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  1. POST TO ENTER! Meet Uematsu! Win VGM! (July 29th deadline!)

    Nobuo Uematsu is a boss. That is all.
  2. SNES chiptunes aren't working

    Ah I see. Thanks for the help. I just never really equeued my songs a lot. Thanks again.
  3. SNES chiptunes aren't working

    Okay, so I've downloaded some chiptunes and I have Chipamp. Megaman 2, TMNT, Kung Fu and Legend of Zelda all work, and the NotSo Fatso play screen pops up. When I try Secret of Mana, Donkey Kong Country and TMNT 4, they just play the intro and that's it. There's no play screen like the NSF ones, so I can't change the song either. I once got the Secret of Mana to play the next song, but I dont' know how I did that. Help?