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  1. Yeah I failed, I was interstate when I was given this link... Gg for me...
  2. I'm in, and in channel, this is exactly what I need to get my mind back on track... Post Game: GOOD JOB GUYS! This competition/whatever was made of awesome sauce and epic win.
  3. Actually Nasenmann... I use Reason 3.0 - And it was a sampled five meter grand piano, creepy how they sound the same though.
  4. Congrats Analoq! Analoq: When I heard this I was immediately reminded of Dollip Do Wap on the DKC project for some reason - I really like the take on the source, kick ass. Nasenmann: The intro was good but it felt kind of repetitive after that - work on a little more variation and if possible dry and make the song sound a little less dry. (Pads and strings or something...)
  5. Vot'd. Can't wait to see who's the winner - nice batch of entries this time.
  6. I've submitted my final piece called "Cheers to your compadre's", available here: http://www.doulifee.com/prc/Orc/ORC102/ORC102_-_Snooper_1989_-_Cheers_to_your_compadres.mp3 [EDIT: Changed URL to song uploaded on the official site.] [sent email to Doulifee also...]
  7. Hmm, source sounds interesting and bouncy. I think I have a free day tomorrow so i'll try my best. Snoop over and out.
  8. That's a relief, but hopefully we'll be able to muster at least some more 'attention' in the media to satisfy the so called 'Association of Deletionist Wikipedians'. It should've at least been enough for Kong in Concert, that has been on the Digg homepage at least on five sepearate occasions.
  9. A very heartfelt comment... But are you trying to say if you did sell you'd sell for more? XD
  10. I'm not sure if you meant that as a good thing or a bad thing... Oo
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