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    The Songwriting Competition is a monthly recurring competition by the Mix Challenge audio community. This month's theme: Theme and Genre will be announced once SWC023 has officially started Deadline: 24-07-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST Joining is absolutely free, you can use whatever tools are at your disposal, feedback is mandatory to all participants, the winners podium have a chance to win prizes (among them KV311 Audio, IK Multimedia, Tone2, JRR Sounds, Luftrum, Hollow Sun and more). More information on:
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    The Songwriting Competition is a monthly recurring competition by the Mix Challenge audio community. This month's theme: "AI enhanced composing" - create production in any genre you feel like, fitting to the given premise. The caveat: you must use the "Celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach" Google Doodle in any shape or form. Deadline: 24-06-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST Joining is absolutely free, you can use whatever tools are at your disposal, feedback is mandatory to all participants, the winners podium have a chance to win prizes (among them KV311 Audio, IK Multimedia, Tone2, Luftrum, Hollow Sun and more). More information on:
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    The Songwriting Competition is a monthly recurring competition by the Mix Challenge audio community. This month's theme: "Synth Galore" - create a "80s New Wave / Synthwave (Synth-Pop/Rock)" production, fitting to the given premise. Deadline: 24-05-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST Joining is absolutely free, you can use whatever tools are at your disposal, feedback is mandatory to all participants, the winners podium have a chance to win prizes (among them KV311 Audio, IK Multimedia, Tone2, Luftrum, Hollow Sun and more). More information on:
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    The Songwriting Competition is a monthly recurring competition by the Mix Challenge audio community. This month's theme: "Firestarter" (dedicated to Keith Flint of "The Prodigy") - create a "Big Beat" production, fitting to the given premise. Deadline: 24-04-2019 11:59pm GMT+2/CEST Joining is absolutely free, you can use whatever tools are at your disposal, feedback is mandatory to all participants, the winners podium have a chance to win prizes (among them KV311 Audio, IK Multimedia, Tone2, Luftrum, Hollow Sun and more). More information on:
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    The Songwriting Competition is a monthly recurring competition by the Mix Challenge audio community. This month's theme: "Blackout" - create a production in the so called "Epic Music" genre, fitting to the given premise. Deadline: 24-03-2019 11:59pm GMT+1/CET Joining is absolutely free, you can use whatever tools are at your disposal, feedback is mandatory to all participants, the winners podium have a chance to win prizes (among them KV311 Audio, IK Multimedia, Tone2, Luftrum, Hollow Sun and more. More information on:
  6. Not everything is about money. And we are in full agreement with the song provider what to do with the songs, etc. Reasons/Bonus Info: the track is not registered with any tax/royalty collection service (which in turn wouldn't make this challenge possible as e.g. for Germany "streaming" of an own mix already results in huge fees - it's not covered by "fair use"). Youtube is a completely different topic / own world in itself the song provider has either of two scenarios, which is why he offered us the material in the first place: a ) he's stuck with mixing himself, so he's looking for help, b ) he/she is doing this for fun to see how this track could have turned into (or could still evolve) in some cases, the tracks were already released through either service (Bandcamp, SoundCloud, own CD release, etc), or are Creative Commons it's a win-win situation for everyone: For us as challenge hosts to continue this game // for the song provider to not only do a (free!!!) mass-engineer shootout for possible future collaborations, but also getting a different exposure to his/her material // for the mix participants a possible future mix deal with the song provider (a private thing), some additional experience due to a variety of genres to tackle (bonus: you can build yourself a portfolio this way!), but also the chance to win studio gear (software) -- you do not lose anything, other than "invested time" The copyright and ownership is still on your end. We actually had professional singers and songwriters as song providers in recent years, and they had absolutely no problem with the challenge (actually the other way around - they did this for fun!). And as stated in the rules - the song provider still has the final word post challenge what is allowed to happen with the songs. If you, as mix challenge participant, want to monetize the material to "earn something" out of it - you have to clear that with the song provider himself/herself. There are more challenges/competitions on KVR Audio (a One Synth Challenge where you create a track with "one synth only", and a Songwriting Competition with a given theme similar to ThaSauce's Compos). We also had source material from these challenges already - which brings this post full circle - they did it for fun and/or curiosity - or just plain "lack" of mixing skills/knowledge and look for a different direction. Honestly - I don't see a problem with such a challenge. There are hundreds of them, similar even, on the Internet. I just happen to be a longtime member of both communities. (and here I miss a shrug emoticon)
  7. A small bump if you don't mind. The Mix Challenge (formerly KVR Mix Challenge, we've gone more independent) started the new year with MC18, which offers an EBM / Electro track to mix for this month. You can find this game over on KVR Audio, in the production techniques sub-forum. Since this is the regular run again, the challenge goes from 1st of the month, until the 21st of the month, with a possible second mix round. At the time of this post, that's still 2 weeks left to join until the first deadline. The challenge also got a small face lift. The Twitter handle is now @MixChallenge I'd love to see members of OCR, ThaSauce and (old) VGMix joining. If you have questions, feel free to ask. Or get in touch with either Twitter or through KVR Audio. Oh - and we're still (pretty much constantly) looking for new audio material to mix. Just follow the links in the first post. Once more - thanks for reading.
  8. Hello fellow users, how are you? I'd like to point your attention towards an interesting challenge on the KVR Audio forum, called "Mix Challenge". Unlike known challenges here on OCR like DoD (Dwelling of Duels) or songwriting/remix competitions, the focus on this challenge is on mixing a song from scratch, within a certain given time frame (21 days, starting at the first day of the month). It's aimed to be a fun game, but with the twist of having a small learning curve (you get feedback from the song provider, you can read up on mixing techniques from other participants, you learn how to do proper gain staging, etc). The Mix Challenge can be found on KVR Audio in the "Production Techniques" section, along with the rules/guidelines: We're (as of this moment) on the 17th month/song. And the current game (December 2015/January 2016 - Holiday Mix) is still running until 15th January 2015, 11:59pm CET/GMT+1. If you're interested, I'd love to see you over on KVR Audio and join the fun. While visiting KVR Audio, you can also find the "One Synth Challenge" (in Instrument Section) and "Music Cafe Songwriting Competition" (in Music Cafe) - both are also very popular and long running games that challenge your songwriting skills. Please check them out as well. However, I'm not only writing on OCR to point attention towards the contests/games, but as CTO/host of the Mix Challenge, I also have a request: The challenge can not survive without people providing audio material to mix. As of this moment, we have two tracks in the queue for 2016 (one per month). Once this queue is used up, the challenge is over and can't continue. That will sadly be the case in April (we have a track for February and March, still working on getting new ones - but it's a very slow process). So we're in desperate need of new audio material to mix. The genre is not really important - though we'd love to see more vocal work! Maybe also some modern DnB/Tech Step/Compextro and some Hip Hop/Trip Hop. As long as it's original productions (not game remixes) and you're not part of a royalty collection society. Here I hope to bring the OCR, the old ThaSauce "extended arm" (compos) and former VGMix Community back together. Especially since KVR Musicians seem to be very shy in terms of providing their material for the Mix Challenge. If you want to know more about this, there is an official campaign thread, also on KVR Audio: So yeah, that's about it. I'd love to see you over on KVR Audio and join the challenge. The more people, the more interesting things get. If you got some questions, I try to answer them in here. But I'm way more active on KVR Audio these days. If you want to follow us on Social Media, we're on Twitter (handle @MixChallenge). Thanks for reading,
  9. Okay... DAVID - you seriously pissed me off right now, and excuse my outburst - but I'm so fucking SICK of that BULLSHIT! You need to take a fucking CHILL PILL. Since I'm back in here, every comment I post, every written word from me is, according to you, only misinterpretation disruptive behaviour not helping at all constant flames towards you, David Lloyd Pretzel, the owner of this site Would you... FUCKING STOP saying that? I'm an individual like you are, I'm as long at OCR as most of the "old staff" was (and still is). Seriously, I'm not out to get you dammit! If you don't want any comments, suggestions, or serious discusseion, then this whole thread, this whole discussion about your "holy draft" is totally meaningless. Thanks ah-lot! You want names? How about Radical Dreamer, Dhsu, andyjane, DragonFireKay, LuiZa, myself, ... just to name a view. When the fuck did I double quote? A "double quote" would mean a quote pyramind (which is hard to do in this forum version), nothing else. And that "hypothetical thesis" thing?... Let me quote please: ...end of quote. A contract IS a good reason. Another reason would be to part with your page, because the person is not fond the the "guidelines" anymore, or even the pageleader himself. This IS a rare issue, but it is a valid issue. And before you start throwing dirt at me, I emphasize it again: I, Roland Löhlbach, known as User and Remixer Compyfox on OCRemix since late 2000, removed my track, as written in the Lockdown/Removal Wiki, not due to hatred or other stupid reasons, but due to the fact that my remix, which was known as "Final Fantasy Adventure: Mission of Mana", was to 80% a MIDI Rip, had arrangement and serious/inferior sound presentation. After the removal, in around 2003 if I can remember, I never submitted anything new to OCRemix due to the fact that I didn't find the time to produce anything new, neither was the quality of my production, or the arrangement, up-par with the freshly invented remix site standards from OCRemix. This doesn't show in the Wiki, but more like "OMG he put his track down cause he had issues." - this is NOT the case. You, David, posted infos about the removal of Virt's track, here is my info once again for all to see. The discussion ended, before it even started, David. I see this as highly insulting threat towards me, and if I had rights as moderator or admin in here, and you'd be in my position (aka. a mere user), then I'd advise you now to please keep quiet, else a ban is the result. But unfortunately, I don't have such rights - not to mention that I wouldn't threat with a ban in the first place. Only if it's really disruptive behaviour like posting pics from or something like that in a civilized webboard. Why not say it out loud "fucking learn our language then come back and discuss again"? Seriously, your constant negative point of view isn't helping either. And what's miscommunication if I even offered alternative solutions, that you also blocked right from the start. Once again, why not point with your finger "learn english first!"? Maybe I should invite you to MY board and ask you to address your concerns about MY topic in MY NATIVE LANGUAGE - how about that? Btw... I don't need any help from either of you. It's not only due to my "language barrier", it's also due to walking around while wearing blinders instead of thinking a bit more open minded, consider other suggestions. I say it again, most of the discussion was useless right from the start, because you were on the constant viewpoint of saying "NO" (in size 32 bold uppercase) to certain adressed issues all the time. Then I ask once more - why did you even start this thread? And? Does that mean I didn't come around so far? What are you trying to state here? That you rather prefer comments from "native speaking" people only, because everything else is just "misinterpretation" and "not really helping"? Seriously, David, I was patient long enough to constantly take your shit towards me. I'm having enough. Why not do it like you did with the "sidebar" thread back in the day? Everyone who had an issue with it, and was it only slightly, or even with comments how to make it better, you banned them without real reason. I got two unjustified ban warnings from you already, you told me to STFU a couple of times. Do you think because you're the president of this page, that you can randomly insult others while the insulted part didn't do jack? I personally don't think so. I wrote in a calm and collective way so far, I asked questions (that were partially ignored), I stated what-if scenarios as general issues that I feld needed to be adressed and I posted possible alternatives to consider. If that is not good enough for you for a proper discussion, I don't know what is. I tell you what, David. I think I just go to the next nearest Tatoo Shop and let my fat ass being tagged with the name and URL "OCReMix", over both asscheeks, so that I can spread the word how awesome your page is. Is that appropriate and marketing enough for you? If you feel like banning me now - go ahead, I don't fucking care anymore - this is what OCR is best at after all. But I won't be silenced - not from you.
  10. Clearly THAT noise is coming from the PC, or better said the Soundblaster. Checked it, it's no ground loop, and no fan noise, but the typical hissing of the Analog/Digital converters from their "gamer card series" (they always write on them how good they are, but the sad truth is always different). There's nothing much that you can do about it, but to either use a highpass/lowcut filter (to remove the floor noise up to 80Hz) and a noise reduction module to get rid of the hissing while you're recording silence (a gate would also work)... Or... the IMO better solution than massive filtering, get proper equipment, and try it again. I guess you try to record either a dynamic mic or a small membran condenser (we didn't get further info from you in this section - so I have to assume what's up) with the Creative Live Mic-In directly. This might work for Podcasts and Team-Speak applications, but not for serious recording. I recommend you to get a cheap/decent mic preamp and another recording device (some overview should be in the stickyfied threads) to reduce the noise as much as possible, and trust me, you'll have way more for your buck. Or... get one of those large membran USB microphone solutions (Samson, Behringer, etc), where you have all in one already. They're cheap, they're good, and they can be used for more than just voice (singing/podcast) and "selected" acoustic recordings. Hope that's helping.
  11. This is why we suggested, later even asked for some sort of "lockdown periods" to prevent that kind of workload - before torrents are created. Or even a system, where each individual is asked "are you cool with your track to be released on a physical media - yes/no" and you stick to that. Seeing as Larry didn't talk to you about this yet, and your constant defensive blocking behaviour (in MY opinion), I needed to emphasize this once more. What's so difficult about that anyway? You'll have less work involved than later getting back to remove tracks individually when they're "locked" or burned on DVD, IF there is a valid reason. Every reason is a valid reason to be honest. To me all your posts sound like "sorry, whatever your reasons are - forget it". And this is what we don't/won't accept. One valid reason would be a contract - but you said that's probably "unlikely" and a "hypothetical thesis" anyway. I say it again, please get in contact with Larry(!). We talked very in-depth about the draft the other day and came up with the one or another idea that he can certainly adress better than I could. To my question with the Remix Projects, I guess I just have to PM you directly.
  12. I had a long phonecall with Larry the other day, where we discussed some things, and he said he will forward my/our ideas as soon as he catches you (he's out for the weekend). Did he do that already? If not, please wait till early next week. I'm fairly sure the stuff we discussed can be adressed a bit better from his point of view, and with a way more fluent english than I would. Thanks. There's one concern with the remix projects though. I mean, the only "tag" the projects hold (all of them) is in the album name that's stating where it's coming from (and in this case, the subpage for example, or While this is not necessarily a problem per se, it's more like a question. I tried to clear this with Larry and he was like "I don't see a problem with that", but your recent post actually makes a problem out of it. As you know, I still hold all rights for releasing the (long awaited) Special Edition of Chrono Symphonic. I can't say when it'll happen, but I plan to release it one way or another. The thing is... the original project was released already via "OCRemix" (the subpage, featured on the front page with a couple of tracks) and Studio Compyfox (my torrent tracker), where the SE will be released later, too. The Special Edition would be a massive sound enhanced version, with a bonus CD of about 10 tracks - as mentioned a couple of times in the original project thread. The thing is... how will this be handled? It's actually an "add-on", no official "initial release". Not to mention that the projects were all released "independend" from OCR (as there're tracks on them, that're not on the OCR main page, but exclusive to the project - so it'd theoretically not make it an OCRemix project only with the exception that it was "presented" on OCRemix with an own subdomain - and who said that a project that "spawned" on OCR is an official OCR Project in the end? Or are the Remix Competitions "OCR bound", too?). It's a bit tricky, and I'm sure Larry will adress that, too. But I'd love to get a clearance via PM to this if possible.
  13. I give it a HELL YES!!! The game is the topping of the cake in terms of graphics and gameplay. While Winwaker was massively dissapointing due to the long travels overseas, the greedy bastard Tingle and the dissapointing short 4(!) dungeons, not to mention the annoying hunt for the triforce shards (where you needed a crapload of money that you didn't have), this game was actually the holy grail of the Zelda Series again. I bought this game on it's releasedate in Germany, played it 3 days in a row, all in all 55hours, only used a gameguide once because I was stuck and collected 3-5 hearpieces along the way. But else this game draws you deep into the story, you're treated with awesome cutscenes, a very interesting battle system, 8+ long dungeons, an epic battle in the end (IMO as epic as Ocarina of Time) - I really enjoyed the game, even though it rather was a bit of a "strange spinoff" than a Zelda that we used to know (I missed the fairy accompany), but boy this game was awesome, also in terms of storyline. The only negative things in my opinion were that you didn't have an ocarina anymore, and that some parts where you're the wolf are a bit meh, one or two minigames were just annoying to beat, but overall the dark athmosphere and the graphics really were impressive, and it's in my opinion a MUST HAVE title for the Gamecube. A pity that Nintendo never recreated Ocarina of Time in those graphics, I'd buy it at once. In terms of Gamecube vs. Wii Version. All over the globe (especially in Europe), Nintendo was like "the Wii version will be released first", and therefore they spread the image that the game was made for the Wii in the first place. This seriously ticked of the Cube fans because it was planned to be an exclusive title for this engine. Unfortunately the game was released too late for the Cube, else it would have revived that console for one final time. The game itself was "made" for th Cube, so the Wii meme was a bit stupid, especially the people all saying "graphics sucks, soundtrack sucks, no voice over, etc". The main difference between the Wii and the Gamecube Version (aside from the controls, which are not bad on the Wii in terms of aiming with the bow, though a bit iffy) is that the screen was simply mirrored. Link holds his sword in the left hand on the Cube, and on the Wii on the right. The maps and people were also mirrored. So if you played either version first and think "ah, let's do a speedrun on the other console" - big mistake. This game is definitely a must have in my opinion.
  14. I'd definitely give a vote for REZ on both PS2 and Dreamcast. IMO a very cool beatgame, nice soundtrack, interesting concept. Same as with Squaresofts try to create their own "net shooter" called "Internal Section", where you could even load your own CDs (soundtrack) because the game was in the PSX Memory and it adjusted to that (like Vic Ribbon). I still play it from time to time, but over here, the "second hand" versions of REZ (no matter if DC or PS2) are still friggin expensive. Wish it had a proper sequel, not just "evolutions" like Meteos and Luminies.
  15. Actually my friend spent 699Euro with the right flight agency directly to Tokyo (Asakusa) with a 2 week visit. Not bad if you ask me. If I wouldn't be bad in terms of writing, I'd step in. But if you need help in terms of engineering, I'm open for this one - unless Andrew doesn't need help in that section.