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I don't intend to co-opt or distort the meaning behind OCR newcomer Fiddledo's lyrics for Jorito's pop Xenogears arrangement together with subversiveasset and ImAFutureGuitarHero. That said, this wonderful track and its hopeful message hit different in light of the latest horrific-yet-commonplace assault rifle mass murders in Buffalo, New York two weeks ago and Uvalde, Texas yesterday, America's 212th mass shooting.

My wife had to check in with our 6-year-old this morning on what to do if a shooter shows up at school or camp. "Play dead," my wife tells her, while also encouraging her to help friends if she wants to. (When it comes down to it, helping others at risk to yourself is still the humane thing to do, if you can. It's OK to be scared though.) "I'm not afraid of anything!" she says with a beaming smile and all the conviction in the world. Bless her innocence. I know it can't last. :'-(

Arrangement, production, backing vocals: Jorito
Vocals, lyrics: Fiddledo
Saxophone: subversiveasset
Guitar: Jarrod G

We actually approved this track two years ago, and the power of ImAFutureGuitarHero's guitar and finesse of subversiveasset's sax were big highlights, but djpretzel and I both had strong hangups on the mixing and exposure of the vocal performance; in order to head off a potential but rare instance of djp vetoing the panel, we passed on the judges' feedback and asked if a revision could be considered. A few days ago, Jorrith checked in on this, and I asked about a potential revision thinking one was never made; Jorito informed me that he sent djp a revision WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY back... which Dave seemingly never passed onto us. Boo, djp, boo. (I've overlooked things in much worse fashion, so no hate.) Jorito had no hard feelings about it, which speaks to his class, but we're still sorry to Jorrith, Kaisyn, Andrew, and Jarrod for us dropping the ball, and we're glad to now pick it back up.

With the revised version, the mixing of the various parts was much stronger, with more audible supporting synth writing that helped spice up the instrumental. The vocals were pulled back instead of being so much louder than the music, as well as given some effects & tuning touch-ups alongside occasional chorusing & vocoder layering which added smoothness, depth, and variety to Fiddledo's performance in concert with these touching lyrics. Everything glues together so much better as a result, sounds like Jorito's cohesive presentation we've come to expect, and will better stand the test of time.

Maybe it's serendipity that this piece is arriving on the site today. Whether you need something to heal your heart, decompress, or take on the day, Jorito delivers what you need to hear in a language we can all understand. :-)

"We're going to spread our wings and fly
As we keep dancing in the sky
I feel so alive
Forgetting the danger that lies up ahead
So please just let me fly"



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Meteo Xavier
on 2022-05-29 00:25:11

I've had the previous version of this that I found I think a year ago for the duration up to this discovery, having found it whilst on a random search for any new remixes for the source tunes. I was certainly not expecting it to show up on Ocremix and even less expecting it to have some additional stuff in it. Wow.

I love it, but my biggest feeling is its untapped potential. I still wish it wasn't so cut-and-dry 8th and quarter notes, I keep wanting to take the MP3 and add some 16th note "additional bassline" stuff and cinematic percussion and then some GRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrr... guitar chugs. Singing's ok, I've gotten used to it and I'd have no way to improve upon it myself, but that's about the length of praise I have there.

That said, WINGS works great as synthwave and this mix has noticeably improved its sound quality and EQ. I've got my copy.

on 2022-05-25 17:26:01

No worries, and no need to apologize. Just glad to see it made it after some rework. Thanks for posting!

on 2022-05-25 16:35:34

First off, my apologies to @Jorito for sitting on this; I mistakenly assumed he had also contacted the panel. Glad this revised version can finally see the light of day - it's catchy, well-produced synthwave/pop, and the edits made do a lot to mitigate what I felt was a vocal that didn't quite match the rest of the track. I'm a bad-but-enthusiastic singer, and just to be clear my own Lunar mix would NEVER pass the panel today. I think this newer incarnation of this mix lands in a much better place, and while the panel did pass the original version, I would have veto'd it in that form, whereas now I'm on board. Good stuff!

on 2022-05-24 17:23:45
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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Xenogears (Square , 1998, PS1)
Music by Yasunori Mitsuda

Tags (10)

Electronic,Singing,Synth,Vocals: Male
Effects > Vocoder
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original
Origin > Collaboration

File Information

8,414,314 bytes

There are times I feel like
Without you, there's less meaning in life
Hold my hand, tell me it will be okay

Passing by these bright lights
I need to figure out if I've got things right
Things keep passing by, I will find a way

We're going to spread our wings and fly
As we keep dancing in the sky
I feel so alive
Forgetting the danger that lies up ahead
So please just let me...

I really want to feel safe
I want to know, I wonder why
I feel this way

Nasty thoughts stuck in my head
I want them gone, I wish they could
Just disappear

Dancing in the sky
Dancing in the sky
Dancing in the sky

Let's take in this moment
C'mon, just keep your eyes wide open
Gliding through the sky, no clouds in the way

I feel like I belong
Despite the troubles, I know I can stay strong
I'll keep holding on, I won't drift away

We're going to spread our wings and fly
As we keep dancing in the sky
I feel so alive
Forgetting the danger that lies up ahead
So please just let me fly


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