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  1. Damn Wes, you really know how to make those smooth, chill vibes. Excellent work, my friend. \m/
  2. Hell yeah Wes. This is uniquely diverse, this mix. The soft touch of the vocals, the swelling basses, the chimes, clicks, and clacks...all of it just fits into this small world you've crafted with this remix. Super happy you took on this source, man. Well done.
  3. Definitely one of my personal favorites from the album, so cool. Such posh, much refine. Very awesome. \m/
  4. Damn, what a cool collection of tunes in a single remix. Awesome work, dude.
  5. Dude, this looks sick! Feel free to send me a message whenever it's done, I'll pick up a copy.
  6. Damn, it's good to hear a new remix from this guy. As sometimes I feel like I'm starting to slip with inspiration...it's examples like this that really bring the fact home that, it's never too late to start up that DAW. The remix itself definitely has influence from modern big room/house artists and ends up sounding pretty cohesive yet fun. Awesome comeback.
  7. With Killer Instinct, is it just the new game's soundtrack? Or the old one as well?
  8. I'd like to do the "Battlefield" theme from Super Smash Bros. for WiiU if possible.
  9. Still one of my favorites on the site. From the mellow wavy intro, to the vintage sounding drums accompanying the funky rhodes...the song is constantly evolving. Like Crulex said, nothing is too repetitive and it's a smooth ride from start to finish. Only wish Quinn would submit more nowadays.
  10. Well, alright then. I was just unsure of what your goal was behind it. As I looked into your SoundCloud after viewing this, I saw "vgm artifact processing". It makes more sense now. Sorry if my remarks appeared rude.
  11. This seriously sounds like it was just made entirely with Paulstretch. I can appreciate the drone/ambient genre if done well, but with what's displayed here, it doesn't seem like there was any new instruments or effects applied beyond slowing the song down "x" number of times to get the desired result.
  12. Very cool. I haven't seen too many SMG remixes lately. Though I really appreciate the effort displayed here, I can't help but feel the song is very...bare. From 0:00 to 0:20, the initial pluck and the strings try to build tension in the mix and set up for the next phrase where the main melody comes in, however I feel like it falls short because there just simply isn't enough happening. Ambient tunes are usually dependent on the textures it explores, enveloping the listener in a world of sound. Moving on, the kick is nice in the mix and 0:42 onward I'd say this is where the most motion occurs in the song. The harp breakdown at 1:06 is a nice touch but I feel a background pad would help fill out the rest of that segment. When the strings kick back in (at 1:28) it feels a little too sudden. Maybe a reverse cymbal with some delayed reverb might help? Some sort of uplifter to help people ease back into that motion usually feels a little more natural. I really like the subtle bongo pattern at this part, but it feels like it cuts off too quickly. Overall, I really like this. It ends a little too early for my liking but with what you've displayed here shows that you're knowledgeable in some aspects of a digital audio workstation. There's definitely room for improvement though. Thanks for sharing.
  13. God, I really do love the italo disco genre. So cheesy and fun and this is certainly that. I've been meaning to break into Bitwig and this might just be the boost I needed. This is probably the most fun remix I've heard in a while. Awesome work dude!
  14. Dang, very jazzy stuff. I guess a part of me isn't too surprised, especially after some of the crazy chip-jazz I've heard from him in his "Blue" series on Bandcamp. However, for this track, there's a lot of intricate countermelodies and arrangement thrown in considering how short the track is. Just shy of 3 mins, it's really impressive to see how much he meddles around with the source tunes. Really quite an earful, in the best of ways.
  15. Last night seriously lead me to new eating habits after listening to this song. I dunno what caused the urge to change, but I have a feeling this song acted as a catalyst. Besides being just plain "sweet" (seriously I have no other word to describe it), this song features a really cool, yet simple layout of instruments. But it works really well, I can't get enough of it. It's addicting as chocolate...but probably healthier. \m/
  16. I could've sworn I heard this a long time ago before it was posted and it might've been on #ocremix, but I can never really be sure. melody's remixes always seem to continue in the same vein of awesomeness. I always felt I might've been too critical of his choice of drums, but as time goes by, you just kinda get used to it and realize, "this is his sound." He made them work over time and he marked his signature at OverClocked ReMix. I can't help but respect him for that. But with this remix specifically, it's really, really awesome. Not only because of the arrangement and smooth feel of the sounds incorporated, but because if you'd just heard this on your mobile device or iPod without any tags, you'd just think it was another well arranged production that didn't ever have any connection to a game soundtrack. The lyrics are extremely well done and the piano is especially crisp, bravo to both of you.
  17. I think from my start at OCR, I've just kinda watched WillRock do his thing with various stuffs and more things. But I'm happy to say that this thing has ALL the stuff. Most of the stuff is made from a lot of different things though. Ok, for real, let's start from the top. A panned acid synth here, an "over the top" brass synth, and some of the most interesting drum machine fills I think I've heard in a song. It's relentless in its design; as a result it really gets you pumped. By halfway you're rocking out with an electric guitar solo, and though the super brief pause at 2:29 was unexpected, it really sets the stage for the synth solo at 3:25. Fantastic work man.
  18. Yeah, I guess I can't do much but echo what's been said on here already. This is one of the coolest, funkiest mixes on the site. As this one stands as one of my all time favorites, it's easy to overlook some of the other Diggi Dis remixes but they are all awesome. He puts the same level of creativity in each one of his re-interpretations but this one...I dunno man. Dat chiptune breakdown. Killer Studio Chops hasn't been a thing for a while but it certainly works here. In all seriousness, listen to this mix. Learn something about variation from it, and show it to all of your friends, loved ones, and distant relations. The groove is undeniably strong in this one. Highly recommended.
  19. Rellik was always someone I'd looked up to during my first few months over at ThaSauce while competing in the One Hour Compos (back when I went under Jakesnke17). They were a great way of generating ideas quickly and over the course of time, you'd even pick up a few production skills along the way. So I look back at the comments on this mix specifically and honestly, it's not too surprising that other felt the same way I did: He was masterful at creating unique soundscapes and focusing on textures. With this remix, it never felt like phrases dragged on too long and every instrument had a place. It changes up quite a bit and while I can hear the source, you can tell a lot of effort went into the arrangement by just adjusting the feel of the song rather than replacing its melodic content. I really like this remix: It's vivid and imaginative. Great work.
  20. I'd say it's hard to remix Zelda nowadays just because of how many people invoke so many different interpretations of every single piece of Zelda music. I counted (using a sophisticated calculator), there's 237 remixes on this site...that's roughly 7% of the songs on OverClocked Remix altogether. So when a band who shines in both live audio and music production decides to put up their own arrangements of a good chunk of Zelda songs specifically, it's a pretty safe bet, that they've taken the time to listen to quite a few remixes themselves. ...and this one is quite awesome. Smooth guitar, some chunky FM bass, some vintage sounding drums, and the ever so nice rhodes topping off the arrangement. Yeah, we have a winner.
  21. Always a fan of anything that incorporates the Chrono series, and with the artist's name being in the same vein...I had to listen. Now, being 10 years old, it makes sense to give leniency on production values but with this track, it reminds me a lot of the ambient vibes in the Spyro series. However, at times, it does feel rather repetitive and while I'm not super critical on that...I think anyone who listens to this piece might just want a little more. But, it's great for what it is: A smooth ride from start to finish.
  22. Holy moly, Gotta say, I listened to this a few times in the past couple of years. I guess beforehand, I never really just understood why it garnered so much attention but now, I come back to it after 5 times listening to it nonstop and I can really appreciate the scope of this masterpiece. This is a remix that will - forever - stand the test of time. As I go back and listen to the oldest remixes on the site, I have a feeling this will be like that for the next generation of ReMixers. Even idle listeners and those who spend their time in the community lurking in the shadows, will eventually end up at this amazingly imaginative piece and come to the realization just as I have: Video game music is the future's version of classical music. With this remix brought into the light, that understanding will become so clear, it'll be like looking through a wine glass. ...and with that, all words expended: I'm speechless.
  23. Damn it Pete, ya beautiful, brilliant bastard. How could I not remember this one? Seriously though, if there was any shadow of a doubt in your mind that it turned out awesome, erase that from your memory banks. This couldn't have been anymore awesome. \m/
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