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This article's purpose is to maintain the latest version of the auto-confirmation email ReMixers get when submitting.


Greetings -

Thank you for submitting your music to OverClocked ReMix. By doing so you are indicating that you have read and agreed to our Content Policy, available at

Assuming your submission follows our Submission Standards and Instructions (, and the link/attachment functions correctly, we will evaluate it as soon as possible, roughly in the order it was received.

Note that the judging process does allow for some mixes to be posted faster than others, depending on circumstances. Also, depending on how many mixes are queued, it may take anywhere from 2-3 months for your mix to receive initial evaluation.

After initial evaluation, a submission will either be...

  • Immediately rejected (you will receive a letter informing as such)
  • Placed on the judges panel for further evaluation (you will *not* receive a letter)
  • Posted directly to the site without further evaluation (you will *not* receive a letter)

If, after initial evaluation, your submission is passed onto the judges panel, it will be listed as "To Be Judged" at the "Currently in the Judging Process" thread on our forums. You can check the status there at

If your submission is passed onto the judges panel, their final decision (with feedback) will be posted in our Judges Decisions forum at For a submission that is accepted to the site, this feedback thread will *not* be publicly available until after the approved submission is posted.

If primary evaluation takes longer than 9 months, please send a reminder via our forums to one of the judges ( You can register on our forums at, if you haven't already.

We are working to improve the speed at which submissions are evaluated - we realize the process may seem lengthy, but we believe ensuring a consistent benchmark for the site is important.


djpretzel & OverClocked ReMix Staff


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