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  1. I've been watching VOD's of the Kusogrande tournaments, which is a contest to see which competitor can get the furthest in a bad video game they've never seen before in an hour. And the games are really bad, but sometimes the music is really good, and none of the games are represented on here. I'm watching Golgo 13: The Mafat Conspiracy right now; other gems I recall offhand are The Flash, Time Lord, ALF, Amagon, and Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll. I have my hands full just trying to get one short album completed, but maybe someone else would like to run with this idea. It's a semiregular event, so I'm sure Brossentia (the organizer) would love an official partnership.
  2. I'm afraid I agree with the above 100%. The sax parts are really good, but everything else, including the backing during the sax parts, is way too conservative, too repetitive, and too static. NO
  3. I've been mulling over this one for some time. The balance and the dissonance were my main hangups with it, and I have to agree that the latter is a subjective complaint, not an objective one. It's unique and well-executed, and we should post it. YES
  4. I have very little to add to Larry's vote. The bland synth instrumentation, repetitive backing, and sour notes are all problematic. There are some fun original riffs but every one of them is spoiled by clashing notes. There's a lot of creativity here but the execution needs to back it up. NO
  5. Yeah, it's a decent background track but it's basically on autopilot. I was expecting it to build to something, but then it just ends. The soundscape makes it sound more repetitive than it really is. Larry's crits are dead-on. NO
  6. It's impressive how slowing it down makes room for the different instruments to really shine. A beautiful but faithful reinterpretation. I also don't really agree with the choice of the electric guitar, but in my case it's more because it devours too much of the frequency spectrum and smothers the delicate interplay between the flute and guitar. But as with Larry, it's more a subjective preference. YES
  7. They're both really great, but somehow OCR has no remixes of Divine Bloodlines, so that's where my preference would be. Although, if you wanted to remix both together as a "tag team" theme, that would also make a lot of sense story-wise!
  8. Yeah, this is pretty solid. I'm not crazy about the weird attack on the saw lead, which was throwing me off for a while, but otherwise I agree with NutS's analysis. It's a lot of fun and a cool interpretation. YES
  9. Recycling aluminum was much more profitable back in the the mid-80's. The price took a dive later on.
  10. Technically Super Mario Bros., because that's what came with the NES. Cost me $87 worth of recycled aluminum cans, after tax.
  11. Ha, actually, ibeginwiththeendinmind just checked back in with me after a long absence, and it turns out that one is almost done after all, so I'm putting his name back on there. Is there something else you'd be interested in?
  12. OCR (and Game Music Initiative) is located in the U.S. and is subject to its laws. It doesn't operate businesses in other countries so it doesn't have to follow their laws. (This is unlike companies such as Google, which do have points of presence and child companies in other countries.) Now, if OCR content was mirrored in another country, the mirror host might be subject to those laws. That would be up to them; typically they'd open a dialogue with OCR about it.
  13. Ditto, ditto. I'm not sure why kart-style remixes usually fade out, but they do, so I guess it's forgivable. It's easy to recognize the source and I don't have any problems with the production (kicks sound perfectly fine to me). YES
  14. Can't argue with any of that. It's a valiant attempt to draw 2:30 of remix out of 7 seconds of source, and a lot of it works well, but it's not enough. The slowdown and fadeout at the end emphasize the feeling that you just ran out of ideas here. Understandable but unfortunate. NO
  15. It's not all that close to the source. There are a lot of extra parts that are enough to make it stand apart. They fit in naturally, to the point where I was sure they were in the original, or at least an in an official orchestrated version, but I did some research and I couldn't find anything. Even on top of what I had in my head, there's some extra percussion added, a new intro, and a few extra parts such as the harmonica, pizzicato strings, and piccolo, even if their roles are brief. There aren't many surprises here but this does everything it needs to do. YES