ReMix:SaGa Frontier "Save File Corrupted" 3:04

By Hemophiliac

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Opening of a Journey"

Primary Game: SaGa Frontier (Sony , 1998, PS1), music by Kenji Ito

Posted 2022-08-24, evaluated by Liontamer

Our first solo ReMix from Hemophiliac (Chris Roman) in nearly a dozen years! Enjoy this dreamy hip-hop/lo-fi instrumental take on "The Opening of a Journey" from SaGa Frontier:

"It's been over a decade since I last submitted anything. It's nice to be back into music and the community again.

So the new SaGa Frontier Remastered came out last year and I was reminded how fantastic the tracks from the game are.

What would happen if your save file was corrupted but still managed to load the gameplay? There's even a section of the game where you enter a computer to destroy a computer virus. The backgrounds in that area look all glitched and synthetic. Let's take the data creation music and combine those previous ideas. Enjoy!"

Corrupted save data never sounded so.... mellow :) The mix title reminds me of the one time I can actually remember where I lost a save file to corruption, myself... it was way back in 1989/1990 or so, when I was playing Phantasy Star II, and my friend removed the cartridge while the system was still on (!!), and I had this look of horror, and when I immediately turned everything off & back on and checked to see if the save was there... wiped. Gone. Kaput. Anyone who has endured that game's teleporter-infested multi-level dungeons will feel my pain, but it didn't kill me, so I guess it made me stronger... at any rate, there's a smattering of glitch/bitcrush in here to reflect the concept, but otherwise it's very smooth sailing - basic beat with punchy, hip-hop drums, shimmering piano/keys, and lush ambience... as a potential bonus, at least to me, this source & arrangement are reminiscent of "The Goddess Appears," so it *almost* doubles as a Zelda/LttP mix :) Liontamer evaluated:

"As biased as I am toward Masashi Hamauzu's SaGa Frontier 2's soundtrack, it's also been a treat hearing Kenji Ito's score for the first game getting love on OCR from about:blank & Ardklaw in the last couple of years. Hemo keeps that representation going forward with quite a creative yet relaxing rendition of SaGa Frontier's opening theme.

Both the source tune and this version have a measured pace, with Hemophiliac's take being more beat-driven as well as more spacious and texturally varied. Everything's low-key just like the original, but has a lush sound and subtle dynamics, especially with glitching that sounds more accidental and incidental rather than invasive. I could loop this all day and relax.

Chris has already made a strong impact in our Workshop area and our community Discord as our latest Workshop moderator, providing critical yet caring feedback on work-in-progress arrangements. Hemo's enjoyed being back at OCR, but the respect and appreciation truly goes both ways; it's been a pleasure reconnecting with him and I hope he keeps the great arrangement ideas coming! :-)"

I'll second that; Chris has been super-helpful providing feedback to artists, this mix is an ultra-chill & distinct take on the source that's got both arrangement creativity & production acumen, and it's great to have him back on OCR in BOTH capacities, as evaluator & artist! Enjoy!



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on 2024-03-30 15:45:17

This had a nice slow vibe to it. I found myself swaying along with the rhythm. Nice job! :)

on 2024-03-22 17:07:28
2 hours ago, MixMystery said:

I noticed that the track number is tagged incorrectly as 4368 but it should be 4369.

Should be fixed soon, thanks!

on 2024-03-22 14:08:51

I noticed that the track number is tagged incorrectly as 4368 but it should be 4369.

on 2022-08-24 19:29:53

OMG keep these SaGa Frontier remixes coming! I've been in love with this game for 25 years!

This is definitely one of the more memorable tracks from a game filled with great music, and this glitchy, low-fi ambient chill remix is a very original take that also manages to be in the same spirit of the original. Well done!

on 2022-08-22 10:10:20
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Primary Game:
SaGa Frontier (Sony , 1998, PS1)
Music by Kenji Ito
"The Opening of a Journey"

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Ambient,Hip Hop
Effects > Glitching
Effects > Lo-Fi

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