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  1. Thanks for the kind words, and glad you like/get it! Not sure I understand your last question? This track is included on the Pixel Mixers FF9 album (disc 4 iirc), amongst 120 or so others. So if you have more appetite for FF9 (or more tracks from me, there’s 2 more on there), why not go ahead and download the album? Links should me in the mixpost. For the price of free you hardly can go wrong
  2. And yes, the ever important “What would it sound like if I did this?” question that ad.mixx mentions is a great way to keep your curiosity and creativity going and keep things interesting as you go along.
  3. If you have good piano skills, why not try your hand at some piano only arrangements first? Or maybe a sonata? That way, it’s easier to focus on the essentials of arrangement and composition without getting all distracted by technical stuff such as plugins, MIDI, controller data, etc. If you can make something sound good and complete on piano, it should be easier to translate it into something different and more fully fleshed out than doing it the other way around. After all, being limited to 10 notes max does kinda force you to get the essentials of the piece down.
  4. Not sure of your musical ability, but if you are starting out from scratch, expect it to take a while before things are starting to sound good. Just create a lot of tracks, try to finish them and learn as you go along. They won’t be master pieces initially, but keep in mind that this is a learning phase and just try to enjoy it. Expecting a lot of yourself will only cause frustration and disappointment, so go easy on yourself and give yourself time. Makes things a lot more enjoyable in the long run, and the journey is a very important part of learning a new skill anyway. On a less philosophical level, what style of music do you have in mind? Any musical abilities already? Any weaknesses/skills you would love to develop? Would be good to know so we can chip in with some practical tips.
  5. Hey Psam, welcome here :)

  6. Good to see this being picked up again. You can definitely use my track for it; just hit me up for the wav and writeup.
  7. Jorito

    An Apology

    Don't worry about it, it's classic Meteo and he has a knack for weird posts Having said that, I applaud you you for your newly found attitude and can imagine it was not easy. Anyway, welcome back and enjoy your stay (in a more positive light than the last time).
  8. AFAIK, the 50% is more a guideline than a hard rule, and mostly to rule out either too liberal arrangements (ie. originals) or too conservative arrangements (1:1 covers). I have had arrangements posted that were quite liberal (maybe not even making the 50% if you'd stopwatch it very strictly) so I am talking from experience here. As for your question... well, when you submit a track, you also need to list the source track. So I guess that answers it?
  9. Handed in my track yesterday. Glad the bugger is done, it was killing my DAW
  10. Was planning to work on an update this weekend, let's see how far I get
  11. It's not retrowave if it doesn't have the cheese! And if you need vocoders for it, you know where to find me
  12. Let's count this as your check-in then. Looking forward to your WIP at or before the next one (July 17th)!
  13. It’s not claimed yet, but I also didn’t know you made a WIP for it! Let me hit you up and see if we can make this happen