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What is Darkstalkers?

To put it simply, it's a series from Japanese game makers Capcom, where fantastical characters that were touched by "darkness" either at birth, or later in life, fight one another. But these characters aren't your average run-of-the-mill stock. Among the numerous characters in the series, there's a werewolf (Jon Talbain), a pair of succubi (Morrigan and Lilith Aenslaed), a cursed samurai (Bishamon), an undead rocker (Lord Raptor), a Chinese ghost (Hsien-Ko), and a self-appointed dark messiah (Jedah). Some of the characters in the series (like Victor, who isn't pictured here) are based off of classic literature monsters (in Victor's case, "Frankenstein"), while others are original takes on well-established types of monsters. Regardless of each character's source, it's a colorful cast of characters to be sure, and each one has a specific reason for confronting (or being confronted by) the other Darkstalkers.

Some are good, some are evil, and a few even walk the thin line between the two sides. But no matter their alignment or reasonings behind it, a pair of commonalities is shared among them... they're all searching for something, and their searches will inevitably bring them all face-to-face. But in the end, only one can claim what it is they're after. The question is, just who will it be?


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