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  1. Heeeey, I did something. http://soundcloud.com/riverk/layvahaus I almost never post these as WIPs because I don't really have the attention span to go back to work on these after I release them. I can't really compete with the guys here anyway, but it's always nice to hear what you think of what little effort I did put in.
  2. Ah, that's a damn shame. Good times, VGMix. Good times.
  3. MP3: http://adf.ly/3jLOJ Way back when I had attempted to remix this song in a modern Sonic way. Warfreak2 recorded the guitar and we submitted a WIP to VGMix. Now I have my own guitar and the other day I was hearing this in my head, and decided to sit down and make it happen. So here it is. A short, but saucesome remix of "Flying Battery" and one of the boss themes, featuring me on guitar! Hope you like! Because my fingers are screaming in pain. I labeled this as WIP because I know it's not perfect, but there's little to know original content anyway. I really just did this to screw around. Oh, and look up the official "Flying Battery" remix in "Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games!" I love that Jun Senoue style.
  4. Short of redoing the whole thing, probably not. I dunno, maybe some mastering could fix up the brass.
  5. This was made for an audio drama, but I'm proud of it, and felt like I should try and submit it here! Includes the main MGS motifs, (and the bit at the end from "Here's To You," so I guess it's a multi-game remix. I had some help from Jeremy Buzash, a composer friend of mine, who threw in one or two amazing chords to liven it up, but for the most part, this is me. MP3: http://adf.ly/3dQf4 Pardon the ad. Everyone has to pay rent. EDIT: Oh, and two other things. This account is "sinowBeat," but I don't really go by that anymore. I usually just work with my real name. And the project file for this was lost in a hard drive failure, hence why I labeled this "finished."
  6. Running on my home PC and PS3. PS3 only runs every now and then, though, and Home PC is restarted every now and then, too, so only 12 units done so far.
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