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    Larry "Liontamer" Oji has been a judge at OverClocked ReMix since July 2004, having evaluated more than 5,000 submissions. Reporting to site founder David "djpretzel" Lloyd, Larry is responsible for primary submissions evaluations, informational database maintenance and other otherwise sundry & unsexy tasks at OCR, becoming head submissions evaluator in June 2006.
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    Community Manager & Judge, OC ReMix
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  4. It's definitely not on OC ReMix, but it's a fun piece!
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  10. Contact Information: Your ReMixer name: Bryan EL Your real name: Bryan EL Your email address: Your website(s): www.bryanel.com Your userid: 34748 Submission Information: Link to remix: Name of game arranged: Jurassic Park Name of arrangement: Apex Predator Name of song arranged: Level 1 Original composer: Jonathan Dunn (Game Boy / NES) Link to the original soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywRGNGRmRws Comments: Thought this one deserved a little remix after 30 years since release. Just needed a little extra punch...
  11. Always loved this theme as a kid, so let's go. Melody on keyboard at :15 feels very rigid. Oooh, at :29 with the shift, the percussion feels too metronome-like and locked to grid, and the melody's not standing out enough. The bassline writing's OK in principle, but almost sounded quitely off-key. At 1:21, the blocky keyboard backing and percussion is still holding this back, and the textures feel barren despite some decent padding going on. Keyboard at 2:13's also very rigid-sounding (with an awkward/sudden decay of that last note in the measure at 2:26). Track cut out with no fade or ending at 3:20. There's no fluidity to the timing of these parts, Adrián, and once you get to 2:27, we've basically heard all of the ideas; there's no real dynamic/energy contrast going on, just occasional times where the textures get fuller or emptier while the overall tone and pacing remained the same, which undermined the potential dynamics. I appreciate the mellower feel here; it would be very difficult to raise this up to a place where it would pass, because the timing isn't smoother and the textures lack synnergy. NO
  12. I'll just go on record as disagreeing. The melodic treatment is conservative in places, but there's enough differences for me in the genre, mood, and some additive original part-writing that interacts with the source (e.g. 1:46-2:37). There's room for melodically conservative arrangements being transformational enough in other respects, but MW's reservations are also something to keep in mind, Mel.
  13. So the first time around (for direct post/flood consideration), Chimpazilla and I were fine with this, but djp pointed out loads of performance issues, mainly with the sax, that DarkeSword, prophetik, and others co-signed, and I definitely heard where they were coming from. Loads of hiss right from the jump; really unsure how that wound up here, because even as an aesthetic, it doesn't sound good at all; the hiss here is much louder than than album version. Starts off sounding so lossy here with the sax at :18; where's the sharpness??? I had to throw on a control track to ensure my listening setup wasn't compromised. Still hearing loads of shakiness/honkiness/flatness in the sax at :30-:31, :50-:52, 1:15-1:25, 1:48-1:51, 1:56-1:57, 2:03, 2:18-2:20 - TOO MANY PLACES. Now the mixing's not strong either, which is a shame, because the album version was fine with me there. The sax still needs more strength and control, and now the mixing's not sharp enough either. If this is to be revisited, let it be with more time to have some distance and clarity on what needs work; this may even need a new sax take from Lucas or someone else. Great arrangement, Mel, but the performances and mixing are hurting this. NO (resubmit)
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