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  1. I don't care much for that kick drum sound. Otherwise the arrangement is very good. I think source usage is overt enough. Orchestra is well sequenced, big energy but also good dynamics. YES
  2. The melody at 1:44 is a really nice touch but we head straight back into copy-paste territory once we hit 1:59. Honestly, even bumping the melody at 1:59 up an octave would have been a welcome variation; even better, start soloing in the synth and go a little nuts while everything underneath is going on. This mix clocks in at 2 and a half minutes but basically loops twice. Gotta get a little more variation in there. The dubstep breakdown is cool the first time around; second time? It doesn't feel like a breakdown anymore. Production is great. Sound design is great. I love the groove and this makes me dance. But I need a little more variation and more risks on your part. NO (resub)
  3. In agreement with the other Js. Love the sound and texture of this but the copy-paste is hurting the track. Here's the thing: you've got this great guitar solo and then...we don't hear the guitar again. What happened? On your second run-through, let's hear some more of that. The track feels done halfway through. You're on the right track. Let's take another look at the arrangement. NO (resub).
  4. SUPER IMAGINATIVE! Wow what a take on such a classic and iconic song. Performances are great. This really rocks. Love it. YES
  5. Yeah I really dig this. A lot of reverb but it's a nice atmosphere. Cool arrangement; I like how you're using elements of both Acts to create a single piece of music. Sound design is great. YES!
  6. I may the be one judge on the panel most qualified to take a look at this track, given how much FFXIV I've played, haha. The arrangement in this suite is VERY straightforward. Frankly I don't think this piece is taking enough risks with the source material. There are some tempo variations that are happening, but I feel like the part-writing is largely the same; not just melody but a lot of the accompanying parts too. When the arrangement is so similar to the source, I feel like I want to listen to the originals more than this. The sound design is competent but just feels strangely emptier than the original, like there's something missing in the lower end of the spectrum. I've gotta say NO on this one, Rebecca, but I'm excited to see you bring your skills to more of FFXIV's massive and expansive soundtrack.
  7. I think the verse and chorus sections are recognizable but that bridge section is too different. It's a tough call because the production and sound design in this track are impeccable, but there's just a little bit missing in terms of the source being prevalent. Really like this one, but I gotta say NO (resub).
  8. I love Pokémon Snap. Played it a TON back in the day. Excited to throw apples at unsuspecting Pokémon again.
  9. I've been working from home for a little longer than most folks. First two weeks was just me and the dog, but then my wife started staying home too. I'm safe and not as worried about money as other folks, but I'm starting to feel the isolation a little more every day. When there isn't a global pandemic, I'm a fairly social person; I've got Wednesday game nights at the local Panera with pretty large group of people, and I usually get lunch with coworkers most days of the week, and I'm heading over to my Dad's house every few days. But right now the most social interaction I'm getting is brief hellos to neighbors who are taking walks and small conversations with restaurant and retail workers when I'm picking up food and other things. I'm loathe to form the habit of regular video calls with folks; it just isn't the same. I have been playing a lot of FFXIV with my wife, Arrow, and BardicKnowledge though. So that's nice.
  10. In agreement on the production. Arrangement is super cool, but this is just super squashed. Let's take it back to the mixing board. NO (resub)
  11. When you have a soundtrack release set up let us know and we can promote/retweet on OCR social media.
  12. This is not the reason. The reason is primarily for UI/UX reasons.
  13. I'm not surprised that it happened. I'm just clarifying what this thread is for. People were getting off-track by debating the decision itself. I live on this planet. I'm not clueless. I've been a member of these forums for a long time and I know how people are going to react to the decisions that we make. I'm a moderator and if I see the discussion veer off-topic, like it did here, I'm going to make a post to course-correct. Your snark is neither warranted, appreciated, nor funny. If you don't have a useful suggestion, please refrain from posting in this thread. Thanks.
  14. Folks, we're not bringing back signatures. Not as they were originally implemented, not with us hosting images as opposed to linking offsite images, not as text-only. This is a done deal. This thread is not to discuss whether or not we should bring back signatures. This thread is for people to suggest other ways we can provide avenues for self-promo.