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Gam1ng: Where Gamers Unite (New Forum/Site)

Hey guys!

Just a quick word of promotion for a friend's new site. Has a couple cool ideas and a very well designed forum. It has a couple of features such as Reviews, News, and Game of The Week (trying to include an active community to sit and play a retro game throughout the course of a week and write their opinions on the game)

It's called Gam1ng and their logo is "Where Gamers Unite" putting a strong emphasis on building a tight community of gamers who can get together and discuss topics ranging from gameplay mechanics to storylines of all sorts.

Their goal is to become a recognized gaming forum/site, much like that of IGN/Kotaku. So they could use as much support as possible.

Personally I'm excited to see where this goes and I wish them the best of luck. Feel free to check it out and Register to become a member if you feel so inclined.


They also have an irc channel.

Channel: #gam1ng
Port: 6667
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