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Apogee recently dropped the remastered Ludicrous Edition of ROTT (with long-time friend of the site Jeron Moore helping steer the ship!), so we're finally ready to fire this one from the chamber, as PsyNES fuses Lee Jackson's Rise of the Triad composition with fast-paced psytrance and a heaping helping of chips & voice clips! Rise of the Triad spun off from the tradition of 90s PC shooters like Doom & Wolfenstein and deserves its flowers here, so -- despite his handle -- PsyNES colored outside of his lines when approaching this one:

"Rise of the Triad!

I usually try to make only NES game remixes with my PsyNES project (kinda also hate it that I have made that kind of "rule" for myself), but couldn't help it to try to make psytrance version of this, it's such a good song. I've been following Apogee's revival, I like all these cool oldschool game companies coming back like 3D Realms and Apogee. It's not actually my first non-NES remix tho and definitely not the last one. :)

I think it works pretty nicely. Ofc had to use some NES samples/synths, why not. I got inspired to remix this track after the release of the Rise of the Triad remake in 2013. I finished and uploaded it to my SoundCloud in 2015, but I've tried to update the mixing/mastering stuff before I sent it to OC ReMix. It's been made with Renoise and bunch of VST plugins, and I guess I could call myself as PsyDOS now too.

Here is also a "music video" version of it, and really cool of Lee Jackson himself commenting on the remix too! Enjoy!"

For PsyNES, the rules are made to be broken, and we're glad he did, as this fast-paced frenzy exudes energy, all while hanging onto the dark imagery and chiptune flavor of "Goin' Down the Fast Way". The dropoff into the fun voice-clip-laden section from 1:47-2:12 that will resonate the most with old school players. (People who played this back in the day will also spot that PsyNES grabbed his arrangement title from the game's shareware release subtitle.) It's one thing for us to enjoy it, but we also reached out the original composer, Rise of the Triad's own Lee Jackson, who was kind enough to quickly offer his co-sign:

"I listened to it, and I liked it! Fun use of sounds from the game in the remix. The mix itself is inventive, with a great drive to it. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing it with me!"

See? "Ya got me." :-D Jackson's heard a grabbag of attention-grabbing fan arrangements of his legendary DOS-era creations (including his own recent Duke Nukem collab with nü-metal group Agony), and we're proud to count PsyNES's high-octane ROTT tribute among the ones applauded by the original composer. With the most important seal of approval there is affixed to it, be sure to take the thrill ride with PsyNES as the HUNT begins, as well as check out Apogee's "ludicrous" revival, which has quickly garnered strong reviews and introduced a whole new set of fans to Rise of the Triad a decade after the first remake!



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on 2023-08-16 13:46:05

I'm so happy to finall see ROTT music on here. this game and System Shock 1 have like the most needlessly energetic music, I love them both.

This one in particular really picks up at 0:55; I dig it.

on 2023-08-15 09:27:29

I can't say this is my style of music per se but I can respect the composition and effort. Good work!

on 2023-08-02 10:49:42
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Primary Game:
Rise of the Triad: Dark War (Apogee Software, Ltd. , 1994, DOS)
Music by Bobby Prince,Lee Jackson
"Goin' Down the Fast Way"

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Chiptune,Electronic,In-game FX,Synth
Time > 4/4 Time Signature
Time > Tempo: Fast

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