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  1. The track certainly is short but I feel like if it was any longer it might overstay its welcome. This is pretty emotive and I'm definitely not hearing any of the "too quiet" or "too sparse" points here. It sounds good to me. We should post this. YES
  2. DarkeSword

    Streaming site?

    We've talked internally about doing site-hosted playlists of music in the OCR catalog. I've had a lot of ideas about this. It's definitely on the radar, but right now there's a lot of backend work that needs to be done to facilitate this.
  3. DarkeSword

    OCR Twitch Guidelines Clarification

    This is fine because you’re promoting the music by talking about it.
  4. DarkeSword

    Hi and muchos kudos!

    You can trade for remixes, but YMMV.
  5. DarkeSword

    Fl studio

    Here's a video of the upcoming implementation.
  6. DarkeSword

    Fl studio

    How do you change the time signature of a playlist mid-song? Pretty sure that's something they teased for the next version?
  7. DarkeSword

    Fl studio

    FLStudio is also finally adding time signature changing in-song with FLStudio 20 (the next version coming out this year), I believe.
  8. DarkeSword

    Tips on writing a bass line

    It's fine.
  9. DarkeSword

    New Album: Sound the Clarion Call

    Hey all! Just wanted to plug my first ever original album. You guys are probably more familiar with my remixes and arrangement work here, but I have actually been writing original music for almost 20 years. The album is called Sound the Clarion Call: A Musical Tribute to 1001 Knights. You can pick it up on OverClocked Records for $3.99! This album is inspired by the 1001 Knights art anthology that was Kickstarted about two years ago. It's a set of three hardcover books with beautiful artwork of different kinds of knights. I was hired to write the trailer music for it and ended up putting together a full album. If you've ever enjoyed my remixes before, give this album a shot. It's a mix of new age, jazz, and classic SNES sounds. Hope you enjoy it. Here's the fourth track from the album, The Accumulation of Knowledge.
  10. DarkeSword

    What genre of music fits each style of Sonic best?

    "It Doesn't Matter" from Sonic Adventure has a great melody.
  11. DarkeSword

    What genre of music fits each style of Sonic best?

    Just gonna throw this out there: "Catchy," in the context of BGM for a Sonic the Hedgehog game, absolutely means "good." xD
  12. DarkeSword

    Usable music

    You can actually do this with OCR's full catalog, as per our content policy. http://ocremix.org/info/Content_Policy
  13. DarkeSword

    Are any of my old friends still alive?

    I didn't participate in Unmod all that much. That In Da Club remix was done by DCT; he wrote an instrumental that was an arrangement of one of my old original tracks and put the a capella on it.