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For information on the evaluation criteria used at OC ReMix, please see Submission Standards and Instructions.

This article's purpose is to maintain the latest version of the email sent to submitters whose pieces are evaluated and rejected by the judges panel.

While your submission to OverClocked ReMix is appreciated, the judges panel has evaluated your submission and decided not to approve it in its current form. You can read the final votes of the judges involved in this decision at the Judges Decisions forum,

These votes will clarify what you can do to improve your submission and bring it up to (and beyond) our Submission Standards, located at

We always recommend participating in our Post Your Game ReMixes forum at before submitting; getting feedback there may help, should you decide to resubmit your arrangement. You can also seek technical advice about ReMixing and music in general at the ReMixing forum,

The most important thing is to not be discouraged. Whether it be a revised version of this submission or a brand new submission, we look forward to hearing your work in the future.


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