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  1. Wow… just wow. I thought for a lopng time that no one could do the Hyrule Castle theme justice. Then comes aeroz, who did one of the sickest SMW themes I've ever heard, and BAM!, drops this one on me. Can you say, auditory orgasm? I think the hairs in my ears were standing up when I listened to this. Some nice phat bass, an enchanting treble line, and just the slightest bit chiptune, all thrown in a blender and tossed into a cement mixer to amke yet another excellent rearrangement. If aeroz ever does a Kefka based remix, I'll die a happy man.
  2. I usually reserve the following statement for deviantART, seeing as that is seems to fit better there… …but I feel this needs to be said about this arrangement: -Brain fuses to interior of skull.-™ ---------------- Now playing: Nutritious - The Galaxy Awaits via FoxyTunes
  3. Well, this is interesting. Before I say anything else about this WIP, I need to preface my comments witht he following: I HATE DISCO MUSIC. WITH A BURNING, HELLFIRE, PREJUDICED, SLAUGHTER-THE-WORLD-AND-EVERYTHING-IN-IT IRE! *Ahem!* Now that's out of the way… …to the comments! Okay, this is one seriously crazy interpretation of the SMW Underground Theme. That's not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. :XD I didn't have a problem with the flute flutter tonguing. I agree with Cyril the Wolf about the brass. (Playing the tuba for six years, I should know what brass instruments sound like, if I ridiculed behind their backs. Save for the trombones. ) And like Cyril, I felt the strings could have been better. It still needs a little work, but the framework is there for an excellent arrangement. Keep up the good work.
  4. Holy hot damn… What in the Hell did you do it this time! It sounds like you went up a few octaves in tone!! It also sounds like you played a little more with the effects, which I think is a great thing, in my opinion. I did I want to comment on the last version of this… Somewhere between 2:20 and 2:25 was this effect that underpinned the guitar sampling. I was seriously impressed with that effect, and I was gonna suggest adding another thirty seconds of that effect with whatever guitar you could pull up. If this is still something you could do, I would appreciate immensely!
  5. Hmm… I'm thinking this as close to perfection that you can get. I would be thinking of submitting this if I were you. (Well, maybe not. I am something of a perfectionist.) ---------------- Now playing: Surface Proximity Warning via FoxyTunes
  6. -Cannot type a proper review because he is headbanging too much.- ---------------- Now playing: ProtoDome - Surface Proximity Warning via FoxyTunes
  7. WAHOOO! -Headbanging.- So very vastly improved!! The fade-outs are well placed, the guitars are very much improved, the chiptune effects and themes are an added little touch that I definitely approve of. -Headbanging.- I can help but get rockin'-with-Dakken* when I hear the shredding at 00:26, and I LOVE the counter-meoldy(s) piece you used! The ending needs a little tightening up, I keep thinking there should be more of riff roar or maybe a classic GnR style whine to finish the end. Still, a vastly improved bit of work over the original. -Headbanging furiously.- *I've never actually listened to Dakken. I was strictly using the phrase to empasize that this is a kick ass piece of rearrangement.
  8. OH NOES! BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED! I can no hear lovely, lovely Tetris music. Why for does The Universe hate me so?
  9. Correction: ANOTHER honest mix. ( @ myself.)
  10. I've always liked the B Theme and I was hoping someone would do an honest mix of it. This mix would be a pretty good contender for save for a few things: Yes, there is a little too much panning in the percussion. If it were tighter, it would make this mix a few leagues better. Ever heard of canned drums? What we have here is a canned guitars. If you could make these a little more realistic, then that add to the musical depth this mix could provide. I think everyone here agrees that the length is too short. Three minutes, three and a half minutes, with a bridge or breakdown at around 1:15 and lasting thirty seconds can potentially extend the playability of this mix. Last thing: Could you possibly do a counter melody? YOu'd be surprised at just how good a counter melody makes a simple chip track sound. And that's my two cents.
  11. Hey! There's another SML mix in the making! Sweet! First and foremost, I love the pace of this mix. It does a number of nice little tempo shifts that break up what would otherwise be just another straightforward source mix. The bass line is nice and rounded, though I would prefer it a slight bit heavier than it is currently. The length might put off some, but i happen to like it. I can't always enjoy a to and a half minute arrangement when I know there is more than could be done for it. I also agree with OA and KB in terms of adding some more "real" instruments in the piece and making some more sweeping transitions the transitions happen. One thing I wonder is, you two couldn't have added a swatch or two of the Pop air or Pop sub in there somewhere? I love those themes, but i have never heard anyone attempt to make any of them. Anyway, it's a nice mix with some room for improvement. I certainly look forward to seeing this posted right proper.
  12. Do you know how it feels to have a large and heavy object slam into your midsection and take your breath away? That certain sensation of having the air knocked out of you and the sudden realization that everything in your abdominal region is now ablaze in pain? That's something like what I get out of this song. (Without the pain, of course.) This mix is akin to getting woken up with near-freezing water, then dashed over white-hot coals, and plunged into a bath of lemon juice and salt. It's a bit bracing to me, not at all what I'm used to or would find pleasing to my ears… …but musically speaking, it's brilliant. I personally would have used a title like "Oh Shit, I Lost my Loli" just to for fun of it and because I love juxtaposition… …but that's just me.
  13. I'm going through my second listen through of this mix, and I must say, it's pretty good. I like the tremolo effects, and some of the fades in here are kick-ass… …I would've liked a bridge or maybe something akin to a break… the key change is nice and subtle, unlike a few other songs I know of where the key change is often abrupt and jarring… …overall, this is good mix. I may have never liked F-Zero all that much, but this making me wanna grab a copy for emulation gaming. It's too bad that my MP3 player is nearly filled to bursting with other OCR songs, or I would add this to the 204 mixes I have on it already.
  14. This is a cute little remix. I haven't really played Tetris Attack, yet, but hearing this has certainly made my Monday a Hell of a lot brighter than it was before! Excellent work here, halcyon.
  15. I was totally blown away by this. I thought Zircon's "Monstrous Turtles!" was the be-all-end-all mix of of the Castle BGM. Then comes this… The amalgamation of Super Mario World and Luigi's Mansion is definitely made of win!
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