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  1. Your ReMixer name: ThePlasmas Your real name: Mauricio Castro Your email address: Your website: https://theplasmasvgm.bandcamp.com Your userid: 30081 Name of game(s) arranged: Megaman Zero 4 Name of arrangement: Frente en Alto Name of individual song(s) arranged: Straight Ahead Additional information about game including composer, system, etc. (if it has not yet been added to the site): Ippo Yamada, Gameboy Advance Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.: Recorded, mixed and mastered at ABXY home studio, Viña del Mar. Track available on "Z3R0 R3M1X: A MegaMan Zero Tribute Album".
  2. Original Decision Epic Footsteps, a remix of the first walkabout theme from Dragon Warrior 2, by the Audiomancer(a.k.a. Eric) Dragon Warrior 2 is an NES game. This is another attempt at this remix, and since my last attempt, I have: Procured some synths as they have gone on sale. Hopefully the new sounds are more pleasing. I also automated various parameters on them. In addition, I applied more layering of synths. I had two choirs at the beginning with different attack values, I removed the one with the slower attack. I also altered the "voice" part at 1:49 I have applied compression on a per track basis, as opposed to on the master. The master bus does have a limiter on it, but I didn't push it very hard (I think). I also removed the vocal/vocode part mentioned, and also added a couple "splashes" of the walkabout theme from the first Dragon Warrior game to increase the percentage of game music content. Those splashes are heard at 20-26, and 1:28-1:35. The part at 42-55 is based on the second walkabout theme in DW2, albeit very loosely. Thought I would point it out, and even then, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't considered an interpretation of the source material. The previous 8 bars of melody are based on the Dragon Warrior 2 theme. I lowered the volume and did EQ changes on the hats so they don't take up as much room. I also varied the volume and panning on the hats as well. I did some small frequency cuts and boosts to try to make things more clear, and to give instruments more room against each other. Also tried to remove resonances. I still kept the arrangement largely as is. One of the judges compared this to older remixes arrangement wise, and I take that as a compliment. I like the older ones:) I did change some of the instrumentation, however. I spent what I think is too much time on the bass drum and snare you hear here. I tried to give them a little more meat, and there's like, 6 effects on each of those tracks. I probably put in a lot of work for something that won't be as well received as I hope it will;) Once again, I appreciate the time and consideration:) Respectfully, Audiomancer.
  3. Hi, I'd like to submit a ReMix for evaluation for OCReMix. You'll find it attached as an MP3 file. --- ReMix info --- ReMixer name: MFG38 Real name: Santtu Pesonen Website: santtupesonenmusic.com Game arranged: Unreal Name of arrangement: Sunrise on Na Pali Song(s) arranged: Dusk Horizon Comments: Unreal is one of my favorite FPS games and I'd been wanting to pay tribute to it in some form for a while, so when the inspiration finally hit me recently, I decided to take full advantage of it. The end result of that inspired period of time is this remix of the track "Dusk Horizon". When I set out to make the remix, I knew I wanted to keep as much of the original vibe as I could while simultaneously putting my own spin on it. It felt like a good excuse to properly put my Behringer TD-3 synthesizer through its paces. The TD-3 plays the main bassline - other synths I ended up using in the track were the Korg Minilogue, with which I tracked the lead parts, and Massive and Monark by Native Instruments. Drums were provided by yet another NI plugin, Polyplex, with randomly generated sounds that I kept hitting the Randomize button on until I had something I figured would work. --- Game information --- Released in: 1998, for: PC Developers: Epic Games, Legend Entertainment Composers: Alexander Brandon, Dan Gardopée, Andrew Sega, Michiel van den Bos Link to soundtrack:
  4. Remixer name : jmabate Real name : abate jean marc Email : website : https://www.youtube.com/user/jmabate userid : 35644 Name of game(s) arranged : Golden Axe Name of arrangement : A Golden Axe Journey Name of individual song(s) arranged : Wilderness ; Battle Field ; Old Map ; Turtle Village 1 ; Path of Fiend ; Death Adder. Composers : Tohru Nakabayashi & Y. "Dolphin" Takada System : Sega genesis / megadrive Original : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA37D25F1B9888952 Track infos : This track was arranged and performed by pleasure ! I wanted to make a medley as a unic track to tell the Story of Ax, Tyris & Gilius to their vengeance. Guests : cello : Chromatic Apparatus violin : ViolinGamer trombone : Dewey Newt trumpet : TSori flute : TerminatedWeasel Oboe & Clarinet : GameroftheWinds Bass : SoulinSadness Tenor : MooglePower Alto & Soprano : Psamathes taikos & tambourin : Chernabogue vocals : Matt Hope you will enjoy this cover. Best regards Jmabate
  5. Ryan got back to us with a fully revamped version of this track, and WOW! The new mix sounds fantastic and addresses my concerns fully. I know nearly everyone else was already down with the original mix, but this resubmission knocks it out of the park. What a beautiful remix. YES
  6. Here was Michael's response to the feedback: "Thanks for asking. Apologies for making you guys slog through another odd one (but at least it's short this time). Those crackle sounds at around 1:20 are just some granular residue from a send effect, if I recall. I like them. Like gravel in a bird's gut that helps with digestion... The stuff starting at 1:38 is one of my favorite parts of any piece of music I've ever done (even though I put reverb on the low end and boosted it way up, which you're technically not *supposed* to do). I wouldn't want to change it. In fact, there is so much generative stuff in this track that's baked into the export, that I wouldn't want to change anything if the vote is mostly positive; if I re-did some things and tried to export again, I would never get the same thing (I exported 7-10 different times and picked the one I liked best - the one I submitted). This Low song is really interesting! I've never heard of them but it looks like they're pretty new, which is exciting. Will dive deeper in the coming days I hope. Anyhow, thanks again for judging this one. I don't think any changes are due, if I can get away with it! "
  7. I've reached out to Michael about this track and shared our feedback, I'll keep everyone posted on his response!
  8. ReMixer name: Neon X Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV8NwzoUa9I9HD1YXRIXp3g UserID: 37046 Name of game: Mario Kart 64 Name of arrangement: Toad's Nightride Name of song: Toad's Turnpike Original composer: Kenta Nagata For clarification: Name of remix: Toad's Nightride Name of original song: Toad's Turnpike
  9. I loved reading my fellow judges votes on this arrangement. @DarkSim made a very astute comparison to The Avalanches that I never would have gotten to on my own, but I completely hear it! My heart flutters a little whenever I see a submission from Paper Mario: TTYD, it's truly one of the most underappreciated and ahead-of-its-time soundtracks in existence, but it takes a special kind of vision to capture the essence of what makes it so memorable in a remix. This arrangement does exactly that - you dial up the insanity without anything feeling tacky, and you maintain the floating, cerebral feeling of the original throughout so it never strays too far from the Boggly Tree source. Regarding the distortion at 1:39 and onward, I would encourage the conditional votes to check out BJ Burton's intentionally-crushed production work with artists like Low. Nothing is actually clipping, it's just using extreme distortion to creative effect but it's absolutely intentional. The closing section of this arrangement takes a similar approach to production, though I will say I'm personally disappointed in the ending of this arrangement - without a retreat back to the quieter, more cerebral tones after the wall of distortion, it leaves things feeling unresolved. However, from a production standpoint, you can count me alongside the unconditional YES votes; in my book, any tweaks to mitigate the distortion would ultimately compromise the effect that Michael was going for. YES
  10. Hey! I emailed you back but I have officially moved your song onto the evaluation phase. Totally my mistake, so sorry that this one slipped through the cracks!
  11. Contact Information Your ReMixer Name: The Vodoú Queen Your Real Name: Angélique Vodoú Your Website: https://www.bandlab.com/vodouqueenxiii (the song is also on here and my SoundCloud profiles) Your User ID # on our forums: 37001 Submission Information Name of Game(s) Arranged: Bomberman Hero (N64) & Ape Escape (PS1) Name of Arrangement: "Re: Dial (But When the Phone Rings, Let the Monkey Answer)" Name of Individual Song(s) Arranged: 'Redial' (Bomberman Hero) & 'Oceana ~ Coral Cave' (Ape Escape) Additional information about game including composer, system, etc. (if it has not yet been added to the site): BOMBERMAN HERO OST; Track 3 - Redial; Artist: Jun Chikuma; Release Date: 1 June 1998; Label: NTT Publishing APE ESCAPE OST; Track 19 - Coral Cave; Artist: Soichi Terada; Release Date: 18 November 2011; Label: Far East Recording Link to the original soundtrack (if it is not one of the sound archives already available on the site): https://www.discogs.com/Jun-Chiki-Chikuma-Bomberman-Hero-Original-Soundtrack/release/5213495 https://apeescape.fandom.com/wiki/Ape_Escape_Originape_Soundtracks Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.: "Curious George and his friends decide to have a lil' play around with human technology... :D" I don't have much to say about this, other than I hope people enjoy it and something good comes out of it. That, and I had a blast making this for PRC 429, as part of the monthly / bi-monthly People's ReMixing Competition on the Compoverse (https://compo.thasauce.net/). The inspiration was to give a legitimate song a bit of humour, akin to the work of Silva Gunner, and I am unsure just how I was able to go about it. Just trying to improve my craft, I suppose. Maybe I'll have more to say if I think about it more, but at the moment I'm so nervous from trying another attempt at this after the first time with my NieR remix...I'm at a loss for words. Apologies. Sources
  12. I have to quickly cosign with my fellow judges who voted NO on this track - I don't have much particular to add, as many other judges have covered it in greater depth, but the stilted sequencing and drum grooves that don't really fit with the arrangement push this below the bar for me. NO
  13. ReMixer name: Neon X EMail: Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV8NwzoUa9I9HD1YXRIXp3g UserID: 37046 Name of game: Super Mario Sunshine Name of arrangement: Love On Noki Beach Name of song: Noki Depths theme Original composer: Koji Kondo Link to original song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn0jIAJU-Es For clarification: Name of remix: Love On Noki Beack Name of original song: Noki Depths theme
  14. Contact Information ReMixer name: Tab Newflax Real name: Tobias Nylin Email address: Website: https://www.tobiasnylin.com/ Userid: 2108 Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged: Super Mario Bros. 2 Name of arrangement: Subcon on Mushrooms Name of individual song(s) arranged: “Underworld”, “Bonus Start”, “Success”, “Failure” Comments about the mix: Hello! This is mainly a remix of the “Underworld” theme from Super Mario Bros. 2. Some tiny parts of the remix are also from the “Bonus Start”, “Success” and “Failure” themes of the same game. As you might know, the original “Underworld” theme is very short, it’s only roughly 10 seconds! I always liked this song, although it’s a bit repetitive I never get tired of it. I got inspired to remix it and extend it for several minutes. The sound of the remix is mostly inspired by Infected Mushroom, and so is the name of the remix. The result ended up in a 5-minute long remix, I hope you like it! Timestamps: Links to source songs, I will refer to these names in the timestamps: Underworld Theme Part 1: 0:00-0:04 Underworld Theme Part 2: 0:04-0:10 Success Bonus Start Failure 0:00-0:17 Intro 0:00-0:02 Reverse lead and cymbal with sound effects from bonus game slot machine. 0:02-0:17 “Underworld Theme Part 1” both bass and lead. 0:17-0:47 Bass Section 1 0:17-0:32 “Underworld Theme Part 1 Bass”. 0:32-0:47 “Underworld Theme Part 1 Bass”, with some variation. 0:47-0:55 Break 1 0:47-0:55 “Underworld Theme Part 2 Lead”. 0:55-1:26 Bass Section 2 0:55-1:26 Here the bass plays a variation of the “Underworld Theme Part 1 Lead”. Also the drums from the “Underworld Theme” starts here. 1:08-1:10 “Success” 1:23-1:26 “Success” 1:26-1:56 Build Up 1 1:26-1:41 “Underworld Theme Part 2 Lead”. 1:41-1:56 This tropical-sounding instrument plays a faster variant of “Underworld Theme Part 2 Lead”. 1:56-2:34 Main Section 1 1:56-2:34 Same as above but with more instruments and percussion. 2:34-3:20 Break 2 2:34-2:49 Original bassline inspired by the source. 2:49-3:04 Strings play chords that I came up with that sounded nice together with “Underworld Theme Part 2 Lead”. An Arp plays a variation of these chords. 3:04-3:20 Pad plays a variation of “Underworld Theme Part 2 Lead”. The piano plays a counter-melody. 3:20-3:34 Build Up 2 3:20-3:34 Pad now plays chords that I came up with that sounded nice together with “Underworld Theme Part 2 Lead”. 3:34-4:12 Main Section 2 3:34-4:04 Mostly the same as “Main Section 1” except now it uses elements from “Break 2” and “Build Up 2. 4:04-4:12 Here I added some new chords, I thought they sounded familiar… turns out they sound like the "Course Clear Fanfare" from Super Mario Bros. 1. 4:12-4:26 Slowdown 4:12-4:26 Mostly the same as “Bass Section 1”. 4:26-5:16 Outro 4:26-5:04 Piano and Flute play variations of “Underworld Theme Part 2 Lead”. 5:04-5:16 “Bonus Start” and “Failure” theme morphing into a part of the “Overworld Theme” from Super Mario Bros. 1.
  15. Contact Information Remixer: Akidna Real Name: Xrixa Axiaxa Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/akidna Your userid: 37854-akidna Submission Information Street Fighter 2 Chun Li: Lady Dragon (Akidna RMX) Name of individual song: Chun Li Theme Tribute to the “First Female Character of Fighting Games” with Street Fighter 2 being my first entry into the fighting game world as I can still remember that day in 1992 at the Gas Station down the road from where I had lived, they had gotten in a Arcade Machine of Street Fighter 2 and this would be the hang out spot for me and the friends on the block and we would find ourself from Sun up til Sun down and even Midnight hours as the Store stay open 24/7. Chun Li theme stuck out like a sore thumb to me as this was the character I found myself play as all the time and at first I though I was a Ryu fan, but was never able to get his move set down at that time and would always find myself using Chun Li to get through the game. I was learn to play Drums and Piano at that time as well and hated playing classic pieces so I find myself covering a lot of video game music to past the time during and this theme song just happen to be the one that I found myself rehearsing more often then not. So here I am 29 years ago from the time that I am writing this to final present my work of this wonderful memory of mine in this cover of Chun Li Stage Theme. Equipment Used: MPC X, Korg: Triton, Trinity and WaveStation, Emu Orbit 3,Roland: Fantom XR and TR8S, Logic Pro, ReFX: Nexus 3, Fabfilter Plugins, Waves Plugins, Yamaha: HS8 Monitors, Montage 8, Moog Voyager RME Rack, Audio Interface: UAD Apollo x8.
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