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Quick question about Usb Pedals

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 02:18 PM

I apologize for any of your time, thank you for checking out this question :P

Are they capable of being linked to... basically whatever instrument or fx's controller you wish? Example: While recording notes playing a keyboard, a foot pedal is used congruently to record the volume of a specific sample. (Holding down a note on the keyboard while slowly pressing down the pedal makes a string instrument slowly ease in louder and louder.

I apologize for asking what I would assume is a rather common knowledge question, but seven hells, I just can't figure out if "5 programmable channels of expression" means what I'm looking for. I'm an idiot, sorry. I've wasted more time typing this post than I would have spent searching for it, so there's proof that I'd search if I wasn't such a big dope! Oh yeah!

If this is what pedals are capable of, I will buy 40 million of them. And butt pedals! Someone make a Kinect mod please which basically gives you 40 million possible ways to contort your body to control 40 million different controllers, basically ending up as Twister in a business suit. ---Or whatever you fellers wear when making music, suit and ties for me.

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