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  1. Keep at it and good luck. Make sure you always get outside opinions on your work as you develop your pieces. Critical feedback is an important aspect of artistic growth. You won't get better in a vacuum.
  2. You really want an honest opinion? It just doesn't sound very good. You're using really low quality samples and there's a ton of reverb in a lot of the tracks. The EQ is really skewed towards high frequencies. It sounds harsh. The arrangements are sparse and kind of boring. I had a hard time sitting down and listening to even one track all the way through. I wouldn't buy this.
  3. Pretty conservative arrangement aside from some SFX reproduction in the middle, along with the Peter Gunn theme thrown in for some reason. Drums are too static; no real energy. Doesn't help that this feels slower than the original. NO
  4. It's pleasant but it honestly gets kind of boring without any of the melody. Feels like it's relying the gated synth pattern for the first half, which is arguably less interesting than actually just...using the melody from the source. The arrangement clocks in at just under 3 minutes and I honestly feel like it's just one big extended intro that never pays off. The production and sounds are nice but ultimately the arrangement is half-baked; needs more time in the oven. NO (resub)
  5. A little repetitive, but I don't think the arrangement is so long that it's a deal breaker. The arpeggio is pushed too far forward for the entire track, though. It's cutting through everything. When melodic lines come in, you have to shift focus away by lowering the volume, dropping an octave, changing it to a lighter instrument, etc.; there are plenty of techniques you can employ. Needs a second look. NO (resub)
  6. I think the rapping and production are great, but there's too much sampling of the original for OCR, IMO. NO.
  7. Nier Automata is pretty deep. FFXIV expansions like Heavensward and Stormblood are also up there.
  8. Not enough source usage IMO. The original sounds weird because of the portamento sine wave but it's actually a pretty straightforward source tune. This really goes off and does its own thing that sort of just sounds adjacent to the original. I hear bits of it here and there, but I think the approach is too much; too caught up in its own concept and not taking and presenting enough from the source tune. NO
  9. Yep. I guarantee I would not be able to re-render a lot of my old projects today the way they were rendered back when I originally rendered them.
  10. I think we should re-enable for the time being. It's like like we're live with a dark theme right now anyway.