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  1. This has been one of my favorite WIPs for a long time, so much so that it's on my iPod now. Glad to hear it brought back!
  2. Nice metalish track, and my favorite take on Gerudo Valley yet. The vocal style seemed very out of place in a metalish track - if you can do power metal or Maiden-style vocals, do that and you'll have me addicted.
  3. Amazing mix! It's one of the best in my collection. Very classical - I listened to it while I was taking an IQ test
  4. Bolbox from EVO: Search for Eden (for the SNES). Still never beaten him, and I own the game. HOW THE HELL DO YOU BEAT HIM???
  5. Excellent remix. I love how the original mix gets stretched, the bassline of the original song gets redone and redone, and then the insane guitar comes out to play. Bravo! Maybe because those here have better musical listening skills and taste, here. Almost the entire song uses the bass lines and the main lines from the original, reworked with many different instruments in different parts of the song, and extrapolates the main part and the bassline all over the song; sometimes together, sometimes seperate. But I probably lost you the second I typed "bass lines". I'm guessing you never paid attention to that when you played the original game.
  6. Hahahahahahah, that "WHAAAAAAAEEERRRGH" sound is addicting. I can't stop listening to the mix just for that sound.
  7. When Protricity said that the guitar sounds like a broken car engine, I busted out laughing for about three minutes straight. Despite the shoddy guitar sound though, this remix owns. I've listened to it about 10 straight times now.
  8. This is probably my favorite remix on the whole site now. I've been waiting for a guitar driven mix of this song ever since I heard the original!
  9. WOW. This is one of the best remixes on the site, period. Your Triforce Majeure inspiration spurred you on to possibly equal that song on your FIRST SUBMISSION.
  10. Remember the Gorillaz song, Clint Eastwood? This actually reminds me of that... Very well done and fun to listen to!
  11. Holy canole, how do you make synthesized instruments sound THIS good??? That should be a crime - 10/10
  12. Awesome mix. Not perfect, but the slight flatness of the synthesized instruments only serves to emphasize the guitar even more. I get chills almost every time I listen to this.
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