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  1. Thanks for the update, and no worries. Focus on healing and recovering, the album can wait a while longer
  2. Great and inspiring work! I’d love to see (some of) this on the site! I also enjoyed the new take on the logo, it’s clean, modern and still keeps the traditional elements in place.
  3. Can’t go wrong with the Ozone Mastering Guide for an overall crash course in mastering (and specifically Ozone). It at least should answer some of your questions (and then some): http://downloads.izotope.com/guides/iZotopeMasteringGuide_MasteringWithOzone.pdf Also, IMO there’s not really such a thing as a workable preset for mastering, as every track is different. Sure, you might use the same chain for all your tracks (but even that is debatable), but at least the settings for EQ, compression, limiter, multibands etc will be different across tracks. You’re aiming at getting consistent out
  4. I did a rendition of Tifa's Theme from Final Fantasy in a small, intimate orchestral setting featuring many performers for the Pixel Mixers FF7R tribute album. Tifa is a very interesting character to me. I wanted to try and capture Tifa's spirit as I saw her, as this strong, badass but also somewhat shy, deeply caring and slightly anxious woman and tried to express that in the music and the arrangement. Did I succeed? Well, that's up to you to decide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ewpTO-NtQU&lc
  5. Pretty much staying inside, working from home on my steady job and taking daily 30-60 minute walks outside to stay sane and active. Apart from missing the social interaction with friends, family and co workers, it's doable; just got to be a bit more creative and intentional about some stuff. Not getting much music work done though; have been struggling a bit with motivation and energy lately, but that seems to slowly get back, so in stead I mostly spend the time relaxing and doing other fun stuff like learning to play the baritone uke and playing FF7R. All in all not too bad.
  6. Oh wow, a remix of my remix! What a lovely tribute! Thanks for sharing
  7. No, there’s not. There is however this WIP with placeholder vocals where you can listen to the Fresh Prince rapping in stead https://www.jorito.net/files/perel/perel_20190928.mp3
  8. A few things that work very well for me: I only take the lead stuff (melodies) from the source track and forget about the rest (e.g. chord progressions, basslines, etc.). Up-front I usually already have an idea for the genre/style I want to do, and I usually try to push myself to try new things and make the genre different from what the source track uses (e.g. make an orchestral Megaman track in stead of a more stereotypical rock arrangement) Arrangement structure is flexible; why stick with the exact structure that the source uses? No problem in turning the B section into
  9. The same goes for me; the track vision always has been one with vocals, and the track was produced as such. An instrumental version is not what I envisioned, and hence it would feel incomplete. It's like asking for a track without the bass or the drums because you don't like them; a bit silly, IMO. Fair enough if you don't like the track as-is, but asking for an incomplete version isn't exactly what most artists would be on board with, I imagine.
  10. Fun fact, I almost did repurpose it for Hometown Heroes! By that time I had already been talking with Odai for a bit and the Terranigma album was showing some vague hints of life. I guess it worked out great in the end; I got to do a few cool tracks for Hometown Heroes *and* for Terranigma!
  11. Quick update: all tracks are now mastered and the album package has been submitted for evaluation yesterday. Now we wait
  12. Sure, you can EQ it too, but it’s pretty common to use different amps (or amp models) and settings for the rhythm guitars, and that, combined with 2 separate performances (one for left, one for right) make it sound full already. If you use midi guitar, changing the part slightly between left and right (e.g. by changing some velocities and timings) will be a big help, rather than simply copy/pasting the part. Same for when you record from a guitar; I am assuming you are not a robot and that the parts will sound slightly different anyway. I’d recommend to try this first; you can always
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