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  1. Right, Liberi Fatali is the correct name, but my sister and I usually refer to it as Ultimica's theme since it was easier to remember. We've been using that term for years and it just sort of stuck.
  2. They started the show off with Ultimica's theme. The choir was amazing! The Symphony would have had alot more people attend if the tickets were cheaper, but there were alot of hardcore fans that attended which made up for it. I don't think the orceshtra expected the roaring response they recieved .
  3. The songs they played were from Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Shenmue, WoW, Guild Wars, Metal Gear Solid 3, Silent Hill, Halo, Sonic, Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy. All of them were arranged suites, save for One Winged Angel and Ultimica's Theme.
  4. Wow, hearing about everybody's experience kinda makes mine insignificant ; Ah well, it's always fun to swap stories and such. They didn't have a guitar for the Silent Hill segment, but the pianist had an awesome keyboard with great sounds, so it wasn't bad. They also played a Guildwars suite which was very good, Not a lot of people were expecting it to go well from what I could tell, but I liked it. Very few mistakes were made, just a couple missed notes here and there. The only thing I could complain about was that they didn't play any songs from Shadow of The Colossus.
  5. Yeah, it is a little over the top, but this was just so cool. most of my friends aren't gamers and I can't rant to them without feeling weird and out of place.
  6. I live in Washington(Seattle area), and after years of waiting for it to come to my neck of the woods, I got to see PLAY! performed by the Seattle Symphony. Unfortunately, the Symphony overcharges the price of admission, and it cost about 155 dollars for two tickets and a program. But it was the best investment EVER! My sister and I got amazing seats, not too close too the television screens and not too far the stage. The music was amazing, and I even teared up a couple times through out the show. Being able to hear my favorite songs live is a totally different experience, and I couldn't stop grinning the whole time. But that's not the best part. During the intermission, I was sitting alone while my sister chatted with some of her friends who also came as well. A woman and her son sitting two rows ahead of me saw my grin and started up a conversation that went somewhat like this: "Enjoying the performance?" "Definitely. I've been waiting since 2006." "Yes, this is amazing show. So do you know who the man sitting in front of you is?" I raised a brow, remembering a couple sitting in front of me, but nothing else came up in my mind. "No, what about it?" "He's Martin O'Donnell. The guy that does the Halo music" My entire body freezes up, and after five seconds of silence I nearly shout. "MARTY?! As in the composer for the halo series Marty O'Donnell?!" She and her son start laughing at me as I kept repeating "Oh my god" over and over again. When my sister came back and I told her the news she started pestering me to get his autograph. But I didn't want to bother him, he came to enjoy the show and I didn't want to act like a fangirl in front of him and his wife. When they returned to their seats my sister began nudging me to ask him. We broke into a quiet argument amongst ourselves, with her telling me to grow a spine and myself saying "I can't. No I can't do it.". Eventually she said if I wasn't going to ask him then she would. But she didn't have to, as some kid half my age came up and asked instead, which caused him to stand up and face me. My sister said "Ask him now!" He and his wife started laughing at us as they saw holding the program in my hand. "So that's what you two were talking about." He said. Okay, so we weren't as quiet as I thought we were. So blushing madly, I timidly held up my program, "I love your work...Sorry, can I have your autograph?". He just laughed again taking my program giving me his signature, as my sister and I started up a conversation with him and his wife until the show started up again. Before the show I was complaining about the price for the program, but it was the best fifteen bucks I ever spent. I'm framing the sucker and hanging it on my wall when the house is finished getting renovated. I can't wait for Video Games Live next January. Okay, I'm done ranting now.
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