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  1. Try something unconventional to span into, like the black hole theme or Venom... Something that not everyone uses. I could see Sector Y in there somewhere, but it'd be nice to have a good build up to something that sounds really epic. Venom's music screams epic to me, since it's the last stage. But, that's just me. I am a StarFox fanatic.

    As far as the song, I don't like the instrument that is the lead. It sounds very strange to my ears. I have always liked that being straight piano, but I know that's really close to the original track. As for the rest, it's interesting.

  2. I gotta say the arrangement so far has gotten good enough to actually download it to my system. The intro is grand. I like the concept, but I am in agreement it needs a bit of a lead. It's an interesting take on the song, that's for sure.

    Keep working on it. This is turning into an epic little gem.

  3. The vast changes make it interesting but disassociated at the same time... The beginning I like, with the sound clips because they for once, don't sound exactly like the game and are cheezily mixed together. I like trance, a great deal, but either Corneria has been way too overdone in too many ways, or it's *too* varied. Trance likes to repeat, you know?

  4. Awwww, you did a spyro mix... that's awesome... I <3 Spyro.

    The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have the same *thundering* presence as the original piece, but that's really about it. Those were always my favorite parts, but I do like it... it flows well. ^^

  5. I like the new version, the clearity of the sound clips are much better, and the solo parts are neat. I do have to agree though that for a shot at OC you would need it still shorter... as it is long it's too repeditive. I do like songs like this though, and to me it's fine, but as far as the judges go I can see them shooting it down, unfortunately.

  6. It's an interesting take on the Corneria theme, but it seems like it's distorted to me. The sound clips at 3:50 really make me dislike it, except for Fox's *we're not done yet* As far as OC is concerned, it's going to need to probably be shorter and have a bit of a solo sound somewhere in the middle. The ending also seems to be a little... well not very thunderous. I think Corneria songs seem to sound better when they have a really big sudden ending.

    Sorry I don't know how to help you in musicians terms, cause I'm not one... XD But I have a lot of StarFox music and remixes...

  7. As a lot of the remixers here have already said, it needs a soloish part in the middle... some custom self-written part...

    I don't like the 8 bit version... I don't usually ever like anything with 8 bit sound in it...

    but that's just me.

    I would use the last version (the one posted before the 8 bit one) and add a soloish to the middle...

  8. This mix has turned out quite awesome. I love the beginning, it's full of little interesting things here and there that really keep it going! I still think it could use a little solo part in the middle though, but that's just me. Also, myself, I like the ending there, so *holds her thumbs up high*

  9. Sonic Spinball is one of those games I wishe they would make a remix project for. You have really done this song justace, kept all the parts I have always liked, but made it sound smooth... Awesome job there... though I think it does need to be longer and have a little sorta solo thing there in the middle maybe, but that's good!

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