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  1. No luck in the FruityLoops forum, so I'll try my hand here, since my question kind of pertains to Reason... I've got a FL file I've made that I want to be able to transfer to Reason, but I really don't want to have to write it all out again. I'm fairly certain it's possible to do this, but I don't know how. Any suggestions?
  2. I'm not sure if this qualifies as a FruityLoops or Reason question, but this board seems more active so I'll try my luck here. I've got a FL file I've made that I want to be able to transfer to Reason, as I really don't want to have to write it all out again. Is it possible to do this?
  3. This is very easy, I sometimes transfer stuff form cubase to reason. here is how. Once you compose something form Final or Cubase or whatever, be sure to export in midi format. You need midi. you cant transfer a song form one software into another without midi exporting. When you have that midi file exported form Final or Cubase... Start up Reason - Click on file, Import MIDI file - choose the file you exported from Final or Cubase - And thats it! Just attach instruments to the appropriate midi instrument. Awesome. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Another question, here. I want to write an orchestra piece using the Orkester soundbank, but composing with Reason's editing tool is kind of a pain. Is there any way I can write what I want on Finale or some sort of staff paper (or anything easier) and then export it to Reason?
  5. Just listened to Four Notes in Reason. I stand corrected
  6. To clarify, I had particularly in mind that song that plays the very first time you load Reason up (name escapes me), before setting your own default song. I shouldn't have said MIDI-ish. It sounds a lot better than MIDIs. It doesn't sound like a lot of the remixes I've heard on the site that were made with Reason. From what you've all said, I think it's just the song itself being not as deep or complex.
  7. Bit of a silly question, so apologies in advance. I recently downloaded the Reason demo, and may possibly be making the switch from FruityLoops based on what I've heard from the web site demo and such. The example songs, though, when I run them, don't sound especially great, very MIDI-ish. Is this just how the songs are, or is my sound card missing something? I don't want to drop 500 bucks to end up with things that sound like that.
  8. Just for the record, graphics aren't an issue for me, though I would imagine the improved graphics of the newer SH games makes for a scarier experience, just because that's what better graphics do...though I suppose a game like SH where you can't really tell what anything is anyway it wouldn't matter. I think I'll pick up SH2:Restless Dreams for XBox. It's like 5 bucks more than PS2 version, and the extras are worth it, right?
  9. Ok, everyone. Apologies in advance for the foolish post among all these intellectual interpretations. I have had minimal Silent Hill experience. I played Silent Hill 1 way back when it first came out briefly, up until that crazy winged creature broke into, I believe, a restaurant. I played the SH4 demo through, and enjoyed it, not to mention it was incredibly freaky. It's been enough for me to want to go out and play a Silent Hill game through. My question is, which should I start with? I know logically I should play SH1, but let's assume I will only play one SH game ever and just want to
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