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  1. MP3: http://adf.ly/3jLOJ

    Way back when I had attempted to remix this song in a modern Sonic way. Warfreak2 recorded the guitar and we submitted a WIP to VGMix.

    Now I have my own guitar and the other day I was hearing this in my head, and decided to sit down and make it happen. So here it is. A short, but saucesome remix of "Flying Battery" and one of the boss themes, featuring me on guitar! Hope you like! Because my fingers are screaming in pain. I labeled this as WIP because I know it's not perfect, but there's little to know original content anyway. I really just did this to screw around.

    Oh, and look up the official "Flying Battery" remix in "Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games!" I love that Jun Senoue style.

  2. This was made for an audio drama, but I'm proud of it, and felt like I should try and submit it here!

    Includes the main MGS motifs, (and the bit at the end from "Here's To You," so I guess it's a multi-game remix.

    I had some help from Jeremy Buzash, a composer friend of mine, who threw in one or two amazing chords to liven it up, but for the most part, this is me.

    MP3: http://adf.ly/3dQf4

    Pardon the ad. Everyone has to pay rent.

    EDIT: Oh, and two other things. This account is "sinowBeat," but I don't really go by that anymore. I usually just work with my real name. And the project file for this was lost in a hard drive failure, hence why I labeled this "finished."

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