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  1. Excellent remix. I love how the original mix gets stretched, the bassline of the original song gets redone and redone, and then the insane guitar comes out to play. Bravo!

    If you're looking for a solid Super Mario Bros. ReMix. . .then prepare to be sorely disappointed. If you're looking for a generic metal song with lots of ripping synthetic guitars and some SMB thrown in for the Hell of it. . .you've got the right ReMix.

    In my opinion, this wasn't worth the time it took to download. If I wanted something original and metally(?), I'd hit up Newgrounds or MP3.com or something. This is hardly a ReMix at all. More like an original composition with the Super Mario Bros. theme thrown in here and there just for the Hell of it. And even then, it's only a half-decent original composition. And on that note, this ReMix strongly reminds me of "The Legend of Zelda UnderWorldPressureCooker," by wRenchpilot. . . And not in a good way, either. In a sort of. . ."I couldn't think of anything better to do" way.

    I'm sorry, but this completely fails to impress me in any aspect at all. How this became an OverClocked ReMix is beyond me.

    Maybe because those here have better musical listening skills and taste, here. Almost the entire song uses the bass lines and the main lines from the original, reworked with many different instruments in different parts of the song, and extrapolates the main part and the bassline all over the song; sometimes together, sometimes seperate.

    But I probably lost you the second I typed "bass lines". I'm guessing you never paid attention to that when you played the original game.

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