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  1. Drakkhen ... more

    Annual bump for 2017. Still hoping someday someone will take a shot at Star Voyager's theme. 7 years isn't too bad of a wait right
  2. Drakkhen ... more

    Gratitude is far to small a word to describe my thanks. You've made my day if not weeks to come.
  3. Drakkhen ... more

    Annual bump for 2016. Still hoping someone out there will take a crack at it. Come on it's been 6 years do I really have that bad of taste?
  4. Drakkhen ... more

    Annual bump for 2013. Still hoping for a good Star Voyager remix.
  5. Drakkhen ... more

    annual bump for 2012. Hoping someone can take a crack at a piano version of the the Star Voyager theme! See you all in 2013
  6. Drakkhen ... more

    Thanks for the info. Still hoping for Star Voyager. Damn catchy tune. Was hoping for a piano version of that which oddly strikes me as playable.
  7. Drakkhen ... more

    annual bump. Found a vid of the Star Voyager song.
  8. Drakkhen ... more

    annual bump, still hoping
  9. Drakkhen ... more

    A: Drakkhen (SNES) full soundtrack remix. Industrial or Classical B: Star Voyager (NES) opening theme. Techno or Classical Crosses fingers and hopes...
  10. NES: Star Voyager Intro

    Surprisingly catchy. We were playing around with the tune with a bunch of band types and found 3 styles this works well: Piano: Slower tempo with a "limping" cadence to it. (da...da..da da da da ... da ... da da da da ... da . da. DA .DA . DA DA DA DA DAAAAA... BAH DA DUH DUM. da. DA DA DA...) Metal: Overdriven guitar with heavy doubled up pedal driven bass. We found that a stutter worked well on the 4 beats. Friggin drummer paradise of options I think. (Yeah there was some Slayer playing that day... you get the idea...) Classical Orchestra: Subdued strings in the beginning with layered brass. Yeah we were listening to the Conan movie soundtrack earlier and ran with that feel. Any takers?