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3. completed Final Fantasy VII - Battle Theme - Hans Zimmer Style Remix

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I always admired the musical style of Hans Zimmers in the Dark Knight trilogy so I decided to try and recreate one of my favorite game soundtracks in a similar style.

A buddy of mine has this synth in his DAW called Zebra which is the same synth that Zimmer used when working on those movies, there's even a preset pack that Zimmer released called "Dark Zebra" which has some of the actual sounds from the films, that's what I used to create most of this track.

I picked the battle theme from FF7 because it worked well with the dark tones of the Zebra synth, mixing something like this while also trying to stay true to both the original song and emulate Zimmers style is really difficult, it's basically all bass so sound separation was a nightmare, not to mention sound selection.

I'm really happy with the end result and I hope you guys like it as well, this was a lot of work and more than a few called in favors.




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You know, I always dreamed of doing a cinematic remix of this theme, but never got around to it. Unfortunately, I have extremely high standards when it comes to orchestrated music, so this remix bothers me a little. 

I'm not leaving at that, though, as this is a forum heavily reliant on constructive criticism. It does have somewhat of a Zimmer sound to it, albeit not completely, and that's alright. May need more strings, brass, and woodwinds to really bring out the potential, but that is a matter of my own opinion. 

Even though this is focused on a bassy theme, the EQing makes it sound muddy and distant. You can still keep the bassy premise while still giving it sparkle and breath. 

I hope you consider some of this before you truely consider this complete. I really want this remix!

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