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  1. Hi, i work on my own album *Starfighter* an 80s Retrowave / Synthwave album. Check out the first music video, hope you like it The music in this video is NOT FINAL as it is NOT MASTERED yet. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XsnWBM7Aqr0 Greets Awesome A
  2. You can download the Intro Remix @ https://soundcloud.com/andre-neumann
  3. Check out the new Intro Remake Video by Rickonami " Chrono Trigger Intro Remake " !!! AWESOME WORK!!! I remixed the original intro tune and another one from the Chrono Trigger universe. Hope you like the result and have fun! A Soundcloud link with the music coming soon!
  4. Check out the BATTLE VALLEY MUSIC REMIX-TRIBUTE VIDEO produced by "rickonami" Awesome work! THX!!!
  5. A TRIBUTE TO JEROEN TEL FREE ALBUM! Unser neuestes Projekt widmet sich den Tracks von Jeroen Tel der viele Commodore 64 Musiken geschrieben hat. It's done! check out our brand new album " A TRIBUTE TO JEROEN TEL " for FREE!!! a Project by (GRG) German Remix Group. Download the album @: http://www.cz-tunes.de/GermanRemixGroup/A-Tribute-To-Jeroen-Tel Follow us: https://soundcloud.com/german-remix-group-grg http://www.facebook.com/groups/174658865988289/ http://www.facebook.com/GermanRemixGroup?fref=ts
  6. Check out our Final Trailer! A Tribute to Jeroen Tel - German Remix Group | Free Album | Trailer Free MP3 download will be available in the near future! https://www.facebook.com/GermanRemixGroup... Tracklist (alphabetically sorted by artists): AMOK - Alternative Fuel AWESOME-A - Battle Valley Dark Rises CZ TUNES - Intro DR.FUTURE - Cybernoid (Gargoyle's Theme) EIZ - Hawkeye EIZ - Supermacy MITCH VAN HAYDEN - Rubicon (Elemental Mix) SUNSPIRE - Agony Level 3 XENOX - Invest Intro XENOX - Closing In
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