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  1. Can't argue with any of that. It's a valiant attempt to draw 2:30 of remix out of 7 seconds of source, and a lot of it works well, but it's not enough. The slowdown and fadeout at the end emphasize the feeling that you just ran out of ideas here. Understandable but unfortunate. NO
  2. Yeah, it doesn't start off as anything more than a well-executed cover, but the riffing that starts at 1:41 is delightful. Great sound and an excellent performance. NutS's criticisms are certainly valid. The backing is certainly repetitive, which makes the overly-loud "thwack" on the kick and snare really stand out. They also tend to drown out the guitars, which indeed step on each other a fair bit. But it's nowhere near enough reason to send this back. Excellent work overall and a worthy post. YES
  3. NutS nails everything I was going to say. There are some interesting ideas here, but the samples, production, and pacing are all areas that need work here. NO
  4. It's an eclectic mix, keeps you guessing despite flowing smoothly. The guitar work is a little gritty and sits oddly with the clean rest of the soundscape, but that's more a stylistic thing than an objective complaint. Kind of reminds me of the Life is Strange OST. Given how strange the rest of the arrangement was, the fade-out didn't bother me at all, it was just another oddity. It's original and memorable. Let's get it up. YES
  5. It's not out yet, but they had a listening party: The final phase of the final boss has some seriously epic music. Sort of Castlevania stylings with notes of Final Fantasy.
  6. Yeah, no, not so much. However, with all the hours I spent on it myself, I'm surprised I never thought of Mario Maker! The Easy levels are really, really easy (as long as I can teach her to recognize automatic levels). I think I'll wait for Mario Maker 2 in June so I don't have to mess with the Wii U again, but I have high hopes. Might also get her started on Amazing Tales (a basic P&P RPG ) sometime soon, too.
  7. I'm not as huge a fan of the vocals. They sound muffled, like you're singing everything through clenched teeth, and they're hard to make out. I'm also not a fan of the fade-out ending; they usually come across like you just ran out of ideas, even more so since you're remixing a source that does have its own ending, rather than a loop. I also can't argue with Gario about the instruments. I don't think they're quite as problematic as he does--the sample quality is up there and helps a lot--but they aren't humanized almost at all. The long instrumental bridge makes it really noticeable, for example, the slight attack delay on the trumpet sounds strange in the rapid runs. The bass range of the piano is almost inaudible most of the time. Definitely a balance tweak needed there. I might--might--be OK with the mechanical instruments if that was the only issue. But it's not. NO
  8. First, this isn't the title track. It's the main theme but it plays during the demo, not the title screen. These primitive, MIDI-ish synths are not doing this any favors. Every single one is tough to listen to, especially the pounding kick, which threatens to give me a headache. It has over 2 minutes of "intro" in a 4:18 track; far too slow a burn for such a track this length. The source doesn't even start until 1:36; combined with the bridge at 3:04-3:32, it's still 52% source, just over the 50% we usually we look for. It cuts out abruptly at the end, with a mid-waveform pop, which would absolutely have to be fixed even if this passed. The arrangement itself isn't too bad, although it's extremely conservative if you look at just the melodic parts and not the filler parts. It has a good beat. But the issues are significant. NO
  9. It's a pretty conservative arrangement, but mostly what we have here is a really thin, monotonous soundscape. The bass is really quiet and there are no mids to speak of. The percussion is also minimal. And the sounds don't really change throughout--I'm hearing at least 3 different tracks of square waves, and there's not much else. The arrangement itself is repetitive, too. Take another look at the instrumentation, add some depth to it and switch things up from time to time. NO
  10. I can't think of anything to say about this that I don't say about most of Rebecca's remixes, except that the production just keeps getting better and better. It's definitely recognizable as the Twilight Princess version of Saria's Song. Works for me. YES
  11. I was worried when I heard the source that any remix of it was likely to be repetitive, but this arrangement does a good job retaining interest, for the most part. Great soundscape, cool dynamics and flow. There are just a couple of issues, but they're substantial ones. First, which gets worse every time I listen to this: those kicks. They're huge, meaty, throbbing kicks that cause some serious pumping in the whole track. Second, the last section (4:52-6:13) does indeed get too monotonous. There are some variations in the kick, but I dislike the kick, and some minor variations in the accompaniment, but they're hard to hear. I definitely felt like I wanted it to end about 30 seconds earlier. Lighten up those kicks, let the rest of the soundscape breathe, and I think this will be okay. Do that and also make that one section shorter or more interesting and this will be great. NO (resubmit)
  12. Yeah, I could nitpick but overall this is a fantastic performance, an entertaining arrangement, and overall just a lot of fun. I could nitpick if I tried hard enough but I don't really see the point. YES
  13. Very straightforward, relaxed ballad-ish take on the source. The tremolo on the keyboard and the glides on the guitar combined to cause a lot of brief moments of subtle dissonance throughout, which bugged me, but I seem to be the only one. That one flat note didn't leap out at me. Perfectly serviceable otherwise. YES
  14. I held off on voting on this one for a long time, but ultimately I don't think the issues are substantial enough to hold this back. It's muddy but not severely so, and the vanilla synth is not just adequate, but thematically appropriate. YES
  15. Yeah, most modern games that are made for young children are for mobile. She's quite proficient at those. She's doing the Advanced difficulty levels in a couple of puzzle games. But she can't handle an analog stick or D-pad to save her life. I had to gently steer her away from any games where it was easy to fall in a hole and die, and firmly steer her away from any game where she could fall in a hole repeatedly and game over. Older (pre-iOS/Android) kids' games are mostly either point-and-click or complete rubbish. That's why Spyro was such a pleasant surprise and why I'm looking for suggestions. Chibi-Robo looks promising, but it's hard to get ahold of legally. Same for Kirby Air Ride, looks like $40 used is the best I could do, and that's a bit steep for an experiment.