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  1. I'm not trying to be cruel here. The only thing I really like is the piano. The brass sounds extremely fake, dull, and repetitive. The brass and drums just suck out all of the excitement of the original. It goes way beyond stuff like "adjust the dynamics so it's more interesting" or "get yourself some better samples." The arrangement itself is just not at all interesting or exciting (except for the piano parts).

  2. Man, I just can't believe none of you ever watched Unscrewed. Just so you know, the set Martin Sergeant is using is green screened. He is not actually filming from a shed.

    I'm kind of surprised that djpretzel was chosen in the first place though. Normally he used to only pick really weird/crazy people to interview. This one actually went pretty smoothly without him making fun of djpretzel or the site all that much.

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