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  1. Good to see some activity here again! I did dust off my arrangement of Crysta and was able to recruit some help for it... I think it's gonna be pretty cool Two-weekly WIP updates might be a bit much for a hobby project, IMO. Life has a tendency to get in the way and leave you unable to work on music, in my experience. Frequent check-ins/status updates (maybe just monthly in stead of bi-weekly) rather than WIP updates might be an alternative to consider for such cases. For Resonance of the Pure Land that worked quite well, as a means of keeping each other updated and to prevent radio silence and ultimately dropped tracks, but ymmv. Just sharing some ideas here! Looking forward to get this going again!
  2. Jorito

    Bit Wig Studio?

    Ah yeah, I've heard about FL Studio and modwheels. Not sure what's up with that, since I don't use it myself, but it seems more people struggle with it. Not sure how long that Bitwig demo is valid (Bitwig is normally $129 with a year of free updates), but Bitwig definitely works well together with controllers with modwheel. Another option you could try is Cakewalk, which is free since BandLab took it over. I used it way back and rather liked it, and you can't beat the price of free: My own setup isn't that special tbh, just an iMac, a Deepmind 12 synth that I merely use as a controller and a fairly sizeable collection of plugins and sample libs. Thanks for your comments about the recent releases btw, didn't quite expect it in a thread like this, but I'll take it
  3. Jorito

    Bit Wig Studio?

    I have Bitwig and did a few tracks in it (posted remixes, even). It is pretty cool, a bit of a mixture of Live, Logic and Cubase, looks like. With the upcoming Bitwig 3 you even get a modular synth build thingie inside of it. Best ask @Sir_NutS about it, the resident Bitwig advocate I never worked with Reaper, but my impressions is that it’s a very flexible, more traditional DAW that you can (... must?) customize to your hearts content to make it work for you. YMMV. Ultimately it all depends on what you want and what you’re using now. A different DAW can inspire you to do different creative things. Or it can annoy and confuse you to no end, My go-to DAW is Logic Pro, but sometimes I do a Bitwig track just to try different things. But that only works if that other DAW is different enough from your regular one. So... why are you considering to switch/start using another DAW?
  4. Yay! Finally gonna wrap up Crysta, let me bug some people for the 2 performances I still need and wrap it up
  5. I was in talks with Odai to pick this up, but then got caught up in real life. Hope things get a bit more stable on my end soon...
  6. Nailed the psytrance vibe for sure! Great stuff, love it. Teach me how
  7. Jorito

    OCRA-0069 - Arcadia Legends

    My pleasure! In fairness, it was quite an undertaking (7 months from initial WIP to final version) and made my computer cry, so it might be a while before I attempt something so huge again. I just hope it was worth it, and if not, well, at least I had fun while doing it.
  8. I vaguely recall promising to look at maybe doing a track. I am unfamiliar with Star Fox, so you might need to hit me up with some suggestions Also, depending on time & artwork availability, I might be able to help out with the website; I’ve done it a few times before by now...
  9. The legato trumpet and the 6 french horns from OE2 still frequently find their way in my tracks, so I get ya. If one already has a base orchestral library, then OE 2 might be more interesting. If you don’t have any decent orchestral stuff, I would still recommend OE1 simply because it covers all the basics.
  10. Jorito

    Arcadia Legends - History

    Just pointing out that Rexy is is a she, not a he
  11. Uhh... okay... I have another one, but can’t post that until the album is out. I do like the idea of a synthwave album, not sure what kind of theme would work with that, or if there are enough synthwavers around here to make it happen (I only know of me, Sir_Nuts and WillRock)
  12. Jorito

    Chrono Cross Remix Project - submitted!

    If you release on January 21st, you can release on Mitsuda's birthday ;)
  13. Jorito

    Arcadia Legends - History

    You can check the first post of this topic for all the included tracks (the big green block of text)... iirc all songs are included.
  14. Jorito

    Inspirational OC ReMixers. Ego food donations.

    To me Zircon, Sixto and WillRock, to name a few... I dig what they did (/do) and they inspired me to push myself and get my chops to a postable level in those early days. Even though I hardly interacted with them at the time (even though I did manage to bribe Sixto into a solo for reasons still unclear). Especially the composing streams by Zirc were great to get a glimpse of the chef in the kitchen, if you will. Also Eino Keskitalo for being open to collaborate with a newbie in the Shovel Knight team compo, where we did 2 lovely tracks and we still try and do some collabs every now and then. Sir_Nuts for being a fellow Italo/Synthwave enthusiast and the enjoyable chats and excellent mixing critiques and feedback. And, dare I say it, the entire judges panel? While I didn’t always agree with all feedback, each time a track was reviewed I got something useful out of it and learned my strengths and weaknesses and was able to improve, It probably helped that I didn’t see them as scary (as some people seem to do) but rather as helpful critical listeners. There are many many more, of course. Once I grew more confident and comfortable I collaborated with a lot of people from the community through the forums and Discord, and each collab was fun, interesting and a great experience. There’s too many to mention here, but know that you have my thanks for joining me on this ride and for being a cool person
  15. Jorito

    Arcadia Legends - History

    Your PM box should have told you differently at September 3 :). Let me know if you didn’t get it though.