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  1. So in the end I see you guys couldn't resist the temptation after all.
  2. Shame on you guys for doing track by track. It seems like any time one of these fan projects goes "official" it just results in everything taking longer to get released. Just look at the delays that happened with ZREO.
  3. The vocals are not awful. Congratulations on making something that sounds better for having them.
  4. I wouldn't be so opposed to vocal mixes if they weren't almost universally bad, like this one.
  5. I'm glad you're making an instrumental version. Adding vocals tends to ruin this kind of thing. I really like the arrangement and you've already said you're going to fix the samples.
  6. The quiet intro part is way too long and has a sharp peak or two. Once it gets started I like the synths you chose. It just has problems with static and sharp peaks.
  7. This is definitely going to pass once you finish polishing it up a bit. So freaking bad ass.
  8. I'm not trying to be cruel here. The only thing I really like is the piano. The brass sounds extremely fake, dull, and repetitive. The brass and drums just suck out all of the excitement of the original. It goes way beyond stuff like "adjust the dynamics so it's more interesting" or "get yourself some better samples." The arrangement itself is just not at all interesting or exciting (except for the piano parts).
  9. There are aspects I like, but overall it sounds very messy and cluttered.
  10. I'm not gonna pass judgement on the vocals here, but did you guys happen to have a copy of this with just the instruments? I'm more of a fan of instrumentals in any case. I love me some ska.
  11. When I think of Japanese video game composers only two names come to mind. Final Fantasy VI/IX both have some of my favorite music regardless of whether it's from games or not.
  12. Everything already sounds amazing as it stands. That's all I've got to say.
  13. The two tracks for Zelda were huge disappointments. Thankfully, the rest of the album makes up for it. Especially the two fricken amazing tracks from Monkey Island.
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