited as one of the all time greats. With its lush harmonies, non-functional progressions and fusion straight 8th grooves, I realized that all the time I spent playing this game as a child was affecting my musical approach as I entered college. So when I decided to arrange this piece two years ago, the meeting was natural and fluid.

Throughout the arrangement you will hear the top tier clarinet playing of Brett McDonald (clarinet FTW!), as the featured soloist. More clarinet. Always. In addition, Brett, Drew, and Kelsey provide a vast array of woodwind colors such as bass clarinet, alto flute, and bass flute! The brass play remarkably well, with many exposed and delicate muted passages. The rhythm section is groovin' throughout and I just love how they play during the solo section. I think you will too.

Kinda takes you "back in time"... doesn't it?"

I see what he did there. The double quotes helped ;) Honestly, though, Tyler's got a way with notes AND words, as his description touches on some of the highlights; cool to see alto & bass flute arranged for, in this context, and while it's more of a staple of the style, the muted brass stuff always hits me the right way. I was a failed trumpet player that switched to euphonium back in high school band, and you just don't get the same opportunities to enjoy all those wonderful cup/straight/harmon/plunger mutes. Or to jazz at all, usually. Of course, the secret is right there in the playful title, as clarinet leads the pack... wonderful, downright sumptuous tone from Brett, engaging solos, and part-writing that gives performers something meaty to work with in general. Can't say too much more; if you've been wondering what the secret was, this whole time, Tyler Mire & company make a fabulous, polished, & absolutely brilliant case that it was clarinet... with just a few other ingredients, as well. Highly recommended; would love to hear more, but everyone should delay not a minute longer and check out Critical Hits to scratch that itch. Many congrats to Tyler Mire & all members of the TMBB for a phenomenal debut!

So that's THREE "Secret of the Forest" mixes, for Arbor Day. In three very distinct genres, no less! Many thanks to Larry "Liontamer" Oji for conceptualizing & coordinating the mini-flood; he is a mensch. Trees are our friends, except in that ridiculous Shyamalan flick with Marky Mark, and the more we can respect & honor them and avoid destroying them for profit, the better; consider donating to a relevant cause or planting a tree yourself today, if possible, and either way enjoy the music!



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on 2022-07-27 17:11:07

You will not regret listening. Beautiful, Classy, Transporting. Magical.

brian botkiller
on 2022-05-19 20:04:07

This was so good, great work!

on 2022-04-29 16:47:46

Cool stuff!!

on 2022-04-27 11:28:40
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Primary Game:
Chrono Trigger (Square , 1995, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu,Noriko Matsueda,Yasunori Mitsuda
"Chrono Trigger"
"Secret of the Forest"

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