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  1. Has the 1500 mark been passed yet?
  2. Didn't Sir Nuts have a remix for Sonic 2 called "Run For Your Life Sonic!"?
  3. Just get Gens, it has a built in Game Genie. Type in the codes, and you can have Super Sonic in Angel Island.
  4. What What What? What is this Michael Jackson thing?
  5. Actually, I think the Launch Base Zone music in Sonic 3 was edited/different to that in Sonic and Knuckles/Sonic 3 and Knuckles.
  6. Is there any chance a Command and Conquer Renegade track could be fitted in there for a remix? Renegade had boss tracks, for the Sakura Dogfight and Raveshaw Act On Instinct remixes. (So, uh, it'd be a remix of a remix .)
  7. This is going to be fucking awesome.
  8. Plus, she's as ugly as fuck.
  9. Screens?
  10. That is one fucking awesome teaser site!
  11. Aye, I had to download and save the Mp3 tracks to my hard drive manually for Hedgehog Heaven.
  12. /me explodes.
  13. /me impatiently jumps around in joy.
  14. Wicked! Bring on the chaos!
  15. Hey guys, a quick question; Like in Hedgehog Heaven, will the original S3+K tracks be put out along side the remixes? Eg, Emerald Hill Zone alongside Emerald Nights.