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wip Lavender town remix (crunk)

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I made a lavender town remix using only a Tim Allen grunt soundfile a while back, so I thought I make a more serious one.

The main form of the track is done (except the ending), but all the blank/empty spaces will be filled in later (most obvious around 50 seconds in).

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Hmmm. I like what you're going after, but this song has some issues I hope you can iron out. The beginning hurts my ears: the organ synth just clashes too much. Try less delay or reverb and maybe some EQing.

The clap is WAY too loud. I suggest maybe a lower frequency and slightly less volume to make it less distracting. You can still have a punchy clap without it being too much.

Overall, the mix is good, but a bit boring the first half. I like how you started mixing it up after that, but I was ready to switch songs halfway through.

There are some other issues, but I think this might be a good place to start. Baby steps.

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