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  1. 16GB of... is that ram? ---and that's too little for your songs? Good gods, haha. Everyone is different of course, but that would make me feel that getting at least 8GB, even 16GB of ram depending on how much they do electronically would be worth as much or more than a powerful processor. I'm curious about the recommendation for valuing processors less and sound cards more. As for sound cards, would you say that they increase performance more than cpus? Is it an either sound card or cpu type of thing? Perhaps a beefy cpu would be a better choice for someone in terms of performance who would not use real life instruments or external recording? I've always been rather confused about this, and whether a beefy sound card could beat an Asio 2500k or so dollar per dollar. I'd probably chose the 2500k anyway since this won't be a dedicated comp, but for those who could benefit from the knowledge As for gpus, they need to be CUDA (nvidia only, no amd equivalent?) AND, the vsti or program needs to be coded to be able to use Cuda. I've only been able to find a few, and beyond that, I am mystified as to the performance, if it is even equal to dollar per dollar processor or sound card performance. I'm sorry that I can't be more dramatic, and object to something, but saying 32gb is just not enough for sound samples, I def agree Im still thinking drive performance would only be initial load up times, but I wonder. As for the $55 for 16gb, it wasn't a typo, but..... it was referring to 4x4GB sticks If that is what you are referring to though, and are curious, the prices seem to have slid up justtt a little bit (Im seeing g-skill rip jaws for around $38 per 8gb at the moment.) If you don't mind waiting, I'd recommend giving it a few weeks, there's often been sales for decent or even performance quality 8gb for $30 and under. Also wondering if the Thailand floods have upped memory prices lately, all I've seen noticeably are hard drives. As for 2x8gb sticks, the best deal is exceptionally higher at $109 I guess. I'll vilely salivate in jealousy and squinting peering eyes if you ever do put that system together Dannthr! The .. 50 box, and various needless virtual boxes I could run on that just for the sake of being able to. Thanks for the picking of your brains ya two!
  2. I apologize for any of your time, thank you for checking out this question Are they capable of being linked to... basically whatever instrument or fx's controller you wish? Example: While recording notes playing a keyboard, a foot pedal is used congruently to record the volume of a specific sample. (Holding down a note on the keyboard while slowly pressing down the pedal makes a string instrument slowly ease in louder and louder. I apologize for asking what I would assume is a rather common knowledge question, but seven hells, I just can't figure out if "5 programmable channels of expression" means what I'm looking for. I'm an idiot, sorry. I've wasted more time typing this post than I would have spent searching for it, so there's proof that I'd search if I wasn't such a big dope! Oh yeah! If this is what pedals are capable of, I will buy 40 million of them. And butt pedals! Someone make a Kinect mod please which basically gives you 40 million possible ways to contort your body to control 40 million different controllers, basically ending up as Twister in a business suit. ---Or whatever you fellers wear when making music, suit and ties for me.
  3. Hi! I 'm wondering if any of the nerds here would be both so kind and interested in sharing their opinions on what are the best value components to give yourself the best chances at making quality music. EXAMPLE RESPONSE: I'm not really the best qualified to answer this (hence the thread!). Based on my limited research and little to no experience with legitimate music production: Worth $100 of every $1 (Confusing, but this means these are the most important things when deciding on your system) O A powerful processor (look for the best deals), but go for the sweet spot on higher end processors. (2500k, for example, atm. Linux should have a slight advantage with AMD brands for now, but it still never seems to beat Intel deals). There does not seem to be much of a difference between Chip bonus features effecting performance (fx8150 vs 2500k) for making music, unless you consider virtualization important to your production setup. O A lower range monitor quality headphone. (example: AKG K-240) O 6B of decent high speed ram. (Usually about $30 per 8gb as of these days) More than 6B if you want to multitask (up it to 8gb) Worth $30 for every $1 O A large amount of good speed ram More than 6GB + for normal setups, More than 8gb for multi-tasking setups. O Sound software plugins (Im def not the authority on the values of each kind, or the general value) O A psu that both won't blow up your system, and has enough wattage to handle your computer. (Music systems should be able to get away with really low wattage psus, especially if you aren't sticking a big bad discreet video card into it. Worth $10 for every $1 O Extremely high end processors before the prices comes down and hits the sweet spot of prices / performance (Core I7s in general) O High end monitor headphones O Unless you are deciding to overclock, a music system should run a bit on the cool side with less ambient temperature villains in the case. So this would imply case design and other cooling equipment would be less important, even with high cpu load over long times. Worth ?? for every $1 (per your preferences) O An ssd card to speed up song / sample / program initial load times (But will not increase performance?) O Motherboards are so different between motherboard that its difficult to say how much a better quality motherboard would improve performance. But like ssds, if the mother board is usb 3.0 / sata 6.0 compatible can spell increased performance in loading times in combination with an ssd that is fast enough to make use of that, but as far as I can make sense of, won't improve performance beyond that. Also important is what integrated sound processor is on the chip if you dont get a discreet sound card, but I'm not well knowledgeable on this. Worth $1 per every $1 O Graphics cards. O Sound cards? Want to put in your own two cents? Great! Here's a bunch of endless crap discussing the concept that really no one should read and just base their response on the above example. I have a problem of not being able to shut up, and its all essentially talking out of my ass for 10 more paragraphs. I think you ladies and guys are bright enough to understand the general concept of this post by the example above! Warned about 10+ needless filler paragraphs below: Imagine a scenario where you have a limited amount of money to spend. You want to get the most bang out of your buck. You currently have a your computer you had 8 years ago, and your headphones are $3 deal extreme ear buds. Without being specific (as in, without looking up current deals and prices and recommending a list (hey, you can do that if you want to, I certainly won't stop you! )), what types of value does each type of component mean to you? In the.. ultra nerdy and detailed sense! Not as though you are just going to the store and getting a Dell, but difficult to research questions (I'm an idiot, and if I am missing a site that has answers to information like this, a link to it would be a blessing from Zeus himself!) . Examples of questions include but are not limited to: How valuable is an SSD (kind of a generic way to put it as SSDs certainly aren't created equal) to music creation performance? What types of benefits could one incur from moving 50gbs of sound samples / vsti s onto a SSD? Just initial load up / sound / sample load times, or are these things not normally cached? How would you rate these benefits in comparison to those dollars spent in a more powerful cpu, headphones, ram or even gpu? You are free to value software too! How much success do people have getting their programs to utilize video card power for music creation? I've been confused as to which programs exactly can make utilization of this. Would you rate the video card's performance to be better or equal to dollars spent on cpu? As far as I've been able to research, the answer seems no, but its rather ambiguous. I'm currently deciding to skimp out on no discreet video card on my build (and hey! I love Skyrim just as much as the next, but 800x600 will have to do. Sacrifices must be made!) The rules in this thread are set to pure anarchy against a ragtime score. I would be absolutely thrilled to see any perspectives on the subject. But only do it if its fun to, ok? Mwahahaha. I'm dirt poor at the moment, so I can't offer people much for their help, but if you want and recommendations on deals out there (basically I just check slick deals a lot while considering this computer), I can do that! You could put together an Fx-4100 8gb ram, 32gb ssd with a crappy video card, normal case and psu for $180 or so for instance if you wanted to right this moment! Hehehe I mean for this thread to be a little more universally helping of peoples choices in how to spend their money who might stumble here through google or what have you and not my own. I'm building a system which isn't quite just dedicated to music, rather graphics editing, folder organizing.. hell, an attempt at 20 boxing wow too, why not? So I apologize to all who make recommendations of which I might not end up using There's a lot of things to factor into my decisions, its a bit confusing, so I'm hoping a thread like this can shed some light! As for me, I have a meager $370 or close to that to spend, oh yeah. As of now, based on the information I understand hardware's effect in music editing performance prior to this post, here 's my dream comp I have figured if it helps anyone! Cpu: Intel I5-2500k $180 Mobo: Gigabyte ga-z68ma-d2h-b3 $55 (AR and discount) Drive: Patriot Torqx 32gb SSD Free (with discount from purchasing ram) (will also use some old HDDs for whatever else. Nows not the time to buy HDDs if you are poor) Ram: 16 GB gskill 1600 1.5v $55 Gpu: None (using the 2500k's wimpy hd3000 video (quick sync is pretty aweosme though! But thats outside the scope of a music related computer I'd guessss) Case: Already had Psu: Already had. I can build computers but I cant say they won't blow up and I'll have parts to spare for new ones Ears: AKG K240: $95 Total $385 Close enough, I'd guess! Perhaps that 2500k will go down to $160 again within a few weeks. Lets hope! This has been an endless search for both deals and figuring out what are the dollars worth for performance. There are endless benchmarks etc for games and such, but music? I have been struggling to find it. When making this, I thought of such questions as, would it be worth it to get another ssd and sacrifice on something else, which could hold all of those samples? Or perhaps i'd only be sacrificing the time it takes for the song to and samples to initially load if they go through the memory, which is something that definitly seems dollars would be better spent on a more powerful cpu for performance. Also confusing is that this system uses a wimpy on cpu gpu. How big of a deal could a good gpu be for increasing Fl studio, Reason, Lmms, what have you's performance? I haven't heard of any such things utilizing it, so Im supposing that thats also money much better spent per dollar on a beefier Cpu. I'm suddenly realizing that I have gotten to the point of text per post with this that I need to shut up and send about 7 paragraphs ago. Have fun if you want to play the game of nerdiness! I may not be able to offer much for your kindness, but I will pray to all who help that they get more marshmellows in their Lucky Charms or something else of negligible but well intentioned value.
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    The Music Software Deals thread

    Newegg has Hd 280 Pro Sennheisers for $60 off, but today only unfortunately (2011-01-21) or, direct: The popular consensus here seems to be AKG K-240's I suppose, but man, brain stuck doing loops in trying to figure out what to do at this price and one day left. The pressure.. mounting!!!! Perhaps the wrong place to post a deal like this (this thread seems to be more targeted to longer deals), but just in case this can help anyone stumbling on this post who doesn't obsessive compulsively hound Slickdeals
  5. Oh, it was the guiro after all! Thank you very much, and let the name OverCoat ring happiness in the minds of everyone for many generations.
  6. Hi, I am looking to fill out my tango sample collection, but I have not been having luck identifying an instrument to even begin the sample search. It is the scratchy, washboard sounding, or Guiro sounding percussion seen much in many tango, nuevo tango, and a variety of other forms of tango, but at least in Piazzolla's work. The scratchy percussion can be heard starting in the first few seconds of Piazzolla's song: Undertango. Here is a youtube of Undertango: Thanks for taking the time to consider this. If anyone knows the name of this, or any similar percussion used in tango, you will be my hero for at least 24 hours. Do have a good day!
  7. Thanks again skull, the realization of the parameters being in listed clearly in the hint bar helps the world over. Thanks everyone. I feel 3 times as powerfull now. Some kind of automation calamity, if you will. Editing Samples Anyone familiar with editing samples in FL? Just a quick question then. Im having trouble fine tuning homebrewed samples to being worthy of useage. Here's an example. (129kb, dont save target) I'm having problems getting rid of that clip at the begining of each fire. Cropped a few times, but it seems it allwayes stays. Any tips? Looks like remove DC offset might have had a small effect, but not much. Cut is set to just 2-2. Any tips on making quality loops too within the samples? Like what I should be looking for when placing the start and end. And any tips on the best ways of making it a more quality sample? I think just adding reverb to this would be kinda cheasy attempt to make it blend more. Should this be something I should do within the sample editor, before giving it a volume envelope? And the last thing I can think of, is are there ways to control the samples speed. If I'm making a vox sample for say, it would be a lot slower on the low notes than the high ones, and would sound really junky. My guess is that this is controlled by setting good loop points, but I haven't been too succesful. Wish there was a search within these 91 pages of FL. I hope my Spaceways remix won't have to settle for that being its lead, hehe.
  8. Automation I was in CC Ricers boat as to how to handle it too. Record, then undo, use different patterns for everything. A real mess, and made me not want to automate anything. The edit events button never really made any sense to me, because I had miss interperated it for being global (the whole song), not pattern based. It all makes so much sense now thanks to you guys. So from what I understand, you basically record an automation manually, and then fine tune it in the edit events screen. Are there any standardization rules you guys have figured out? Since theres no means of telling what means what on the lines is what as far as I know. Here's my 128-140 tempo change. Hehe, I would have assumed the lines would have started at the bottom, but nope. They are up in the air meaning wherever it starts is where 128 is. Does that make sense? Skullkrusher (hehe), that helps a lot. From what I understand, thats how many different patterns are automated. Blarg! Now I can go back and fix a whole lot of problems. Thanks X2 Playlist I didn't know there was color, this makes things a lot easier for finding things quicker by eye, thanks! Step Sequencer Yeah, I've come to realize that clones are infact the way to go all along. A tip I can give everyone on increasing cpu performance is to go into the Samples properties > Misc menu and lowering the cut numbers (Usually by clicking the cut itself button or doing it manually (make sure those numbers match if your not sure what it does). Mine were all at 99! Hehe, I'm not certain how technically sound this is, but it helps a ton. Having them around 50-70's makes for nice smooth playback in FL. Another thing would be to lower the poly rate in the same window, but I'm not certain how that effects quality. The Beast There it is. The thing is, if you go exploring in there, you'lle find no soundcard but ndvidia onboard sound. I'm not really sure what I'm getting by on exactly Conclusion Thank you for the help felles. Theres a whole new world of weighted keys, easy editing and power I've yet to expierence. Thanks a lot, my band says thanks too
  9. Have a question about keeping big projects organized the best, and if anyone would be interested in sharing their syntax and methods of keeping the big beasts tamed. I'm running into problems as far as step sequencer sample organization goes primarily; kinda kicking at me and putting a stop to any progress, and hope others imput will cure it. Here goes. Playlist setup I'm fairly happy with what I've set up for taming the patterns. What we have here is patterns for different sections of the song at the top, Arranged by what fires first. Following them is the reverse cymbals, the percussion patterns, then the crashes. Afterwords, the sound effects and corresponding sound controllers, then the pitch change automation and finally tempo change automation. Anyone notice anything I'm missing anything in this? I'd also like a little better system when dealing with percussion rather then placing them by what fires first. Step Sequencer setup Here we have a step sequencer setup to corresponde with the sectioned song patterns in the playlist. Thats where it's downfall dwells. From top to bottom, the samples are arranged in order corresponding to their patterns (the instrument samples that is). This helps keep things in order when making changes, and makes for a nice clean accesible project. They are also grouped by months as viewable below. Now the downfall to this. Any sample that is used throughout the song is cloned, so that there are no out of place samples, and also provides flexability when costumizing samples for that part of the song. However, it's two downfalls are wearing at me. There are an annoying 26 different Cadenza Strings Soundfonts scattered throughout the sequencer for instance. With 234 different samples used in one song, the song become's chippy and hard to work with. Cleaning up any un-used samples and patterns cures this for me (which is what I'm doing right now . The other downfall, is that I'm struggling to make my song more realistic. I'd like to have about 4-6 different cadenzas used throughout the song as in how a real song would be made, and 4-6 more clones of those an octave higher or lower for say. The only sollution to this I can think of is depreciating the song out of its pattern base, which really isn't something I want to do. i was about to break down the songs samples and get rid of all these clones, but then I ran into the fact that this would destroy the current group system I have. Any suggestions? How does everyone else make their songs easy to work on? I'd think that a more proper change in balancing flexability with mangement would exist in the correlation of patterns and sample placement. Who knows? Everything below the song samples is pretty easly managable. Drums are organized like a kit: hats, kicks, etc, then sub arranged in alphabitical order,, and the sound fx are arranged in alphabetical order with their controllers below them. Not exactly a technical question, but I see this helping a lot of other people than just me. But does anyone feel like reading through all that? Lol. I'm glad I brought pictures to spice things up a little. Btw, automation allwayes eats at me. Is there anyway to list what patterns are automated, and how they are automated like how you would work with keyframe animation in a 3d program? Odviously not, but I'll dream. Pitch changes, sound changes, tempo changes. Not the sample stuff. I usually end up moving my piano rolls to a brand new pattern if things start to get weird.
  10. My favorite remix on here. 7th all time favorite. The reason behind me deciding to struggle with remixing myself. I was never one to put Jenova on my top 10 ff7 list, and this shined right through that. The only song of yours I enjoyed more than this was the 1 minute glimpse that was your "On that day 5 years ago" project I tried to get into a Skyesheart movie back in the day. I'm fairly confident that despite peoples critiques of FFMusic Djs earlier songs, he's responsible for half of the listening population. At least back then, give me that much