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Happy 23rd anniversary to RuneScape! We actually haven't had any ReMixes from this legendary (and ongoing!) PC game until now, but it took a special, singular talent to set things right. J Damashii represents for RuneScape Classic with a rocked out medley off his Fishing Levels tribute album! Quite the dedicated fan, as the ReMixer reveals:

"I'm hoping that, by the time this gets to the Judges queue, there are a few RuneScape tracks already... because, seriously, with how long OCR's been kicking ass and taking VGM ReMix names, y'all STILL sleeping on the dopeness of RuneScape's music library? Muhfuckas got Cheetahmen and RollerCoaster Tycoon but no Gielinor grooves, c'mon, son.

Haha, so yeah, I've always wanted to submit some RS tracks since obviously, with Sonic, it's one of my top 10 favorite games, period. And, obviously, I wouldn't be down bad for RS if I didn't spend years operating under the handle of a literal face value reference to one of my favorite characters, Wahisietel. So, hopefully, this arrangement doesn't just stroke my own ego, but also serves as a solid love letter to the RS community, new and old, by capturing that feeling of successfully catching your first lobster or creating your own full mithril gear from scratch!

Making music feels like high 90s for me while trying to socialize and connect with people has me still at level 3 with a daunting size of locked quest requirements. So, thanks a LOT for the patience with me awkwardly figuring out how to navigate the right path for me. I've never stopped loving music (both hearing new exciting sounds from others, as well as contributing my own music), so hopefully this is the first of many with returning back to my roots of songs where you can listen and instantly know "Yeeeah... this guy's definitely having fun. He enjoys this.""

It's absolutely apparent J had a great time making this and his Fishing Levels album is big-time, so go listen up! And even though he's the one breaking the seal on this game being repped on OCR, sometimes games just need their advocates to stir the pot (see: Ziwatra & Big Giant Circles/Final Fantasy Adventure, Rexy/Crash Bandicoot, RoeTaKa/Bloodborne & Dark Souls). We can't wait for more RuneScape from J, as judge prophetik music had a lot to highlight with a combination play-by-play and pat on the back, unreserved praise for an epic piece:

"this has a really chill intro with some fun fretless bass and percussion. the piano and synth echo the Born To Do This opening pretty clearly, and the taiko and chimes are regularly used in both Scape and BTDT. the lead at 0:47 carries the melodic content from BTDT clearly, and the guitar at 1:19 sounds great taking the lead. this continues to build layers towards 2:00 - i love the squiggly synth work in there.

2:25 has a tempo change and some fun sfx and the intro of Scape's melodic content. there's a lot going on here - several unique side-by-side leads with lots of attention paid to automation, releases, and some fills. this is just so fun in here - i love the energy, it's got a real Styx vibe. there's a natural break around 3:35 for a bit, and some more ensemble call and response through around 4:17 into a solo section. i appreciate the ongoing ensemble work through the solo, keeping it fresh - it'd have been easy to just check out and comp the chords, and i love that that's not what you did here.

ensemble's back in at 5:13 with a huge recap of the BTDT theme with big walls of sound. super exciting fanfare, and then it drops off to just what sounds like a dulcimer and trumpet. there's an ensemble blow to cap it off and a great strong ending, complete with fireworks.

what a track. there's a ton of melodic content throughout and it's dressed for the party the entire time - never a dull moment. the mastering is great, especially considering how many different things are going on simultaneously. i love your synth choices throughout, and the attention paid to them. get this on the site!"

Gotted, and we're happy to have it here! Judge DarkSim (our RollerCoaster Tycoon enthusiast, for the record) mentioned hearing a trademark sound from J, observing "There's a section following that from 3:56 that's becoming a bit of a signature of yours, I think! Something about that groove pattern is very you." I totally get where he's coming from, not just on the groove; I'd expand on that and say the overall sound too is very J. Even when the energy from track to track is different, J Damashii's ReMixes share some key traits: intelligent percussion, a penchant for funk, creative use of vocals as an instrument (even without lyrics), a progressive structure, and a diverse sound palette. J asks you to respect this game, and it goes in turn that we ask you to respect J's game. :-)

Loved this one, another J Damashii magnum opus, which feels like nearly everything he creates; no matter the style, he makes the presentation unique. Grandiose as you'd expect, dayum, and we have another strong RuneScape ReMix from J in the hopper for down the line (or you go check out J's Fishing Levels album, don't wait)! Fancy yourself a treasure hunter? Enjoy the ride from a ReMixer who constantly creates treasures!



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on 2024-01-04 14:42:27

Look first, I have to say, 2024 is the year of strength in oc remix, only the 4th and we have already started the year with one surprise after another good! I'm loving every chapter this year. Well now let's talk about "Experienite Tinderbox" what a beautiful and well done job, I love the energetic way in which all of this is positioned, in short why there's no need to say much, what a great arrangement my friends!

Jett Swole
on 2024-01-04 14:34:00

This is so cool! I really love the break around 2:30 where it starts sounding like something fresh out of Gradius, great stuff!

on 2024-01-04 10:44:43
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Primary Game:
RuneScape (Jagex , 2001, WIN)
Music by Ian Taylor,James Hannigan,Michael Manning,Sam Jones
"Born to Do This"
"Scape Bold"
"Scape Main"
"Scape Original"

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Electric Guitar,Electronic,Synth,Trumpet,Vocals: Male
Arrangement > Medley
Effects > Distortion
Production > Live Instruments
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