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  1. MindWanderer

    *NO* Ranger-X 'Stage 5 Theme'

    It's a pretty conservative arrangement, but mostly what we have here is a really thin, monotonous soundscape. The bass is really quiet and there are no mids to speak of. The percussion is also minimal. And the sounds don't really change throughout--I'm hearing at least 3 different tracks of square waves, and there's not much else. The arrangement itself is repetitive, too. Take another look at the instrumentation, add some depth to it and switch things up from time to time. NO
  2. I was worried when I heard the source that any remix of it was likely to be repetitive, but this arrangement does a good job retaining interest, for the most part. Great soundscape, cool dynamics and flow. There are just a couple of issues, but they're substantial ones. First, which gets worse every time I listen to this: those kicks. They're huge, meaty, throbbing kicks that cause some serious pumping in the whole track. Second, the last section (4:52-6:13) does indeed get too monotonous. There are some variations in the kick, but I dislike the kick, and some minor variations in the accompaniment, but they're hard to hear. I definitely felt like I wanted it to end about 30 seconds earlier. Lighten up those kicks, let the rest of the soundscape breathe, and I think this will be okay. Do that and also make that one section shorter or more interesting and this will be great. NO (resubmit)
  3. MindWanderer

    OCR03865 - *YES* Snowboard Kids "Avalanche"

    Yeah, I could nitpick but overall this is a fantastic performance, an entertaining arrangement, and overall just a lot of fun. I could nitpick if I tried hard enough but I don't really see the point. YES
  4. I held off on voting on this one for a long time, but ultimately I don't think the issues are substantial enough to hold this back. It's muddy but not severely so, and the vanilla synth is not just adequate, but thematically appropriate. YES
  5. MindWanderer

    Name some good games for small children

    Yeah, most modern games that are made for young children are for mobile. She's quite proficient at those. She's doing the Advanced difficulty levels in a couple of puzzle games. But she can't handle an analog stick or D-pad to save her life. I had to gently steer her away from any games where it was easy to fall in a hole and die, and firmly steer her away from any game where she could fall in a hole repeatedly and game over. Older (pre-iOS/Android) kids' games are mostly either point-and-click or complete rubbish. That's why Spyro was such a pleasant surprise and why I'm looking for suggestions. Chibi-Robo looks promising, but it's hard to get ahold of legally. Same for Kirby Air Ride, looks like $40 used is the best I could do, and that's a bit steep for an experiment.
  6. MindWanderer

    Name some good games for small children

    I wasn't thinking of point-and-click, although I suppose I will have to train her on the mouse at some point. Sly Cooper and Kingdom Hearts are way too hard, and Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts are way too complicated. Decent choices for older kids, but definitely not for preschoolers. Kirby's a good choice for an early platformer; she might be able to handle that in a year or so. It still has a lot going on.
  7. MindWanderer

    Name some good games for small children

    Sonic Adventure and Bonk are both precision platformers. They're very unforgiving when it comes to movement. And they both have rather complicated movement that you need to get around at all. Mr. Do is too cerebral. Trying to explain the logic behind digging channels underneath the heavy objects and then cutting to the side after luring enemies into its path is a couple years out at least.
  8. MindWanderer

    Name some good games for small children

    I took my 4-year-old daughter to MagFest this last weekend and gave her the chance to play a bunch of different games. The clear winner, surprising me, was Spyro, which she spent almost 2 hours playing. I had to help her a lot, but she did much better at it than at other games she tried. In retrospect, I shouldn't have been surprised. The platforming is generally very forgiving. Spyro has only two attacks, both of which have very generous hitboxes. And his glide means that he'll go forward if you hit the jump button in midair, which makes simple jumps onto higher platforms easier. Compared to something like Mario games (which I tried her on), there's a lot less coordination required. Anyone have any other suggestions along those lines? Cute aesthetics, low precision requirements, minimal reading required, nothing that really requires explanation? I have the Spyro trilogy (just have to install a PSX emulator), but some more options would be nice.
  9. MindWanderer

    Playstation Classic - Announced

    Except that apparently the SNES Classic actually does a better job of playing Playstation games than the PS Classic does, when modded to do so. I'm pretty sure they outsourced the development to someone lazy as hell.
  10. I've been thinking about this one for a while. I see both Chimpz' and Larry's crits. That dissonance is subtle--I think the lead synth in the intro/outtro has a component that's just a few cents off, making it sound out of tune. It's notable but forgivable IMO. As for the vocals dominating the melody, that's a tricky call. There's not much to the Great Fairy's Fountain, so from an arrangement perspective, it's a good idea to use it as backing. The question to me is whether it runs afoul of our source standards. For reference: It's definitely identifiable and substantial. The question to me is whether it counts as "dominant." This is an arrangement that uses the Great Fairy's Fountain, but I'm of two minds whether to call it an arrangement of the Great Fairy's Fountain. It does remain faithful to the chord progression and frequently harmonizes with the source. The chorus in particular strongly conveys the sense of building on the source rather than just running roughshod over it like the first part of each verse does. I think this would be a stronger submission if the first part of each verse (e.g. 0:24-0:37) was more closely related to the source material. However, while there are a lot of these "disconnected" sections, they're short and don't disrupt the connection for long. I don't have a problem with the balance for the rest of it; the rap is structured in such a way as to emphasize the source's pattern despite being louder than it, and I didn't have a problem hearing it at all. I have mixed feelings, but ultimately I think there's more about this that works than doesn't. I wouldn't mind that dissonance being cleaned up, but I think that there's room on the front page for it as-is. YES
  11. The new age-esque intro doesn't really match up with the rest of the arrangement, especially since there's a second intro of sorts after it. There's no melody until the mix is over 25% in. I think this would be stronger with the first 30-36 seconds simply lopped off. Other than that, this is a lot of fun and I don't have any notable concerns. The result is exactly what it says on the label. Nice work. YES
  12. MindWanderer

    [GRMRB] [2018] Round 6 - Proto Man Bracket

    Been listening to these all day, still can't choose. Great work, both of you.
  13. MindWanderer

    *NO* Deus Ex 'Infiltration'

    I've been mulling this one over for a few months now. That generic e-piano makes a bad first impression, but the arrangement gets past it, for the most part. I think the electric guitar is fine, but the strings are pretty hard to listen to. I don't expect them to sound real, but they sound thin, like GM MIDI, and it's just not pleasant. Arrangement-wise, there are a lot of good ideas, although I did find it a little drawn out to fill almost 9 minutes. That compounds the voice sample issue, as they lie on top of the most bland segments of music. Right now that's as it should be--you don't want voiceovers on top of complex music--but it means that simply removing the samples will leave large stretches of empty filler. I think that if you took them out, the arrangement would drag even more than it already does, and fixing that is more than a Conditional. There's good stuff here, but between those couple of bland lead synths, the slow progression, and the voice samples, I have to give this a NO (resubmit)
  14. MindWanderer

    A sad Telltale...

    The Wolf Among Us was a comic book series that Telltale adapted. I agree that they were just doing too much. Why play Minecraft: Story Mode when you can play Minecraft? Who's associates Guardians of the Galaxy or Game of Thrones with a slow-paced interactive experience? Who wants yet another story in the Batman universe that doesn't clearly explain what it offers on top of the series' existing 70-year history? (I hear the Batman games, especially the second one, were actually quite good, but it takes some digging to find that out.) I enjoyed the Walking Dead season 1, but I was getting bored with it by the end of Season 2. Kind of hard to care about the continuation of a story when all the characters die.
  15. Yes, you would almost certainly get in trouble as soon as Square Enix got wind of it. You can't have any money involved for anything that makes use of their copyrights, and that includes their IP's.