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  1. Oh I've actually already established a foundation for the project, and started producing some early media, I just didn't think it would be appropriate to spam or "advertise" in a specialty community. Here is an early world design and motion mechanics Demo: http://ice.annihilation.info/Video/IJHMR_earlyvid01.wmv Just a quick fraps from a testing the other night, Much of the concept art is also in the later stages of production, so you can expect to see some 3d models shortly when they are all finalized. I'm trying to keep things as visually "consistent" as possible, and that requires avoiding m
  2. OCRemixers and TF2 combined? Sounds like a pretty cool combo, I know I'd stop by the server if you guys put one up.
  3. Hey there everyone, long time listener and overall VG Music fan, personally I think that videogame scores have the potential to be the most powerful genre of music, conveying highly-effective, consistent themes and sound is massively important to the success of a videogame, and every bit as much as any graphical work. With that said, I've also been a long time gaming customization and development fanatic, working on multiple aspects of many different games for the last 10 years, ranging from the old Starsiege: Tribes, to even more recent games like TF2. In that time I've worked on a number of
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