ReMix: Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys 'Hero of Celceta'

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Unsung HeroesYs IV: The Dawn of Ys

Well, MAGFest 11 is over and it was a blast seeing so many people. Larry couldn't make it because he was sick, but there's always next year, and we hope to see some of you this coming weekend at Apex 2013 and any other cons/events we attend throughout the year! This rockin' Ys IV mix from Unsung Heroes is our first arrangement from the game and our third posted collaboration between OA & Scaredsim; Andrew writes:

"This started out with a wonderful piano solo by Simon, and a good start to the arrangement, which I finished up and added a lot of guitars to. Overall we split the arrangement duties 50/50. I love both of the themes, and Y's music in general, and I love working with Scaredsim. I hope I did not frustrate him too much on this project. It seems that all of our collabs make him a little crazy. ;-)"

As a great marine mammal once said, we're never gonna survive... unless we get a little crazy. Mellow piano with a moody, almost Spanish guitar intro into the shred-drop at 0'34, where things bust into a rock/metal jam with plenty of synths. I like how the acoustic guitar gets a reprise later on, and I dig the variety that's introduced even as the track nears conclusion, with string stabs and running, cross-panned synth accompaniment. Rock solid stuff from Andrew & Simon, and one of the tracks that helped give Unsung Heroes some more aggressive flavors to round things out!


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on 2013-01-21 06:41:41
Absolutely loved this mix as soon as I heard it on the album release. A fantastic collaboration that is just so enjoyable. It sounds so close to the source but at the same time, completely different. This is a very enjoyable mix and one that I keep coming back to.
The introduction is just beautiful. The guitar and piano work so well together and builds to the heavy/rockin' guitars perfectly.
on 2013-01-10 15:56:22
Totally digging the Spanish guitar-sounding lead in with the piano leading to the harder guitars. Great for taking things up a notch. I like the weird little strums around the top of the first minute, a pretty cool switch-up. The hard guitars with the Spanish playing in the middle was a great combination of beauty and power. Fantastic ReMix.
on 2013-01-07 14:48:19
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