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  1. Secondly, don't forget, while "Gary Oak" does mean his theme and the Champion battle theme (sorry pu), you can use others as long as one or both of those makes up the majority of it.
  2. Well, nice to hear it. I updated the front page a bit, so I think I've got it all right out. I hope I didn't remove somebody I didn't notice was still on. So I think I might do a revision of the left over bosses soon. If someone's there that hasn't been taken I'll just replace it. Or better idea. Create two groups. One of taken bosses, one much larger pool of untaken bosses, including those once removed. If someone wants to pick one of them, it gives them a larger group to pick from, and it doesn't pressure myself of the project to get X done. Thoughts?
  3. I'm not depressed, I'm frustrated, which I've been trying hard to avoid. And the only way I can think of getting anyone else interested in the project is going back to the community board. I wouldn't mind it, but then who's gonna join? We got only so many people interested back then. I know I'm supposed to be motivating, but there's no point when I send a PM to someone, and don't get anything back! Not "I'm dropping", not "I'll be late". And you know what? It's not even like they're off of OCR. There they are, posting in other threads, so they're clearly still around. I don't want to come off
  4. Well, there you have it. Friday. I don't even know what to say. Speechless. I didn't even get "I'll be late", or "I'm dropping" from anyone. It's not even a due date. Every single one has been a resetting point.
  5. Speaking of which, I just realised I haven't sent those PMs out yet. Jeez, I'm moving that WIP date back a week. ...Two week late. I've gotta start paying more attention.
  6. Well, I mean, if you've updated recently, it's not like there's an demand for one immediately afterwards. This is more of a message to anyone who hasn't lately.
  7. OK guys, listen up. With Summer half-way done, I've seen a bit more action around here. That's great. But for anyone else who hasn't been paying attention, it's time to set a new WIP date. August 31st. Last day of the month, also the last Friday. I'll update the thread name, and in a week or so, send out PMs to catch anyone that hasn't read the title. Actually, yeah. If you're reading this, and haven't posted in a while, do so, even as just a "hi". I don't want to have to send PMs out to people who have already found out about the date. 'k, you know what to do.
  8. Oh, wow. I didn't even notice it pass by. I could've sworn I first posted sometime in mid-August. I could make a lot of jokes about all the progress we've made, but we really have. As far as the guidelines, rules, and goals, things have really been focused. But then, WOW, right? 'cause that's all the project is about, right? As long as we've got rules, it's OK. Who needs artists? Nahhh... not us. Ha, you know what I mean. You're all great.
  9. Err.... Actually, yeah. Forgot. Sorry 'bout that.
  10. So... It's Summer. It's been summer for awhile. And I don't like sending out mass-emails. See, you'd think its just copy/paste, but I kow I'm going to have to personalize each one. OK, this artist, the first part sounds great, but after a minute, it's all too repetitive. Or this artist, It's shaping up nicely, but if you used his theme from this game after the guitar comes in the second time, that'd sound great. I dunno 'bout you, but I've got it set up so that this thread is 27 pages long right now. Page 26/27 is full of hope right now. People coming back, updates, hey, that's great! I thi
  11. Yeeaaaah.... It's Summer isn't it? Where's the promised activity? I really, really wish I bothered to learn how to mix before I went and started the project. Not that I regret the project, of course. I like knowing that even though I can't directly participate, I'm leading a potentially great deal here. Question - This project... when I started it, obviously I was to ambitious, too pretentious. Maybe the whole artistic thing is too much. The only thing to worry about is the cover, and even that is nothing, paling in comparison to the project itself. Not saying I regret anything. Just need to
  12. Aww, man. Now I feel terrible. I know I should be doing more with my own project. I don't want to provideo some bogus excuse, and say I need to spend more time on my own project. I will now. It's summer, I have no real excuse at this point. Sorry to hear that you are dropping, really. I think it'd be best if I make my next few posts as revies on the private forums. Give me some time to listen them over, everything should be commented on by the weekend. Maybe sooner. Shinny- That'd be good. Although I don't think it should be called those damn s and z blocks... they're never really much of a
  13. Aaaaaaaaand... I'm back. Still on dial-up, but high-speed's coming Saturday. I can see my cohorts have done their job... or not. I think, rather than go do it myself, I'll dump that small bit of responsibility on them. It's not hard, really. POCKETMAN, you should now have access to the forums. Good to see everyone returning after absences, too. How's it going, everybody?
  14. Jeez, this sucks and rocks at the same time... I just moved across town, and I don't even have a phone line hooked up yet. None of my neighbors have wifi, either. I'm posting this from my library, to say, for the next week or so, I still won't be around. The good part? High-Speed Internet. Oh yeah. ...In a week or so... *Cough* Anyway, what I would want from my co-coordinators, who both have to learn to share their temporary status as a duo, try and work out contacting The Minibosses, The Advantage, The NESkimos, MegaDriver.... bla bla bla... whoever else, too. Too many VG music cover band
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