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8-bit Girl

"An Interview with OverClocked ReMix", Kayleigh Powis, Dec. 22


"OC ReMix's ARMed and DANGerous is a 4-hour Wild Arms album", Tony Ponce, Dec. 21
ARMed and DANGerous

Blistered Thumbs

"GameJams News: OC ReMix Presents Album #30: BadAss – Boss Themes", Kenny Farino, Dec. 15


"BadAss: Newest OC ReMix album celebrates villainy", Tony Ponce, Dec. 11


"OC ReMix Album Commemorates 25 Years of The Legend of Zelda", Justin Lacey, Nov. 28


"Indie musicians unite for free Legend of Zelda tribute album", Matt Bradford, Nov. 28

Currents in Electronic Literacy (University of Texas at Austin)

"How Music Speaks: In the Background, In the Remix, In the City", Kyle Stedman, Nov. 26


"25YEARLEGEND: Indie game composers take on Zelda", Tony Ponce, Nov. 23

Piki Geek

"OC ReMix Releases 25th Anniversary Zelda Album", James Quinn, Nov. 23

Newgrounds (User Blog)

"Interview with Gary Brolsma", TheInterviewer, Nov. 9


"New remix album: Super Dodge Ball: Around the World", Dale North, Oct. 10
Around the World

"Q&A: David Lloyd & Larry Oji of OverClocked ReMix", Jeriaska, Sep. 24
PAX Prime 2011


"OC ReMix gets equipped with a Mega Man 9 arrange album", Tony Ponce, Sep. 11
Back in Blue

Piki Geek

"Mega Man 9: Back in Blue OC ReMix Album Free to Download – Rock, Man", David "Dac" Croach, Sep. 7
Back in Blue

Poké Press

"OC ReMix Artist Interview: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time 'Temporal Despair'", Steven Reich, Aug. 23

Poké Press chats with TheGuitahHeroe

Video Game Writers

"Interview with 'Harmony of a Hunter' director Darren Kerwin | Metroid 25th Anniversary", Chris Totten, Aug. 11


"OverClocked ReMix album NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming", Dale North, July 6
Lucid Dreaming

G4 (The Feed)

"Nice to Meat You - Interview with Super Meat Boy Composer Danny Baranowsky", Rick Damigella, May 30

Original Sound Version

"Magnificent Mech Melodies: The Answer (Review)", Audun Sorlie, May 18

PC Gamer

"Behind the music: an interview with Super Meat Boy composer Danny Baranowsky", Evan Lahti, Apr. 4

Original Sound Version

"A Friendly Rivalry: OCR vs. Bad Dudes in Heroes vs. Villains (Review)", Jayson Napolitano, Mar. 28
Heroes vs. Villains


"The Bad Dudes take on OC ReMix in epic musical clash", Hamza Aziz, Feb. 10
Heroes vs. Villains

Primary Ignition

"Interview: Composer Mattias Häggström Gerdt", Eric Stuckart & Justin Polak, Feb. 4

Original Sound Version

"OverClocked ReMix Shows Their Strength at MAGFest", Patrick Gann, Jan. 22
MAGFest 9


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