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  1. It's fine because people aren't just posting lists. If actual discussion happens, it's alright.
  2. https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00206
  3. There's some preparation happening behind the scenes. It'll be out when it's out.
  4. This isn't really a competition, so I've moved it to recruit and collab. If you're looking for music for your mod, you need to provide some more information. What is Diablo Median XL? What songs do you want remixed? Also, generally speaking, "your name will be known" is not the best way to get people on board with making music for your project. Remember, you're not providing an opportunity, you're asking for a service. Good luck.
  5. On number 4, "ReMoved" has never been an official OCR thing, it's just something fans did when collecting the tracks we took out of the catalog. It's not something artists added to their tracks when releasing them otherwise either, and AFAIK, the tags on removed tracks were never updated to reflect this when being provided at places like Doulifee's site. There's no real authoritative source that uses "ReMoved." We just take tracks out of our catalog. I would really hesitate to use MusicBrainz to turn "ReMoved" into some kind of official, definitive way of referring to these tracks.
  6. I've taken care of the forum name change.
  7. Sounds like something out of a Sega CD game. I mean that in the best way possible.
  8. In addition to what Rexy said, if you ever have any questions about ReMixes that may have been removed from our catalog, you can check out our ReMix Changelog, which is a comprehensive list of every change made to the entire OCR archive. This includes removals, artist renaming, etc.
  9. No, as the staff credits music is a medley of themes in Wind Waker.
  10. I don't care much for that kick drum sound. Otherwise the arrangement is very good. I think source usage is overt enough. Orchestra is well sequenced, big energy but also good dynamics. YES
  11. The melody at 1:44 is a really nice touch but we head straight back into copy-paste territory once we hit 1:59. Honestly, even bumping the melody at 1:59 up an octave would have been a welcome variation; even better, start soloing in the synth and go a little nuts while everything underneath is going on. This mix clocks in at 2 and a half minutes but basically loops twice. Gotta get a little more variation in there. The dubstep breakdown is cool the first time around; second time? It doesn't feel like a breakdown anymore. Production is great. Sound design is great. I love the groove
  12. In agreement with the other Js. Love the sound and texture of this but the copy-paste is hurting the track. Here's the thing: you've got this great guitar solo and then...we don't hear the guitar again. What happened? On your second run-through, let's hear some more of that. The track feels done halfway through. You're on the right track. Let's take another look at the arrangement. NO (resub).
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