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  1. Link fixed to attempt to generate more interest.
  2. Listening to each of these, it struck me that they're not so very out of possible commingling. I further note that they would also both work very well in 3 time... potential waltziness, I think. Anyone agree/disagree/already working on something similar?
  3. Kid Icarus (GB) - Stage 4

    Exhibit A: the music from the final stage of Kid Icarus for the Gameboy. It's martial, it's triumphant, it's uplifting and it's a horrible beepy chiptune. Anyone with skills think it's worth taking a shot at?
  4. *shameless bump* ¬¬
  5. Castlevania - The Reaper

    I know Memblers has done a mix of this, and I used to have a remix by GMF which has since disappeared from my library... has anyone else done it? If not - well, consider this my request.
  6. And yet it has good ominous choral music, despite being a decidedly pants game! Consider, if you will, the main 'overworld' theme. I think it has... potential. (There's the occasional squeak in there - blame it on having to record it via mic and reencode it, since the music wasn't handily in the data files.)
  7. Super Mario World - Castle badass

    V.shiny! I look forward to its lengthening with anticipation...
  8. Seiken Denetsu 3 - Swivel?

    At the risk of a bump without new content... I too would very much like to see such a thing.
  9. Skies of Arcadia

    My personal favourite is the Imperial Armada theme, but to be honest how much tweaking does that one need? *airscrew-esque drum line*