ReMix:F-Zero "Project Blue" 3:49

By OverShield

Arranging the music of 3 songs from 2 games ( view all )...

"Big Blue", "Cover of Big Blue's Theme (Item Song 2)", "Infinite Blue (Big Blue)"

Primary Game: F-Zero (Nintendo , 1990, SNES), music by Naoto Ishida, Yumiko Kanki

Posted 2023-08-31, evaluated by the judges panel

djp chose the previous Xenogears mix to be posted, and when he selected this one next, we coincidentally had a back-to-back of ReMixer returns! I always love a good theme, so after this mixpost we've got two more great ReMixes on deck to welcome back more ReMixers after lengthy hiatuses. :-) It was time to hit the club with our last mix, and now it's time to hit the track! After 6 1/2 years, OverShield (Dean Kontos) takes a brief break from his burgeoning game audio career and returns full force. :-D (You can also check out some of Dean's pro audio work in EA's brand new Dead Space remake, which also included OCR judge Joe "XPRTNovice" Zieja cussing up a storm.) Are you ready to zoom hundreds of miles per hour? (Or kilometers, OK!) Because you'll do nothing less with OverShield's intense, rocked-out, wub-wubbed sophomore ReMix of several versions of "Big Blue" from F-Zero! For Dean, this one's a hearkening back to a childhood classic:

"The main inspiration for me is always nostalgia.
F-Zero has been one of my most beloved game franchises ever since I was a child.
It has incredible music that always matched the fast paced energy of its racetracks.
Big Blue is no doubt one of the best songs within the entire franchise and it has always been high on my list to put my own twist to it.
This remix mainly focuses on the classic original theme of Big Blue that we know and love. However, big F-Zero fans may notice some parts of the song taking direct inspiration from some of the lesser known alternate versions of the Big Blue theme within F-Zero GX (e.g. Infinite Blue and Arrange versions).
I hope you enjoy it, as I tried to tell a story throughout the different sections of the track (pun not intended)."

I'm an illegitimate gamer, as I've only got hands-on time with the original F-Zero; if you played the franchise extensively or had fond SNES launch-era memories like me, what kind of story and imagery does this arrangement give you? Kudos to OverShield for also incorporating and interweaving the completely different "Big Blue" theme from F-Zero GX (firstly at 2:16) as well as some stylistic influences from the arranged SNES "Big Blue" also in that game (known for being Nintendo and Sega's first collab after Sega left the console market). I'll co-sign judge MindWanderer's assertion that OverShield maximized his minutes here with careful chimerical crafting of his tools:

"Interesting sound palette. It uses mostly stock, vanilla synths that have been prevalent for a decade or more, but they're all used thoughtfully and produced well. Stylistially there's no reason this couldn't have been posted almost 10 years ago, but the level of competence is through the roof. And even though it's an eclectic mix of EDM, chiptune, dubstep, and metal, it all hangs together coherently. None of the huge variety of arps, wubs, or SFX seem extraneous. Great pacing, great energy, great arrangement all around."

I'm surprised at how something this breakneck sincerely has its fair share of dreamy moments, yet, with Dean's production chops, here we are! With twists and turns aplenty to enjoy, fellow judge Emunator praised OverShield's very evident creative complexity:

"Damn, the lead synth work here is stellar! There's so much going on that's worth highlighting, but this is an element that immediately jumped out to me. Crazy arpeggio fills all around. You really committed to the syncopated rhythms with some very aggressive gating on nearly all of your instruments, which gives the mix a tremendous amount of punch during the breakdowns. The guitar work is such a fantastic way to bring this home. Absolutely sick work."

The speed, the energy, this mix is full of life! I joyously smiled and laughed when I heard the handling of GX's "Big Blue" theme at 3:15; this is tremendously dynamic arranging that grabs your attention, and I'm in genuine awe and appreciation that amazing musicians like Dean have left their mark in the OCR catalog like this. :-) You won't be feeling blue with OverShield's speedy, exciting love letter to one of F-Zero's most iconic themes, seamlessly supplemented with F-Zero GX original and arranged versions of this classic race track. Quite the successful project from OverShield; buckle up and hang on tight!



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on 2023-09-03 11:45:14

If your lead synth was an instrument, I'd buy it haha. That's how good it sounds!

on 2023-09-02 23:02:20

6.5 years since the last track...too long, give us more!

The detailed synth work and interplay of variation on rhythm is superb. Very enjoyable, and it's gonna be tough to get this earworm out of my head. The chip arps are a particular stand-out for me as they seem to come out of nowhere, but feel like they belong. This track would not be the same without them. Awesome work!

Geoffrey Taucer
on 2023-09-01 22:18:49

oooh, I love this! It's all the little details that jump out to me. The little arpeggios at 0:46, the bass and chords in the next few measures from 0:56ish, the changes to the original chord progression around 1:10ish.... actually, the chords and bass throughout are really cool. Transitions are not where I'd expect them, but still somehow all in exactly the right place. Production is exactly the right level of loud and in your face.

Excellent mix!

on 2023-08-31 17:06:45

Some realllllly good, creative, satisfying, interesting transitions, here - at first I thought it might be a bit boilerplate in terms of sounds/textures, but so happy to be proven wrong through the course of the mix. Excellent stuff!

on 2023-08-31 15:04:27
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Sources Arranged (3 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
F-Zero (Nintendo , 1990, SNES)
Music by Naoto Ishida,Yumiko Kanki
"Big Blue"
Additional Game:
F-Zero GX (Nintendo , 2004, GCN)
Music by Alan Brey,Daiki Kasho,Hidenori Shoji
"Cover of Big Blue's Theme (Item Song 2)"
"Infinite Blue (Big Blue)"

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