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  1. I present to you my latest creation, it comes straight from the depths of hell I used three different guitar synths to get the sound right, my goal was to match the tone of the original midi video game music as closely as possible, within reason. I know that the guitars doesn't sound all too realistic, but I still think the track sounds pretty good, have a listen and see for yourselves.
  2. Thanks for the constructive criticism, I get what you're telling me but what you're hearing is the best that I can do currently, I'm no Hans Zimmer and I only do orchestrated music for fun, I'm not classically trained. Of course I can tell that there are improvements to be made to most of the stuff that I make, but I also know that it'll take time for me to get there.
  3. This is version 3, I've done some EQing as suggested, I also added a compressor. It sound a bit better now but I think I might have gone a little too far turning down some of the elements, tell me what you guys think.
  4. Amazing, great job! I have a couple of good Kontakt libraries, if you send me an FLV or midi I'd be happy to render something for you.
  5. What would you have called it then? I admit I hade trouble with this one. You're right about the percussion, I actually removed some because it sounded too messy, this is not a genre I have experience in.
  6. You're absolutely right, I changed it and added some swing and now it sounds way better. I also changed up the choirs a little and I think that did it, take a listen and tell me what you think
  7. I always admired the musical style of Hans Zimmers in the Dark Knight trilogy so I decided to try and recreate one of my favorite game soundtracks in a similar style. A buddy of mine has this synth in his DAW called Zebra which is the same synth that Zimmer used when working on those movies, there's even a preset pack that Zimmer released called "Dark Zebra" which has some of the actual sounds from the films, that's what I used to create most of this track. I picked the battle theme from FF7 because it worked well with the dark tones of the Zebra synth, mixing something like this while also trying to stay true to both the original song and emulate Zimmers style is really difficult, it's basically all bass so sound separation was a nightmare, not to mention sound selection. I'm really happy with the end result and I hope you guys like it as well, this was a lot of work and more than a few called in favors.
  8. This is the new version of my orchestral remix of Guile's theme. I Started over completely from scratch and have taken the critique I received on the old version into account, but I still feel that it isn't quite "there" yet, somethings missing. I'd love some feedback on this, maybe you guys can point me in the right direction. [EDIT: link below has been updated, the old version is still available on soundcloud of anyone wants to listen and compare.]
  9. Here's the link to the updated version for your convenience, I've removed some of the percussive instruments and just generally changed the whole mix to get rid of some of the imbalance. So I decided to make an acoustic version of this classic Zelda tune, I did my best with the filters to make it sound like an old latin song that you might have heard on the radio. I used something like 10 different percussive elements some panned, all with customized velocity and slight time delay, did my best to separate all the instruments as much as possible, but the filters and compressor does kinda make it hard to hear them all, it's a trade off I had to make to get old sounding effect. Nothing fancy on the guitar style, I used what I had in Nexus and used some effects to tweak the sound. I know that this style of remix has been done before it just fits this song so well. Hope you guys like it. There's a link in the video description if you want to download it.
  10. That's the one. You're right about the release, the reason that I haven't done it is because I was lazy and made all the choir one track in FL studio. To get it just right I'd have to chop it up into several tracks, each with sections with longer and shorter release, or I could use automation, I'll do that and more in the next version. I also have a reverb send in addition to the reverb from within the plugin, which in retrospect was too much.
  11. They are not free samples, they are part of the Nexus plugin, so I can take all effects off but then it sounds too flat. I almost never use free samples as they mostly suck.
  12. @JohnStacy It is clear that you are well educated in the intricacies of musical theory. I'm flattered that you would give so much thought to what's essentially me rambling in the dark. I don't have any musical education, in fact I just started self-learning little over a year ago, mostly focusing on Hip Hop and EDM, and I guess you probably know that most people dabbling in those genre's aren't really classically trained. I don't disagree with any of your points, it's true that, I stuck pretty close to the original and just changed the instruments to orchestral ones as, I didn't want to mess up the song or make it unrecognizable, perhaps I should have called it something different, maybe "Guile's theme played with orchestral instruments and sounds" but that isn't a very good title. I read the post in the thread that you linked to and found it very interesting, come to think about it, just changing up the sound and calling it a remix is probably what people do most of the time, it's really hard to bend a musical piece to another genre and still make it sound good and stay recognizable when played against the original. What the uneducated would call genre blending is in reality just switching the sound to something that resembles another genre because actual genre blending would mostly sound terrible. That being said, what I learned from doing Hip Hop is that sometimes you can borrow sounds from another genre and it still works even if it's not "stylistically true", just listen to some of Kayne Wests eariler songs and you see what I mean. It's not really genre blending, it' still just Hip Hop, but the vast majority of people would still call it that because they don't know of a better way to describe it. @Gario What mostly limits me aside from the lack of a classical education is just tools that I have to work with, as I don't really do this kind of music I haven't invested hundreds of dollars in getting sampled choirs that can give nuance to every note, I agree that it sounds "too wet" but as I'm working with a sample there's not much that I can do to it that will make it sound any better. As for the second track, if you listened to it's pretty clear but, I probably should have said that what I was going for was to just re-make the original with more "real" sounding synths, to give people an idea of what it would sound like if it were part of a new game like Street Fighter V or if they remade the old game today. Thanks for your thorough and thoughtful feedback, I've been inspired by both of your posts, and I'm going to attempt to re-write this track as an actual film score, though I won't try to emulate any of the classical masters, Strauss, Brahms, Beethoven, I'll stick to to movie composers like Gairo suggested. I'll post it here when I'm done and I'd be very happy if you'd listen to it.
  13. As I started working on some of the music from Street Fighter 2 I got inspired to try something different, this is the result. I was just going to do a version that was true to the original (below) but, I had a hunch that this particular theme would work as an orchestrated piece. Second track, a re-make the original in FL studio, to give people an idea of what it would sound like if Capcom remade the game with modern technology.
  14. This so so wonderfully weird sounding, I love your choice of instruments, very unique!
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