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  1. I remember i downloaded this remix somewhere LONG ago when i saw in posted in the forums (i might have to check the created date on this comp... heh) Anyway... if you're refusing to even download it just cause it's call "youmustdance", then don't bother comment on it.
  2. Same here... it's still THE best remix of the song... either this or Death on the snowfield, depends if you like the guitar or not.
  3. For that 'green' ghost to come out, you just need to shove the blocks together and the blocks on TOP has to be the picture on the wall. After 1 min or so the blocks turn and you'll have to start over again. Then the 'green' ghost comes out. You'll just have to be FAST
  4. Except you can't Mime limit breaks. I'm pretty sure you can... i beat the desert one with omnislash + mime.
  5. He's right, if a boss IS impossible then it ISN'T a game
  6. There are no 'hard' bosses in most rpg games... a simple way of beating most of them is just to train yourself to the maximum level and they can all be taken down easily... As to Soul Blazer... i know nothing about Jap and i had the Jap version of it (it's called Soul Blader there)... i had to play through the whole game without any game guides, only the instruction manual . It took me A LONG TIME to beat the game but i'm pretty sure i beat(and found) the first boss on my first time playing it.
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