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  1. Wow! This is my first time hearing the version with updated mixing. Tremendous job improving an already-great track, you really knocked this out of the park with one of the strongest debut mixes I've heard in quite some time.
  2. This checks out! Not a ton to say here, but I do appreciate the frequent rhythm changes and how that was executed. The ending sections are heavy as hell. This feels way more seamless than it really has any right to be. Production is crisp and clear and carries a lot of punch, if a bit bassy as others have pointed out. To the front page with you! If we're contacting the artist about a new track title, we should also see about getting a render that trims off the silence at the front/end of the export. YES
  3. Brad hit the nail on the head here - the lack of sustain and some very unconventional/unrealistic arrangement choices with multiple pianos in the low registers are causing this to sound very stilted and uncomfortable. There's not much I have to add to the feedback he left other than give it a strong cosign. There's plenty of promise in the arrangement and concept, but I just don't think this execution is doing it NO
  4. Simple and smooth, this is a no-frills melodic house approach that, despite its straightforward sound design and arrangement, still manages to check all of the boxes and craft something tasteful and vibey. The bendy bassline introduces some movement not present in the original source, and the unexpected mid-song breakdown adds some much-needed dynamic contrast before the final build. The choice to end on the triumphant Chrono Trigger melody capitalizes on the buildup that preceded it. This is a strong first submission and one I'd be happy to see on the site; I'm sure you'll be able to pu
  5. I'm right on board with Rexy's assessment here - both the good and the bad. The mixing on this is surprisingly well done and rich sounding, with an excellent frequency balance from lows to highs. I think the shortcomings of this remix can be chalked up to a lack of variety in velocities, which ends up giving the track a robotic feel that doesn't match the richness of the arrangement itself. The piano section at 1:42 is by far the most noticeable offender, but I'm picking up on the same effect basically any time you have an exposed or repeated staccato riff. Bev's suggestion about performing pa
  6. I know I already gushed over this in my judge comment from the writeup, but this is truly a brilliant, warm, understatedly-beautiful arrangement. It's catchy like a pop song, but also extremely heady and cerebral. I still don't understand how you were able to extract all of these feelings from such an unassuming source with such minimal instrumentation. This feels like a fully-realized version of the concepts you've teased and experimented with in your previous remixes, and I'm so glad to see it posted. Bravo!!
  7. This is a thick soundscape, with lots of little flourishes and fills that keep throwing bits of ear candy to the listener to keep them hooked. There's really so much going on overall, I can't even begin to pick out highlights. You say that it took you "far too long" to finish this, but I can't imagine how something of this caliber could have been done without a LOT of attention to detail and persistence with trying new ideas. One of the best things I've heard from you to date, really excellent work! YES
  8. This is a really nifty fusion track that marries some of the signature 80's and 90's synth and drum sounds that are distinctly R&B with a mixdown and pacing that evokes the same lazy, hazy qualities I'd expect from a vaporwave arrangement. I was skeptical about how you would stretch this out to nearly 5 minutes, but just on gut intuition, it never felt like things were repetitive just for the sake of padding, and it felt like the length was justified. The lead synth solos kept the melodies fresh, despite being too forward in the mix, and the rest of the supporting instrumentation all bring
  9. My fellow judges have far more eloquently expressed the beauty of this track, so this is just going to be a quick cosign from me. The piano tone is warm and absolutely well suited for the performance, and the sample quality holds up even during the more dramatic dynamic jumps. There's so many rhythmic changeups throughout the duration of the track, it's really stunning that you managed to weave it all together so seamlessly like you did. Bravo! YES
  10. While I wasn't sold on this concept from the intro, the simple kalimba arpeggio laid the groundwork for a much more developed arrangement to come. The accordion and acoustic guitar combo is one I'm quite fond of myself, and it's well used here. I strongly support the Stardew Valley comparison. The bass and light percussion give the track some movement and breaks up the repetitive arpeggio rhythm. Not a ton to say here - it's certainly not the most fleshed out or complex track, but it's a pleasant, well-produced jam that you can sit back and relax to. I'd say this accomplishes its purpose
  11. I'm going to quickly rubber stamp this one as well - the source is lovely and the submission is extremely pleasant (special shoutouts to the harp, which sounds fantastic throughout) but I'm not hearing a connection between the two. NO
  12. Immediately finding myself in agreement with the nays here - the tonal balance between left and right is very lopsided and distracting, and ultimately disqualifying on its own. Also, the lack of any song bass presence until nearly the end of the track, when a bass drum briefly enters, ends up leaving this imbalanced not just in a panning sense, but also in terms of the overall mixdown. The brief bassdrum presence at the very end really drives home the lack of punch that the rest of the track had been missing thus far. The percussion elements that are present for most of the duration are so qui
  13. I don't think I can access this - can you re-link this to somewhere like Soundcloud or enable public sharing through Google Drive?
  14. Gorgeous, uplifting, dynamic, transcendent... I'm finding no shortage of adjectives to describe the impeccable work you've done here! The variety of instruments, moods, and ideas is mind-boggling! The fusion of electronic and orchestral instruments felt totally natural and never shoehorned in, and both sides were equally well-executed. My only complaint is that many of your ideas truly had the potential to be fleshed out into their own arrangement, and each time you transitioned to a new idea, I found myself a little sad because I was so caught up in each individual moment. I didn't want
  15. This has such a nice vintage OCR quality to it Really takes me back to the early 2010's. As someone who can get hung up on production in my own work, I appreciate the challenge you set for yourself to work with a simpler palette and focus primarily on the arrangement. At the end of the day, I'd argue that both aspects of the remix came out strong!
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