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  1. It's being developed by Vatra games. They haven't made any games yet, but they're supposedly involved with some 2K Games retirees. If they retired, I don't know what they're doing starting a new company, but I think the most important part of a Silent Hill game is the writing, so, hopefully that's what gets some focus.

    Anyway, I enjoy some of the moody tracks from Dexter, but the music in the trailer was a bit unnecessarily hollywoody. Certainly wouldn't suit actual gameplay. Might be okay in a cutscene.

  2. I would go so far as to say that Witchcraft is as passionate and soulful as Please Love Me... Once More, that O.R.T. is as profound as Theme of Laura (Reprise), that Elle Theme is as rich and resonant as Tears Of..., or that Angel's Scream is as dark and foreboding as Flower Crown of Poppy. In fact, I could go on and on about how much more developed Akira Yamaoka has made the Silent Hill sound of late, which I might in some other place at some other time.

    Well, I've never felt as though his VOCAL tracks were lacking (except for those awful Joe Romersa tracks, but that's just my opinion). Origins's soundtrack is decent. Lots of good vocal tracks, and some fairly good instrumentals. Homecoming lacked any memorable instrumentals, attributed to the fact that I can't remember any of them. Shattered Memories, while it has some cool musical themes recycles them constantly - the limitations of the wii, I think. Frankly, the lushness and production value that went into Silent Hill 3's soundtrack has never been matched, and while I don't want a rehash of the music and themes in it, I'd like to have seen the same kind of effort and attention in the recent instalments. But you may still disagree on that.

    However, should the least conservative prediction come to pass, which is that a new music director is given the freedom to find his own voice and apply it appropriately to the context of the games, I may find myself with several new soundtracks on my bookshelf.

    I think part of finding your own voice is failing to find it initially. Which means, under a new composer, we may see some pretty derivative (or out of place) music until things gel in a future instalment (which is a little too far ahead, since the 'failure game' is only now just confirmed. Still, I welcome anyone who can create an appropriate atmosphere. Really, the sound of the music is intrinsically connected with the plot elements in terms of the noises used (clock chimes and ticks, furnace growls, etc), it would be hard to write appropriate score without emulating Yamaoka to some extent.

    I really can't help but notice the contrast of tone in these two statements, which imply more that you want a rehash of Silent Hill 2 than an honest attempt to create something original within the series' context. I understand that Silent Hill 2 is a game that stands without peer in the Silent Hill universe. It's a beautiful and brooding poem that transcends its medium, but holding your expectations for any follow-up to compete with SH2 will always pale in comparison.

    Oh, good lord, that's not what I meant to suggest at all. Like I mentioned when I said that Silent Hill 3's soundtrack is hard to match, it's not a rehash that I want, it's the same quality/calibre of writing and direction that I want. I don't want to see old plot elements recycled, I want to see A PLOT. An intricate, complex one. Which is to say, I don't want to see a) Silent Hill Homecoming's half-baked Hollywood Blockbuster simplicity, or B) Shattered Memories' taking literally the phrase "psychological horror" and effectively making the supernatural element of Silent Hill a backburner afterthought.

    Okay, those were some pretty harsh statements. I enjoyed both games thoroughly, but I recognize their flaws when compared with previous instalments. (I should note that my favourite in the series is actually Silent Hill 4, and not Silent Hill 2).

  3. Bump, because I miss you guys.

    I'm midway through both shattered memories and homecoming. (It takes me forever to finish anything).

    Shattered memories:

    Good-ish. Graphics are a bit PSX-y, which is sad, for this generation. I hear the Wii graphics are better than the PS2 port's which is extra sad. I like the ice motif, and the plot. I also think that the psychologist fellow is extremely unprofessional, but I suspect that has something to do with the plot in the longrun.


    Eh. It's still a silent hill game. It's just too shiny! Why is everything so shiny?! The story's a little too straightforward. Hardly any twists and turns. Nobody dies and then comes back to life and then dies again and then comes back to life wearing your dead wife's clothes... Sigh. Good enemies. Puzzles are pretty simple, too.

    About Yamaoka going byebye:

    He's been half-assing it since the rest of team silent left. I do hope that the series evolves without him. I don't mind hearing someone else's music, so long as it fits the mood (my music, maybe? I'm good! I sound like Yamaoka!). I would like a return to the complexity of the earlier games. The recent games were pretty lacking in terms of non-story memos (like the mood enhancing ones about murders and drownings and historical sorts of things in SH2) - and they were lacking in subtlety, which is unfortunate.

    That said, I'll still follow this series into the dark so long as it continues to emphasize psychological horror and suspense with a little bit of beating formless blobs to death with a bent pipe on the side. Preferably with a bit more subtlety and a bit less "We're gung-ho americans who don't understand that this series is rooted in japanese culture."

  4. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you happy. I can't pretend it's a fact, but if you as the project leader had finished your own mix, you might have inspired others to do the same thing. Likewise, Prophet just pulled out and he mentioned your lack of... dedication... in his reason why. Sorry to bring it up, but there it is.

    The prophet, like you, blames me, because he wanted to get his music out there, for which HE cannot be blamed. I suppose if I had more dedication I might have put more effort into annoying people by ASKING them to join the project, rather than hoping people would just join up. I didn't want to ASK people, because I figured that people who do things because they're asked to don't really want to do it because they appreciate the music of this game, they do it because they're bored, or because they just like to make music in general.

    My dedication to this project has been strong enough, such that I didn't kill it when it became apparent to me (less than a year after starting it) that it would fail. I was dedicated in that I had hope that it would succeed regardless of the disinterest.

    The suggestion that my mix might have inspired people to do their own mixing is not applicable, as there was no one around to be inspired by it. The five remixes (maybe only 4, even) that were completed for this project were done early on. Anybody else who was on the project either dropped out, disappeared completely, or simply didn't have time for it (but continued to say they'd finish). If I were to have finished my own mix, it would have done nothing to inspire anybody, because the only people listening had already completed their mixes.

    The fact that you can deny the obvious lack of mixers that this project has had (as evidenced by the "mixers, please" that has been in this thread's title for more than a year) shows that you are willing to turn a blind eye to truth, in order to blame me. You finished your mix. Great. There were 15 other tracks to be finished. Who would finish them? Not you, Not I, maybe the prophet.

    I appreciated the prophet's efforts. I thought he did a wonderful job, and was very supportive originally, but as he grew bitter toward me, and began to blame me for the failure of the project, regardless of the fact that NOBODY ELSE IS ON THIS PROJECT, I began to care less.

    Like I said, I have MUCH more important things than OC ReMix to worry about. An HBA degree to get, a (REAL) social life to maintain, a job to keep, and my own original music to worry about completing. This website is not important to me at all. This project is not important to me.

    So, you can tell YOURself that the reason this project failed is because I didn't finish my song, but I will not be bothered to come back and check on this thread to read it. Notify the authorities if you must. This project is over, and this thread is dead.

  5. Someone as in e.g. you? If you had the intention to do your track, you should have at least gotten started by now. If you're not going to do it, at least give it up and let someone else take it.

    Note that me not finishing my ONE track has nothing to do with the fact that there are only 5 (minus 2) of 20-ish tracks complete for this project.

    This project is dead because it has no mixers, and never did.

  6. I'm going to keep mine on the project. I made it for the project and it wouldn't pass the judges panel anyway. That said, I have no hopes for this project to ever finish, especially with TPoM removing his tracks (which make up, like, half of our progress). Aeth, have you ever considered the possibility of suffering from ADD?

    Dafydd, the problem is that I do not suffer from ADD, and am too focused on my real life, and my studies at University to care about this project, video-game remixes in general, or this community like you folks do.

    If it would make people happy, then I'll declare the project dead. I figured if we let it sit long enough, someone would finish a track.

  7. schrage,

    I'm liking this one lots. It's got a good groove, and it's got the atmosphere.

    However, I found the lead that comes in at 0:58 secs was a bit jarring, in comparison to what we had going on in there. It sounds too close, in terms of reverb, and too crisp in terms of eq, which is to say that it could use a bit of muffling, and a bit more 'room.' Otherwise, I'd say you should keep it up. This is looking good.

  8. Well, case, I like that guitary wah wah thing going on, but I've gotta point out that the bassline you've started out with is not actually in tune with your piano.

    Second, the synth lead is creating a lot of discord with that delay on it, and whatever that stuff is.

    It has potential in the later sections, but it's kinda messy, and you need to be sure that all of the parts are in tune with eachother.

    Right now it needs a lot of work.

  9. I suppose they've thrown out the idea of doing a story linked to the Alessa arc in every odd numbered game. Origins is carrying it on, but I wouldn't have called it Canon, especially since it's for handheld, which is usually spin-off type stuff instead of main-game junks.

    I liked the Way Silent Hill 4 connected itself with Silent Hill 2, so, hopefully, they'll make some effort to connect this story with the others.

    As far as the soldier thing goes, I think it's a tired gimmick, and I don't really care much to play a character who's got his knickers bunched up over the horrors of war. I hope he's done something unspeakable.

  10. hm, Origins looks exciting, though, I find the change in character design a little jarring. They look a little too cartoony to me.

    Let's hope that Climax can handle telling what appears to be a "here's what Alessa did" story.

    If only I had a PSP...

  11. Alright, I've got both an EP and an LP that I've been working on lately, and I'd like to get some opinions/interest garnered up, so I can improve the tracks.

    The genre or style is ambient/experimental/dream

    The FallPast EP is a collection of tracks based musically/lyrically/thematically on a main track titled "FallPast" (which will eventually have vocals), as well as a few other original tracks that seem like they need a home. I've been updating it with new songs as I finish them.

    I haven't really got them hosted anywhere per-se, but I've got free-previews available on, so here's an album link, and you can listen to the songs as you like.

    The LP I've been working on for the last 3 years is called "Complete Thoughts from a fractured mind" which is a collection of ambient/experimental/industrial tracks that I'd like to get a few opinions on. I'd sell it if I thought someone would buy it, but I don't feel confident.

    Same lastfm deal as the last one.

    Thanks for listening,