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  1. Annual bump for 2017. Still hoping someday someone will take a shot at Star Voyager's theme. 7 years isn't too bad of a wait right
  2. Gratitude is far to small a word to describe my thanks. You've made my day if not weeks to come.
  3. Annual bump for 2016. Still hoping someone out there will take a crack at it. Come on it's been 6 years do I really have that bad of taste?
  4. Annual bump for 2013. Still hoping for a good Star Voyager remix.
  5. annual bump for 2012. Hoping someone can take a crack at a piano version of the the Star Voyager theme! See you all in 2013
  6. Thanks for the info. Still hoping for Star Voyager. Damn catchy tune. Was hoping for a piano version of that which oddly strikes me as playable.
  7. annual bump. Found a vid of the Star Voyager song.
  8. annual bump, still hoping
  9. A: Drakkhen (SNES) full soundtrack remix. Industrial or Classical B: Star Voyager (NES) opening theme. Techno or Classical Crosses fingers and hopes...
  10. Surprisingly catchy. We were playing around with the tune with a bunch of band types and found 3 styles this works well: Piano: Slower tempo with a "limping" cadence to it. (da...da..da da da da ... da ... da da da da ... da . da. DA .DA . DA DA DA DA DAAAAA... BAH DA DUH DUM. da. DA DA DA...) Metal: Overdriven guitar with heavy doubled up pedal driven bass. We found that a stutter worked well on the 4 beats. Friggin drummer paradise of options I think. (Yeah there was some Slayer playing that day... you get the idea...) Classical Orchestra: Subdued strings in the beginning with layered brass. Yeah we were listening to the Conan movie soundtrack earlier and ran with that feel. Any takers?
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