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  1. Try something unconventional to span into, like the black hole theme or Venom... Something that not everyone uses. I could see Sector Y in there somewhere, but it'd be nice to have a good build up to something that sounds really epic. Venom's music screams epic to me, since it's the last stage. But, that's just me. I am a StarFox fanatic. As far as the song, I don't like the instrument that is the lead. It sounds very strange to my ears. I have always liked that being straight piano, but I know that's really close to the original track. As for the rest, it's interesting.
  2. I gotta say the arrangement so far has gotten good enough to actually download it to my system. The intro is grand. I like the concept, but I am in agreement it needs a bit of a lead. It's an interesting take on the song, that's for sure. Keep working on it. This is turning into an epic little gem.
  3. I think this version takes the place on my hard drive of the original version... nice revision! The orchestra is *great* in this piece.
  4. The vast changes make it interesting but disassociated at the same time... The beginning I like, with the sound clips because they for once, don't sound exactly like the game and are cheezily mixed together. I like trance, a great deal, but either Corneria has been way too overdone in too many ways, or it's *too* varied. Trance likes to repeat, you know?
  5. Awwww, you did a spyro mix... that's awesome... I <3 Spyro. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't have the same *thundering* presence as the original piece, but that's really about it. Those were always my favorite parts, but I do like it... it flows well. ^^
  6. I like the new version, the clearity of the sound clips are much better, and the solo parts are neat. I do have to agree though that for a shot at OC you would need it still shorter... as it is long it's too repeditive. I do like songs like this though, and to me it's fine, but as far as the judges go I can see them shooting it down, unfortunately.
  7. It's an interesting take on the Corneria theme, but it seems like it's distorted to me. The sound clips at 3:50 really make me dislike it, except for Fox's *we're not done yet* As far as OC is concerned, it's going to need to probably be shorter and have a bit of a solo sound somewhere in the middle. The ending also seems to be a little... well not very thunderous. I think Corneria songs seem to sound better when they have a really big sudden ending. Sorry I don't know how to help you in musicians terms, cause I'm not one... XD But I have a lot of StarFox music and remixes...
  8. As a lot of the remixers here have already said, it needs a soloish part in the middle... some custom self-written part... I don't like the 8 bit version... I don't usually ever like anything with 8 bit sound in it... but that's just me. I would use the last version (the one posted before the 8 bit one) and add a soloish to the middle...
  9. This mix it tight... I love the way it came out... if the judges don't vote it in, I swear I might cry... At least I already have it though... ^^
  10. This mix has turned out quite awesome. I love the beginning, it's full of little interesting things here and there that really keep it going! I still think it could use a little solo part in the middle though, but that's just me. Also, myself, I like the ending there, so *holds her thumbs up high*
  11. That sounds terrific! I totally love it!
  12. Man, that's getting pretty cool, I like the update a *lot* more. The only thing that bugs me a *little* is the main tune there sounds a bit too midish... but the funk is great...
  13. Sonic Spinball is one of those games I wishe they would make a remix project for. You have really done this song justace, kept all the parts I have always liked, but made it sound smooth... Awesome job there... though I think it does need to be longer and have a little sorta solo thing there in the middle maybe, but that's good!
  14. I have been waiting for someone to do a Fortuna remix! (I was trying it myself actually) Thanks a bunch! It's really good!
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