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  1. If gaming is an addiction than the Army better fetch me a psychologist before I develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to lack of so called addicting substance...... or idea..... while in a combat zone. Seriously, if gaming was an addiction I'd be fucked out in Iraq.... and on my vacation. Cause I got no games with me right now and when I get back I won't have time to play for at least two months. I can already feel my hands shaking with anxiety..... I swear, sometimes I think I'm gettin blown up and shot at to protect idiots like these. Maybe the AMA needs to do a little more in-depth study instead of just talkin through their asses. The problem is it's run by older people who, in most cases, didn't have games when younger. So they don't like them since they watch younger kids play games instead of goin for that highschool football championship that everyone in their day aspired for since they had nothin better to do with their time. I agree with you guys. Gaming is just another way of spending time. Just like the internet, TV, movies, music, lifting, running, martial arts, singing, and anything else that a person could do to spend their free time entertaining themselves. After being in Iraq for six months and not having almost any of those things, besides lifting and running, I can tell you from experience that even though I was disappointed it didn't make me stop in the middle of a fire fight and start shakin uncontrollably.
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