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Post Your Game ReMixes: Forum Guidelines (Read Before Posting)

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Welcome to the Post Your Game ReMixes forum in the OC ReMix Workshop!

General Usage

Use this forum to post your Works-in-Progress (WIPs) to get feedback from the community. Getting feedback on your work is a huge component of a healthy creative process, and we've built this space for you to do that.

  • This forum is focused on arrangements of music from video games, so don't post originals or remixes of non-game music.
  • Post one track per thread (unless you're releasing a full album), and post all of the updates you make to that track in the same thread.
  • When posting an update to a track, reply to your thread so that anyone watching the thread can see the update. You can also additionally update the first post, but that reply is crucial.
  • Include the name of the game you're arranging in your thread title.
  • Include a link to the source tune (i.e. the music you're arranging) somewhere in your post.
  • Be prepared to receive constructive feedback on your work.

Providing Feedback

This forum isn't just for artists to post their own work, it's also for providing feedback to artists on what they post. Browse the forum, listen to tracks, and let artists know what you think. If you need some guidelines as to what to look for when listening to a track, we've developed a big list of common issues we've seen with tracks over the years. You also don't have to just look for problems. Tell the artist what you like about their track, or what you want to hear more of. Here's the list.

 - Too conservative - sticks too close to the source
 - Too liberal - not enough connections to the source (too much original writing, source connections not identifiable enough)
 - Too much direct sampling from original game audio
 - Borrows heavily from non-source material (e.g. mainstream music, classical music, movie theme)

 - Too loud
 - Too quiet
 - Low-quality samples
 - Unrealistic sequencing (particularly acoustic instrumentation, e.g. notes use the same velocities, mechanical timing)
 - Generic/cliche sound choices
 - Drums have no energy
 - Overcompressed (pumping/no dynamics)
 - Mixing is muddy (e.g. too many sounds in bass, middle or treble)

PERFORMANCE (live recorded audio/MIDI parts)
 - Timing not tight enough
 - Wrong notes, general sloppiness
 - Poorly recorded
 - Bad intonation

 - Lacks coherence overall (doesn't "flow" enough)
 - Not enough changes in sounds (e.g. static texture, not dynamic enough)
 - Pace too plodding
 - Too repetitive
 - Too short
 - Abrupt ending

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