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  1. Congrats Analoq!

    Analoq: When I heard this I was immediately reminded of Dollip Do Wap on the DKC project for some reason - I really like the take on the source, kick ass.

    Nasenmann: The intro was good but it felt kind of repetitive after that - work on a little more variation and if possible dry and make the song sound a little less dry. (Pads and strings or something...)

  2. That's a relief, but hopefully we'll be able to muster at least some more 'attention' in the media to satisfy the so called 'Association of Deletionist Wikipedians'. It should've at least been enough for Kong in Concert, that has been on the Digg homepage at least on five sepearate occasions.

  3. Very interesting, relaxing and enjoying mix - but I have to agree Audity - try changing the chords a bit more, maybe give it a four chord progression like most songs. Also, I highly recommend somewhere before the conclusion of the song that you put in a bridge where you change the key and rewrite the melody somewhat differently and makes that the high point in the song.

    Also, it needs more cowbell.

  4. Um, Xerol, the piano in that sounds really off and out and weird. Basically I suggest you decide what you're trying to do instead of throwing random stuff together - it generally helps. Then when you've decided what style you can research basic drum beats for the style and build on them there. That's how I roll.

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