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  1. While I'm on the subject, I never fished the darn game. I'm stuck in the aforementionned temple at this point where you have to assemble 4 blocks together to make a ghost's picture or something. For some odd reason, when I slap 'em together, sometimes they don't move, sometimes they actually turn out right, but nothing happens. I know I'm supposed to fit the blocks so they do that face on the wall, but is there a special way I have to do this? This thing's kept me stuck in the same place for way too long now -_- And while it might not be a boss, it's hard. Or rather, cheap...

    For that 'green' ghost to come out, you just need to shove the blocks together and the blocks on TOP has to be the picture on the wall. After 1 min or so the blocks turn and you'll have to start over again. Then the 'green' ghost comes out. You'll just have to be FAST :D

  2. Shinryuu from Final Fantasy V for the hardest RPG boss.

    There are no 'hard' bosses in most rpg games... a simple way of beating most of them is just to train yourself to the maximum level and they can all be taken down easily... :wink:

    I remember in Soul Blazer, a long time ago when I first got the game, I couldn't beat the first boss. I spent days looking for that one swrod that could cut metal because that's what I thought you needed. Apparently I wasn't the only one, as I've met at least 5 other people that thought the same. I think the instruction manuel was misleading or something.

    As to Soul Blazer... i know nothing about Jap and i had the Jap version of it (it's called Soul Blader there)... i had to play through the whole game without any game guides, only the instruction manual :oops: . It took me A LONG TIME to beat the game but i'm pretty sure i beat(and found) the first boss on my first time playing it. :D

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